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Timeline questions have plagued the current series of Doctor Who. Ever since the current series started, people have been asking one question over and over again: when are we? We think we may have the answer. *Potential Spoilers*

By evaluating the last couple of episodes from season 6, the “Pond Life” web-episodes, and the current series seven, we think we have narrowed down the timeline. It should be noted that this is conjecture on our parts, and we may be reading the “facts”, such that they are, wrong.

  • “The God Complex,” which is episode 6×11, the Doctor gives Rory the car of his dreams and Amy and Rory their house.
  • “Closing Time,” which is episode 6×012 – Amy is viewed in a perfume ad, Apparently she has a budding new career as a model.
  • There are then 8 years of travel on and off with the Doctor that Amy and Rory partake in, but that, for the most part, we don’t see.
  • “Pond Life” web-episodes occur during April to August in a year unspecified during this 8 year period of on and off travel. However it is likely that it is earlier in the 8-year span of travel for two reasons. One: presumably Amy would have discovered she couldn’t get pregnant early on thus setting the actions of the final “Pond Life”, AKA the screaming fight, into motion. Two: she’s still fairly new at modeling and this career is dropped in later episodes.
  • “Asylum of the Daleks” takes place right after the final “Pond Life” episode during the early part of that 8-year period.
  • “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” takes place roughly 8 years after finale season 6 because Rory cites his age as being 31. We know exactly how old Amy was at each of her encounters with the Doctor, and since Amy and Rory were in the same class at school as established in the “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode, presumably they are the same age, give or take owing to birthdays.
  • “Power of Three” up until the anniversary party takes place in the same year as “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” because Amy cites having traveled a total of 10 years on and off with the Doctor. The 10 years covers the time jump of two years during “The Eleventh Hour” where the Doctor saves the Earth from the Atraxi says “I’ll be right back” and he actually comes back two years later.
  • “Power of Three” up until the Doctor gets bored and leaves almost a year goes by and then the Doctor returns in time for Amy and Rory’s anniversary party. It should be noted that before he leaves, he’s very upbeat, but when he returns he’s very sedate and nostalgic at times.
  • “Power of Three” during the anniversary party where the Doctor shows up and takes Amy and Rory with him is a 7-week period where they travel around with him to several locations that are unknown. However, we do know that those locations include Victorian England and the court of Henry VIII.
  • “A Town Called Mercy” likely takes place during this 7-week period for two reasons. The Doctor talks about Rory almost leaving his phone in Henry VIII’s en suite, and Amy cites needing to get back to their friends before they notice that we have aged. We also see a very, very, almost uncharacteristically, angry Doctor in this episode.
  • “Power of Three” second half of the episode up until the defeat of the Shakri takes place in July of the eight years of on and off travel with the Doctor
  • The final moments of “The Power of Three” take place in December because there are Christmas lights everywhere. It seems as though The Doctor may have stayed with the Ponds for a six-month visit before they take off at the end of the episode
  • “The Angels Take Manhattan” takes places slightly after they board the TARDIS in the “Power of Three”. The reasoning for this is that in photos from the episode, Amy is seen reading a newspaper that indicates the Detroit Lions have won the Superbowl. Given that the Superbowl is always played in late January or early February (barring delays for player’s strikes etc.) the “Angels Take Manhattan” would occur after that time. It could also be after that time if Amy is reading an old newspaper, because there are leaves on the trees and they are wearing light jackets: not typical in late January New York. Perhaps it’s late March or early April when they in fact did shoot the actual episode, and Amy is just reading an old news paper.
  • Codicil: This is the Amy and Rory timeline. It’s possible the Doctor did this timeline slightly out of order. Given all the moodiness and the “I’ll miss you” commentary, it’s likely during the first part of “The Power of Three” where the Doctor travels alone that he encounters future Ponds and knows their demise. Now he can’t alter that fixed point in time, but he can visit them without divulging their future. So he then pops in and out to take fuller advantage of spending time with them.

What do you think about the proposed timeline? Do we have any gaps or unexplained inconsistencies? We also discuss this theory in-depth on the latest episode of WhoHype.

  • Kristina

    Thank youuuuu. Their timeline seems to be all kinds of crazy and I so needed this to sort it out. The Angels Take Manhattan is going to kill me next week.

