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While many people may be purchasing the iPhone 5 for the simple fact of showing it off, there are several people left in the world who are purchasing it for a different reason: it just works.

Before I go on, I want to give full disclosure about the Apple products I own. Take a big breath, John. Ready? iPhone 4S (soon to be 5), iPad (first generation), MacBook Pro, iPod nano (third generation) and most recently, Apple TV. Yes, I’m an Apple fanboy. But there’s a reason for it beyond “it’s cool.”

In 2005 when my Gateway computer crashed and burned itself up via its power adapter at the same time, I was left helpless and deflated about what I would do to replace it. I was in the middle of my second semester of college and I desperately needed just something. Desperate for a computer of some sort, I saw a flyer at my university of someone selling their Apple iBook G4 (for you young’ens, before the iBook store an iBook was the predecessor to the MacBook). Low and behold, seven years later I’m on my third Mac and haven’t had a single solitary issue with any of them. They’ve just worked!

So, in 2007, two years into my overwhelming joy of not having to send my computer back to Gateway three times a year for a replacement hard drive, motherboard or AC adapter, the iPhone was announced and my interest piqued. I purchased the first iPhone in 2007, saw how it “talked” to my Mac and turned using a smart phone into a productive, everyday tool, and I never looked back!

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Each year since, I have upgraded to the newest model iPhone only because they have always had vast improvements over the other (though that argument seems to be less solid in recent years, admittedly). And each year, I’m happier with the way my phone works than ever before.

So isn’t that enough? Can’t I just be happy with my Apple products and be a loyal fan because…they just work? I bought the new iPhone based on my previous experiences with them – not because I need every Apple product that comes out (we all know someone like that). Arguing about the price of iPhones and why someone should or shouldn’t get one has almost become as much of a conversation with people as the latest features – even with the option to get one for free through all U.S. carriers.

At the end of the day my Apple purchases are based on experience. I’ve switched from Windows to a Mac out of desperation with huge success and have switched from previous models of smart phones to iPhone with even bigger success. And until Apple’s software gets buggy or freezes (Blackberry Storm anyone?), or the iPhone turns into a Zach Morris phone again, I have come to realize that my loyalty to the iPhone has nothing to do with flaunting a shiny Apple logo (which I cover up with a case anyway), it has to do with the simple concept that any electronic consumer wants: it just works.

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Did you buy the new iPhone 5 this week? Are you a long-time iPhone user? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Jack

    But aren’t you breaking your two year agreement by going from a 4S to a 5? And doesn’t that cost a lot of money?

  • James

    I think this is a misconception since I just read an article yesterday that Apple’s new Maps feature is a disaster filled with bugs since they decided to nix Google Maps on iOS6. Just like I recently bought a Toyota for “reliability” and I have a check engine light already – permeating misconceptions and public opinion drive product sales despite the reality of their condition. Trust me, I LOOOVE Apple products…but I’m not naive enough to claim they’re the best products on the market.

  • Jen

    I don’t know how people have the money to keep upgrading their apple products. I’ve got an old classic that holds all the music I need and that’s really all I find that I need from apple. Just as well since I’m a broke student.

  • luckyleo81

    For full disclosure I have own an Iphone 4S and a Macbook Pro, but you have to admit that for all the technological creations he was a part of, Steve Job’s lasting legacy is going to be that he was able to convince the world it needed to rebuy those technological creations every 12 months at outrageously inflated prices.

  • Brandon

    While true that iPhones work well, it’s not exactly a winning argument since other phones work just as well and have arguably better features.

    iPhone is solid phone, great phone, but the iPhone 5 is comparable to a 2 year old Android device right now in terms of features and screen size. But obviously many people don’t care for a larger screen or better features, so it’s all about what you want/need. I’ve had panorama pictures for over a year now and I’ve had LTE for 2 years and my maps system has been the best in the business for 3-4 years and my phone has never broken, or never had to send it in for any reason and that’s the honest truth.

    I’m fine with people choosing the iPhone 5, it’s a great device, but “it just works” isn’t a valid argument any longer because other phones work just as well. It was valid back in 2007, not so much in 2012.

    • Louis

      I agree.

  • http://Hypable.com/ James Bean

    I’m lolling at our advertisement for the Nexus 7 to the right of this article. I wants one.

  • Teranel

    I haven’t made the switch to a smart phone yet, but I agree with this article when it comes to iPods. I got a 1st generation shuffle back in the day, then wanted to upgrade for more memory space (512 mb anyone?) and got an RCA mp3 player which didn’t work well from the moment I bought it, so then when it died a month after the warranty ran out, I got a 5th gen Nano because iPods *just work*. (I mean, my 1st gen shuffle still works, 8 years later.)

    • Dlmarvin05

      I still have mny 5th gen nano and it still works just as amazingly as the first day I got it

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