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Team StarKid have posted an announcement video regarding the release of an album and DVD of the group’s 2012 live tour, Apocalyptour. The video also reveals that StarKid also plan to release digital downloads of all their original content. We’ve got the specifics below.

StarKid co-founder and writer Brian Holden brought fans the following information: much as they did for 2011′s SPACE Tour, Team StarKid have prepared both a live album and a tour DVD of the Apocalyptour, so if you were not able to make it out to a show, you will be able to enjoy all the StarKid hijinks from the comfort of your couch.

The live album will be up on iTunes on October 2, and the DVD – which will include special features – will be available on sale from October 30. Those fans who have already purchased the SPACE Tour DVD will know that Team StarKid really put together a quality product in their tour DVD, and we can expect all that and more from Apocalyptour.

Brian also revealed that over the next few months – no specific date just yet – StarKid plan on releasing all their original shows as digital downloads. This will include the two live tours – SPACE and Apocalyptour – as well as the musicals Starship and Me and My Dick. These downloads will presumably be cheaper than the DVDs and be available instantly! This news should excite fans, particularly in regards to the musicals becoming available in a higher-quality digital format than YouTube.

You can watch Brian’s video below:

Team StarKid on WhoSay

Are you going to buy the new Apocalyptour album and DVD? What performance are you most looking forward to seeing again, or what behind-the-scene antics are you most looking forward to watching? How about your favorite moments from the SPACE Tour DVD?

  • DK

    How about that 3rd Harry Potter musical that everyone was talking about almost 2 months ago??

    • Ev42

      He says at the very end that there’s no date for it yet, but they’ll keep us updated :)

    • NatalieFisher

      If they’d announced a release date for AVPSY do you really think I wouldn’t have reported it asap??? ;)

    • Allison L.

      realize they just finished the editing for Apocalyptour, which happened in the spring (over 5 months ago), do you really think they would get a whole show edited and together in less than 2 months!

  • CLM

    Oh My God Yes!

  • http://twitter.com/notenoughpuff Sarah

    Apocalyptour Nashville was one of the best nights of my life. I had a crystal skull ticket which was like the VIP of VIP passes. The meet and greet time was cut short but that was alright because I still got to talk to everyone. And I was first in line for everything so I got the first group picture, the first autograph, and I was front row center. Then when Charlene Kaye was getting ready to go off stage she gave me her set list. =D

    The whole thing was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out. I just hope they include the part where Dylan and Charlene sang Dress and Tie because that floored me!

    Yeah. Definitely one of the best nights of my life, if not THE best.

  • oblyviate

    ack! so excited for all of it! the apocalyptour songs were amazingly arranged (even through youtube) can’t wait to see the full length concert – and to discover where Jim was that whole time/why he didnt show up….

  • frezb

    AWESOME! I know what my iTunes credit will be going towards. :D:D

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