  • Jen

    This is great and kudos for pursing the idea of making sense of Moffatt’s ridiculous timeline. I miss the days when we just kind of glided in a chronological order that corresponded with our own modern day equivalent.

  • http://www.twitter.com/matsemann08 Matsemann08

    The stetson from Mercy hangs on the wall in the Pond home. http://i.imgur.com/R9enb.jpg
    So Mercy happens in the 7 week trip during The Power of Three.
    We know that it can’t happen before, because Rory leaves his charger
    in Henry the 8th’s en-suite before Mercy.
    In fact, we now know 2 is before 3/4, too, because Rory’s dad already knows the doctor in 4.
    It’s also immensely likely that 1 happens before 2, because in 1, Amy
    is modelling, in 2, Amy has quit her job, and in 4, Amy has a new job,
    and we know that Amy starts modelling soon after the doctor leaves.

    • Jay Ferrar

      I agree with everything, except Amy actually started her modelling career sometime between “A Christmas Carol” and “The Impossible Astronaut.”

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    Like I’ve told you before, you are a timeline GENIUS. This makes oh so much sense.

    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC


  • Laura Jones

    thank you! this helped a lot! It’s figuring out the Doctor’s timeline that’ll be hard! hopefully all will become clear!

  • stargazer

    Amy and Rory get a car and a house at the end of God Complex, not Wedding of River Song. Just something I caught because I rewatched God Complex last night. Now back to reading the rest of this article…

    • http://www.hypable.com/author/lauracristiano/ LauraBC

      You are correct! Let me amend it

  • Ryan

    Pure genius. Now I wonder how Moffat’s going to reveal this to all those of us that aren’t timeline geniuses..

    • Ryan

      *that don’t know a timeline genius indirectly through hypable

    • Teranel

      I wouldn’t actually expect Moffat to reveal any of it.

  • Jay Ferrar

    “What do you think about the proposed timeline? Do we have any gaps or unexplained inconsistencies?”

    Yes, a couple.

    Error 1:
    “‘The Wedding of River Song,’ which is episode 6×13, the Doctor gives Rory the car of his dreams and Amy and Rory their house.”

    No, that’s not right. The Doctor gave Amy and Rory a new house and car at the end of “The God Complex,” not “The Wedding of River Song.”
    Also, from Amy and Rory’s point of view, “Closing Time” takes place before every Series 6 episode (with the exception of “A Christmas Carol”). When Craig Owens finds the Doctor working in Sanderson & Grainger, Craig has a newspaper dated 19th April 2011. Two days later in the episode (which would be the 21st of April 2011), the Doctor says, “It’s tomorrow. I can’t put it off anymore. Tomorrow is the day I…” The Doctor’s talking about the day he’s meant to be killed at Lake Silencio. We know from “The Impossible Astronaut” and “The Wedding of River Song” that his “death day” is the 22nd of April, 2011, so when the Doctor says his death date is “tomorrow,” he means it literally is the very next day on Earth. Therefore, the Amy and Rory seen shopping on the 19th of April 2011 in “Closing Time” will be meeting the Doctor in Utah three days later.

    Error 2:
    You also have another inconsistency: You’ve claimed that the 2008-2010 gap in “The Eleventh Hour” is part of Amy and Rory’s 10 years spent knowing the Doctor. But then you seem to claim that there are 8 years of travel between “The Wedding of River Song” and “The Power of Three.” This cannot be true.
    Amy and Rory’s last scene in “The Wedding of River Song” can’t take place any earlier than the end of summer 2011 (Amy tells the Doctor that, between “A Good Man Goes to War” and “Let’s Kill Hitler,” they’d been waiting “all summer.”) So, for Amy and Rory, about a year, perhaps more, would have passed between “The Big Bang” (26 June 2010) and “Let’s Kill Hitler” (end of summer 2011).
    Therefore, if you count the 2-year gap in “The Eleventh Hour” and the approximate 1 year (at least) from the end of “The Eleventh Hour” to the end of “The Wedding of River Song,” Amy and Rory would have aged no more than 7 years between “The Wedding of River Song” and “The Power of Three.”
    It’s also worth noting that Amy and Rory hadn’t seen the Doctor for 2 years between “The Wedding of River Song” (end of summer 2011) and “The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe” (25 December 2013).

