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With more great information about the future of Legend of Korra revealed during July’s San Diego Comic-Con, the fans’ excitement is starting to build for season 2. Check out five things we hope to see come up in the next book of episodes!

5. The Rest of the World

Considering just about (if not all) of Season 1 took place within Republic City, we’d like to see the show branch out a little. Republic City was great, but fans of the original series know there is a whole lot more out there. Comic-Con details said we would see “New Team Avatar” visit the southern water tribe, sounds like a great start. Maybe we could go back to Ba Sing Se or some Air Temples to?

4. More Character Development

Season 1 was a mini-series (12 episodes). That kept the action moving, but it didn’t allow a whole lot of time for much character growth. We definately saw some growth in Korra, but we want to see more out of other great characters like Mako, Asami and escpecially Bolin. Bolin was such an endearing character but, was never used for much more than comic relief or a plot device to bring Korra and Mako together! And of course, we need (and Comic-Con said we’ll get!) more of everyone’s favorite 5-second star: Bumi!

3. More Cameos from the Original Series

We crave more insight into the old characters! Where did the last 70 years go? We demand more Aang with facial hair, Grandma Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko, anyone really! We love Korra! but were not ready to say good bye to the old crew just yet.

2. New Characters

We’ve been told were going to see more of Korra’s parents and her Uncle. We’re also going to see more of Tenzin’s family, like his sister Kya. That sounds great! Were also desperate to find out who our new villain to love/hate will be! We loved Amon so much, he’ll be hard to replace!

1. Spirit World

This is where some real mystery lies. When will Korra enter the spirit world and master the Avatar State? We were given just a little taste at the end of Season 1, it left us with so many questions! Is Korra’s bending fully restored? She appears to be able to restore bending, can she give bending to anyone? We’re told we will be visited by many spirits and explore the Avatar Line, so exciting!

So there’s obviously more than 5 things we’re looking forward to and there are things we’ve missed, so continue the conversation in the comments and let us know what you’re looking forward to most!

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  • http://twitter.com/edclipse Edward Sam

    IGN came out with an article about this ages ago.

    • ForFrodo

      Seeing it on Hypable makes it soo much better though.

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

      IGN is also shit.

  • http://twitter.com/akacj7 Caroline J.

    i’m hoping/dreading seeing Ko(?) the face-stealing spirit. so frickin creepy but such a good concept. i wonder if Bumi or Kya are benders and if so what kind.

    • Sapph

      Bumi is a non-bender, but Kya can bend water :)

    • http://twitter.com/Staar84 Erin Carr

      I was SO sure Koh had something to do with Amon. So I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. Maybe we will since they’re going into the spirit world. I’m also wondering if they’re going to tie into the comics at all, since I’m guessing the End of The Promise Part III will be how Aang comes up with the idea for Republic City.

      • Mr.beartic

        An awsome surprise would be amon haunting korra in the spirit world

        • sokka luver

          Am on shed a tear like he knew his brother was going to blow them I personally still think he’s alive Or they have to come up with another antagonist for Korea to fight or deal with

      • tlok.and.atla123

        i hope korra steals koh’s face LOL

  • Patty

    Ummmmm tbh Makorra needs to be dealt with realistically – and I would like to see a repercussion of Mako actually stepping up and apologising to Asami. Asami visiting her father also needs to happen.

    • sierra

      yes!! Asami should visit her father…..another zuko asami parallel

  • kclaus12

    lets make it six things we need to know…. What happened to Zuko’s mom?!?!

    • Jfalcon

      Read the comic the Search that comes out in march. Its all about Zuko searching for his mom

      • ninja expert J10

        they should make a seriies outa that, i’m surprised they havent already

    • Masha420

      find out what happens to zukos mom march 2013……Dark Horse Comics!!!!!

    • Ninja Expert J10

      didn’t you see the ending to the last season of avatar, i could have swore they told ya what happened to her in avatar the last seasen

      • margie

        yes but they weren’t clear!

    • margie

      yesssss we dooooo!!!!!

