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The Legend of Korra season 2 release date has not been officially confirmed and has been kept somewhat secret.

Recently, April Stewart, who will join the next season of Korra as a voice actress, tweeted that book 2 (season two) was coming in April. Now we’ve got another source to confirm it.

David Faustino, voice of Mako, said on Twitter he believes that Korra season 2 is coming out in April too:

What the tweet says:

Some asked him further about his answer, and he said it was just a “guess,” but we wanted to pass it along nonetheless.

Obviously this is not official confirmation. Before Book 1 he said he thought Legend of Korra was coming out in the summer, and he sounded more certain than with this new tweet. But considering April Stewart said April for season 2 too… who knows! Even if this isn’t exactly correct, it gives us a good general idea.

Even though it’s a while away, at least we have a date to look forward to!

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  • http://twitter.com/hp_otaku Veronica

    The wait will be sooo hard to handle, but I will have to learn to be patient! I’m really looking forward to seeing where they’re gonna take this show.

  • gcw07

    It’s a long wait, but that is about when I expected it to air. Hopefully they don’t push it back any.

  • Julie L

    I would rather they take their time and give us a quality season than rush because the fans want the new season ASAP.

    • Danny

      Yeah but they already finished Book 2, there is nothing stopping them from telling us an air date… >:(

      • André Hatlevik

        Yeah that’s true but I truly agree with Julie here we all know that they said there could be four books which I hope there will be. I see a lot of potential in this series. And I can see they are truly being true to the roots of the series. But Nickelodeon would only do a number three if they got good support on the second book so it has to be solid or we won’t get a third book. Then the series would be scrapped

    • Lithp

      I really just want some bloody information. WHY can’t they tell us? If it’s going to be that long, is there ANYTHING that they can tell us in the meantime? If they’re worried about spoilers, frankly, Book 1 left a lot of plot holes that they could resolve.

  • HPForever3 :)

    I’m excited for when it comes out! The wait is always half the excitement.

  • laka

    omg wat if the world end before that?

    • http://www.facebook.com/Cade818 Cade Robertson

      at least the first season ended without an obvious cliff-hanger.

    • sabrina n

      yeah what if decembers a month away

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to wait that long… I luv the series but I hate the wait

  • http://twitter.com/chernyse_w Chernyse Wong

    Oh yikes that’s long. But that is totally fine as long as the episodes are 40 minutes long instead of 20. I really don’t mind only having ten/twelve episodes, but 20 minutes is too short for any deep plot and character exploration :(

    • stew(art) dre

      U ugly

      • joe

        wow you must have no life

        • softball

          u must have no life u commented ohhh

          • Caitie10


          • Dani

            What are you, seven?

          • Jordan

            no 5

    • hehelol

      well, thats how long most animes go for…

  • ilariax

    can’t wait!!

  • la fan nº 1

    already when the 2nd book comes out, I went to the Nickelodeon studios and say comes out in February, and saw a little preview of chapter 1 percent and I so anxious to leave the 2 book.

  • julie

    is this going to be, a year a season type of thing? :/

  • Olivia

    Super excited about season two launching! I am used to waiting so thats okay. I just hope the season can have reference to the original show; Avatar The Last Airbender. With the major surprises in season 1, Im really ready for season two to be out!

  • Annable Grove

    omg can’t wait

  • Elisha J.

    they should definately take their time and make it a good season rether than rush and give some half thought through one. this happens with other things and they are usually disapointing.

  • Fotress Guy

    It would be nice if season 2 touched upon the original characters more clearly.

    It is not easy trying to follow up such a successful and unique series as the
    original Avatar was.

    Here is our take on it with lots o pics if you are interested:


    • Metric Bakes

      In season 2 we will learn about the very first avatar. if you’re wanting to know what happens to everyone in the last airbender then i suggest you read the comics because you won’t find out much in korra, bud.