    More Evidence for 7×03 taking place during 7×04
    “‘A Town Called Mercy’ likely takes place during this 7-week period for two reasons. The Doctor talks about Rory almost leaving his phone in Henry VIII’s en suite and Amy cites needing to get back to their friends before they notice that we have aged. We also see a very, very, almost uncharacteristically, angry Doctor in this episode.”

    Don’t forget that the stetson the Doctor wore in “A Town Called Mercy” is hanging on the wall when the Doctor plays Nintendo Wii in “The Power of Three.” (Although this seems to be a continuity error because the Gunslinger ALSO kept the same stetson at the end of “A Town Called Mercy,” unless there are two identical stetsons that were both shot straight-through with a bullet.)

    • hunterartemis

      I’m fairly certain it’s not the same stetson. In the image posted below by “Matsemman08″, you’ll notice the the shape of the hats are different. The top of the first hat seems to be curved out rather than curved in, unlike the second one. Furthermore, the supposed hole in the first stetson is actually on top of the hat, whilst the second has a whole on the side. And the general shape of the stetson is different as well.

      • Jay Ferrar

        It would be a great answer that it’s the stetson River shot in “The Impossible Astronaut,” but it doesn’t seem likely. The stetson Craig gave the Doctor and the stetson Isaac gave the Doctor are noticeably different. In “The Power of Three,” just before the cube starts attacking the Doctor, we get a closer look at the stetson on the Ponds’ wall, and it definitely looks a lot like the one from “A Town Called Mercy.” The picture Matsemman08 posted shows the hat at 2 different angles, so I don’t think it’s the best comparison. However, for me, the bullet hole and thick, brown band around the hat seals the deal that it’s supposed to be the same one from “A Town Called Mercy.”

    • Jack

      Qudos. I’ve often thought Hypable and WhoHype gets too hung up on the timeline. I’m sure it will all make sense after the next episode. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the first viewings, and analyze them after we rematch them all.

    • hawklawson

      I would assume that the one on the wall is the Stetson from The Impossible Astronaut. “I wear a stetson now. Stetsons are cool.” *Amy grabs the stetson, tosses it into the air.* *River shoots the stetson.* Two stetsons? Yes, yes there are.

  • Elphaba Thropp

    This makes sense and confuses me even more at the same time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    i’m not even going to try to understand

  • Jasmine Pugh

    Has anyone else noticed that at the beginning of ‘The power of Three’ the Ponds recieve a voice message from their optometrist and in a magazine synopsis of Angels in Manhattan, the Doctor notices that Amy has reading glasses?

    • Jay Ferrar

      Just noticed that myself! Great bit of continuity, there!

  • Dana Alley

    *eyes roll back, head is spinning* Lets just watching some WHO! :D

  • Kate

    Wait a second–it doesn’t matter what newpaper Amy is reading. “Angels” could still take place any amount of time after they leave. This is TIME TRAVEL, you guys. They could easily travel for another decade and end up in late January or early February.

  • lee foster

    speaking of timelines, i think there were definite clues dropped last season. firstly, in ‘the impossible astronaut.’ the doctor refers to River as ‘mrs robinson’ but i believe he is playing on the fact that she did a graduate reference when she first regenerates from mels in ‘lets kill hitler’ there is also a mention in the flesh 2 parter that they have been to this planet before.. i suspect there are many threads which moffatt has planted way back

  • Max

    Yes you have to remember, Amy and Rory’s timeline has extended into 2020+, they were vacationing in 2012 when they were zapped back to 1938, I think that’s an important fact people forget. I don’t think Mercy took place in roughly the same 7 week period as their anniversary trip because Amy admonishes the Doctor for his behavior (due to probably in part on his timeline for them getting zapped back in time away from him/dying) and that he’s been traveling alone again. If they had been traveling since the Savoy incident all throughout, for three or so weeks, I think it’s awfully late for Amy to suddenly be commenting on his behavior or about him traveling alone since they’ve been with him for the last few weeks. I could be wrong though.

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