    • Bob

      I read your website review and I disagree with a lot of what you said. I do agree with you about how terrible the love story in this season was but a lot of other elements were well done. The setting for one, you said they couldn’t have developed that sort of technology in only 70 years but in the normal Avatar universe the fire nation already had air ships and war train like things. It’s surprising they didn’t already have a car. Also Korra, Amon, Bolin, and Asami did well. Bolin is like Sokka who didn’t find a romance interest until later in the series. Considering Nickoledon only approved them for like 12 episodes, they did great. I almost like Amon just as much as any other villain, and that was just in a few episodes

  • tyler

    ya i dont like waiting this long just for another season now i forgot most of season 1 and everyone loves the show why not make it longer seasons and not wait so long to release new ones… im like counting down days till next season lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/chidera.uche Chidera Uche

    AWESOME season one….Can’t wait for 2!!!

    • stew(art) dre

      Dont break the camera now

      • softball

        u r mean

  • jhom


  • sabrina n

    i just cant wait when i first started watching this show i was hopping to get some answers on what happened to aang,katara,soka,toph,zuko,zukos uncle,zukos mom and you know everyone else hope season 2 will be like that :

    • jeje

      actually it does tell alot about aang and what happend after but if you realy wanna know after the last episode of the avatar :the last airbunder you can read avatar the promise it tells what happend after the last episode and there a knew one will be realesed called the search it tells what happend to zukos mom

  • mambo

    I would rather they give us the proper becoz then we have to wait five months before anotHer NEW episode

  • Jay

    I’m an amon fan, it’s going to be hard to make a better villian

  • http://www.facebook.com/TimothySwagStokes Timo SoFlee Squad

    hurry asap i need it in my life



  • http://www.facebook.com/Sqeaky Jana Stewart

    the legend of korra I think has a poorly constructed story plot and it came out too soon. Waiting too long for a new season will lose fan base. I thought it was over already over.

  • Punny

    I donno. The actress is named April and it’s coming in April? Sounds like iy could be a misumderstanding :/

  • Darakdemor Narosimi Shawdonfax

    I am sorry to comment on one of the greatest series in history: It just seems as if many of the characters in The Legend of Korra were introduced very quickly and not with a proper introduction as to who they were. I also did like Amon, but I think that the Avatar Creators will come up with something to shock the fans nonetheless. Avatar Korra is alot cooler than avatar Aang in his own series, but avatar Aang, or at least his appearances in The Legend of Korra has made him appear to be much more incredible than korra in her own series. It is slightly dissapointing that there was such a large jump between the two series. Out of all of the characters in the original Avatar, Avatar: The Last Airbender, I miss the character Sokka the most.

    • AC♥Bear

      Who can possibly NOT miss Sokka? I cried when Katara said he passed away. For real.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.naguit Nathan Naguit

      I hope they put in some after years of ATLA! Maybe they’re saving it for some other time? And since Book 2 is partly in the Water Tribe, maybe they’ll show something about Katara and Sokka …

      • Caitie10

        I hope so. I miss sokka

        • claire

          Yes me to.. and i miss momo too!

        • Avatar is Epic

          ikr! but bolin is like the new sokka

    • Kami

      I cant really agree with you, The last airbender series was MUCH better, got a little sad in the eye when i saw how they raped the series by putting cars, robots and such in the series. I’ll still watch it but it cant top the story nor the environment that The last airbender provided….so far

      • jk

        i agree 100000%, definitely did not like the industrialism in this series, the last airbender was so awesome because it didn’t have cars or such things, the bending of the elements was in touch with the environment and nature so it went well together but all the cars, planes, machinery, etc in this series takes a lot away…

        • rustle shakleford

          1) They either tried to copy FMA hardcore to garner more fans or
          2) Its been a hundred years & you guys just hate the pace of change…

          • Avatar is Epic

            lol yeah the world has 2 progress SOMETIME

        • Avatar is Epic

          actually i disagree i rly liked the combo of the old fashioned & new fashioned stuff

    • Avatar is Epic

      definitely i ♥ sokka & miss him so much! but bolin is basically the new sokka

  • Darakdemor Narosimi Shawdonfax

    I would also like to say that the longer the better. The more detail and effort they put into the season, the better it will be.

    • Avatar is Epic

      yeah true

  • alex

    well just take my money.

  • L12eeve

    what happened to appa? 0.0

    • Avatar is Epic

      he probably lived a happy full life & then died

  • Masha420

    Obviously people have been misled…Dark horse Comics and Co-creators continued with “Aang The Last Airbender” and his story on paperback…I personally have the first three (The Promise) and im happy to report that the ones that are soon to come will be amazing and these comics tell u everything in detail. The comic book literally picks up right where the nick series ended. “The Legend of Korra” is just that, her story so lets stop trying to mix the two.

  • sandy

    i hope they feel in all the blanks left in the last episode of avatar the last air bender, what happened with zuko and his mom, what happened to azula, who did toph marry..so many questions..i wish they didnt rush the original avatar because of the movie deal they made which was not as good as i would of liked it to be

    • Todd

      Toph wasn’t married

      • Avatar is Epic

        yes she was
        how do u think lin beifong happened?!

    • completeinsanity

      There’s a graphic novel coming out to bridge the gaps, they won’t do any episodes. But all characters are canon, and at least they will provide a conclusion like so many other shows.

    • Avatar is Epic

      ughhhh the movie was TERRIBLE the actors were TERRIBLE the tv series was EPIC & buy the comic book “the promise” (it comes in 3 parts) which picks up off of the last airbender where they left off & then buy the next comic (also in separate parts, only 1 is out right now) which is called “the search” where they look 4 zukos mom

  • Mike

    They kind of rushed the end of season 1. I forgive them, there is a lot of demand, I just hope they hit the ground running and make an awesome second season that’s even better than the first.

  • Luke

    People in the UK are still waiting for season 1 to air on the TV, the UK is the second largest country by population that speak English yet countries that would require translations get it before us. I really don’t understand why it is taking so long.

    • Rhoey

      Download it? It doesn’t have to be the “illegal” way, but there are websites where you can pay a small amount and you get to stream or download the episodes. Google it.

    • Avatar is Epic

      i feel so bad 4 uk

  • Duncan E.

    As much as I enjoyed this series I enjoy the Avatar the last airbender more. I need the depth of character, the journeys, at least let me see Ba Sing Se or the Northern Air Temple!!

    • Avatar is Epic

      yeah but i love how its a mix of old fashioned & new modern buildings its so cool!

  • Anshuman v. ramani

    it is to be released is 2013 but i dont know the date

  • Anshuman v. ramani

    Book Two: Spirits is the second half of the first season of the animated TV series The Legend of Korra by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. It is to consist of fourteen episodes (“chapters”). Ordered in early 2011, Book Two: Spirits will air in 2013 on the Nickelodeon channel, according to Entertainment Weekly

  • Anshuman v. ramani

    dont you think that they could atleast make korra a lot more good lookin

    • Avatar is Epic

      hey she is pretty good looking! jeez
      but asami is way prettier i have 2 admit

  • J-fing

    I honestly just wanna watch more Avatar bending, I miss watching The Last Airbender

    • Avatar is Epic

      ive seen all the episodes a BILLION times

  • Violet S.

    YAY!! can’t wait. Just got theteam mako shrt that say’s on the back ” don’t mess with a firebender!

    • Avatar is Epic

      ooh i want

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003566709304 Angelica Martinez

    OMG!!! can’t wAiT XD >.<

  • http://www.facebook.com/checkandrest Choirul Khakim

    i think april 14th around 11:00 AM..

  • Phoenix

    Apparently i found another source to confirm this, kinda


    SOOO exciting, can’t hardly wait ^_^

  • Mr.beartic

    I have been watching this show for two years waiting for book two but Im starting to lose hope:(

    • Avatar is Epic

      yeah me 2 :’(

  • stew(art) dre

    My aunt april stewart tolf me its was coming out april 13 2013, season 2

  • stew(art) dre

    My aunt april stewart said it would come out april 13th she already let me get some glimpses

    • Avatar is Epic

      ooooh lucky! does she work on the show or something? btw it didnt come out april 13th (obviously)

  • Emily

    I hope they keep asami in season two, she was cool

    • Avatar is Epic

      of COURSE theyre gonna keep her they cant just throw out a main character! & yeah i expected her 2 b prissy but she was rly epic

  • softball

    wooooooooo i never got to see the irst season becuase of sports
    so yay

    • Avatar is Epic

      “YAY”?!?!?! u should b crying hysterically b/c u MISSED OUT srsly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • niggakilla123

    i cant take it anymore just please air the legend of korra season 2 i love that tv show

    • Avatar is Epic

      ikr!!!!!!! btw i can just tell tht asami & zukos grandson r gonna get 2gether its SOOOOO obvious guys!

  • Skylar Davis

    man i herd it was coming last fall they lied to me

    • Avatar is Epic

      they lied 2 every1. A LOT!

  • Sakura_Yamato

    This episode will be available in March 21, 2013 12:00 am 3 weeks from now, That is the Japanese air date, so yes depending on how long it takes to dub it should be available sometime in April. Hope this helps :)

  • Jade

    Damn itz been a year now!!! Hurry it up I don’t really ask 4 much iz a freakin release so bad, 2 much 2 ask?!? I don’t think so I really don’t think so, damn! -_-

  • serenityluvsmakko

    I really want to see season 2 I am so excited I wish it would come out sooner I can wate but I wish they would give us an actual date seriously there are millions of fans that need to know including me i need a date

    • Avatar is Epic


  • serenityluvsmakko

    I mean they can take there time but I would really want a realese date please

    • Avatar is Epic


  • emze

    hey everyone do you remember in the aang series that aunt woo( the fourtune teller) said to katara that she is going to pass away quietley in her sleep after the has her 4 th grand child. and the baby was just born so i think in the next series she is going to die.

    • Avatar is Epic

      oh yeah!!! so sad if tht happens!!!!!!! i ♥ katara

  • Lara W

    In the UK we’re still waiting for season one, and no one knows the release… I’m not even sure we’ll get it…

    • Avatar is Epic

      oh wow poor u! the legend of korra is EPIC u have 2 watch it!!!!! have u seen the last airbender? im guessing yes but if u havent u NEED 2 watch tht!!!

  • HI

    april 13th or 20th /May 4th or 11th

    • Avatar is Epic

      i hope its in may!!!!!! i cant wait….much….LONGER……!!!!!!!

  • :o

    I read something that says its coming out tomorrow. 4/6/13

    • Avatar is Epic

      well its been a month so thts obviously a lie! ppl said it was gonna come out in may but it didnt & they said it might come out in april but it didnt

  • bendeazel

    lol! i dont care when it comes out! as long as i see some avatar action! XDDD

    • Avatar is Epic

      yeah but i still cant WAIT
      im so impatient when it comes 2 waiting 4 the next season, book, show, movie, etc. 2 come out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/annaruta.freidenfelde Anna Rūta Freidenfelde

    IT IS APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NO NEW KORRA!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar is Epic

      yeah they lied korra didnt come out in april!!!! IM SO SAD

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.brower.332 Katie Brower

    Their is a comic book that I know of called “the Search” that tells you about zukoes mom

    • Avatar is Epic

      yeah but “the promise” comes 1st & it starts right from where the series left off & theres 3 parts & its EPIC! “the search” comes after tht in chronological order. i have all 3 parts of “the promise” & only part 1 of “the search” is out right now but i have tht 2

  • LILY

    all that i know about the season 2 so far is that it is called spirt of course, and korra knows some airbending, asomi is working on the future industries to get back on top because her father turned u know a bad man anyways mako is working with the police (withch is funny because we saw him set fire to the parking tickets, bolin i think still wants to do pro bending still but its sort of a fail without mako and korra so he goes to the south pole and gets a love scene with i dont know who but i have a theroy. at first i thought that bolins love interest would be asomi but a recent picture shows bolin and Eske AKA one of korras relitives, anyways it just shows them sort of a close up looking at each other in town maybe outside a northern water tribe restauant or some thats my theory so far i cannot wait untill SAESON 2 im out!


    OMG its killing me I am like in love with it and have watched like the whole season 5 times. I guess if they spend more time on it the better… but from what i’ve read its completed…(confused).

  • MasterWalpha

    A guess aye?

  • randomnizer

    Well they didn’t confirm it on April…… its now July 6th.

  • anthony

    wend is the new seasond coming out

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