    • sokka luver


    • http://www.facebook.com/zeke.schultz.31 Zeke Schultz

      totally at the end of the first avatar it didnt even show that but it made it look like the creators were going to tell us in another episode but they didnt so they should

      • NBaby140

        I thought Zuko’s father killed her

  • geegee

    I want Katara to actually tell the story of what happened to Zukko’s mom! been waiting years for it!

    • sandyyy

      I AGREE!!

  • Ego Craxx

    I’m hopping to see Korra realize her self as a true avatar showing maturity and restraint and controling the avatar state…

  • Your Info Hero

    there’s like 3 manga/anime chapters like 70 pgs a peice that give some background about what happens just after the aang series online…and in like april the chapter on zuko’s mom comes out

  • Bellerophon

    The question I am about to post is a question that is on nearly everyone’s mind: What truly happened to Zuko’s mother???

  • zeta132


  • cheyenne

    I really want to know what happened to Zuko’s mom and what happened to the characters before Kora was born. I agree that the shows should be a bit longer too.

  • SkylarRenay

    would like to see who lin befongs father is…

  • SkylarRenay

    what happened to sokka? did he have any kids? if so was it with suki

    • becca

      yeah they did get together and had a girl

      • JDRulez

        Source please?

  • HD1080p

    uhhh i want to see sozins comet appear again

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

      Not for another 30 years.

    • Jade

      r u f***in serious!?!?
      u didn’t enuf in the finale?!
      It only happens every 100 years
      wat part of that don’t u understand
      Ugh…… -_-
      ……. actully that does sound kool but mayb it should do wit the moon like insane waterbending
      Hehehe ^_^

  • Angy

    I want to know everything about character’s past but mainly: who’s the Lin Beifond’s father?? O.o

    • Mr.beartic

      Maybe sokka:o

      • vailissa

        it can’t be then Lin Beifong and Tenzin would be cousins….and cousins don’t date each other…

        • FudgePretzel

          never know… maybe they did

          • tlok.and.atla123

            thats disgusting

      • tlok.and.atla123

        I thought Sokka ended up with Suki, ohhh just thought it would be awesome if (bcause zukos dad isnt ozai) toph married zukos brother (hypothetically if he had one)

  • MasterA.G:)

    I wanna know who the hell toph married?

  • Taiko

    Really? That’s it? The whole “how was Amon able to take away people’s powers” wasn’t part of that list?

    • rikkunikay

      you stupid? it was clearly explained WHY amon could take other people’s bending! he bloodbended them…. you need to watch the show again and this time really pay attention to it -_-”

      • http://www.facebook.com/ericrj05 Eric Bomfim

        It was expleined WHAT Amon did. He bloodbended them.. but it doesn’t really explain HOW could he have taken away their bending. All we know is bloodbend can manipulate living beings by their blood. So, how could he take away a bending forever?

        • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

          He blocked a nerve in their brains, making people unable to bend previously known elements and suffer depression.

    • Jade

      Lolz did watch the series?!
      They tots explained that
      Advanced bloodbending + a disire 2 stop all the pain caused by wat he thought waz bending + tons of forced practice = a wicked chi blocking power that stops ur ability 2 bend
      plz pay attention
      I can’t blieve thatz been bothering u all thiz time

  • http://www.facebook.com/linh.duong.100046 Linh Duong

    i THINK asami will get with iroh and boalin (did i spell the cutie’s name wrong?) with get with a new character. What happened to Zuko’s mom and will we see Zuko’s daughter? and all of the above.

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

      Why does everyone think that? Iroh II was there to help fend off the Equalists, then most likely left; I still think that Bolin’s new love interest is either her or Korra’s cousin. We may or may not see Zuko’s daughter; probably not this season, though, seeing as the Krew is going to the South Pole. Last and not least, we find out about Ursa in March, via the Promise comics.

  • someone

    I’m hoping to see Korra, finding her avatar state, and regain her bending powers, aswell as picking up more romance with mako, while Asami gets romance with mako’s brother, (cant remember the name) Also some of the characters from the original series still haven’t been shown in this next gen, such as zuko, zed, and so on… And show more of the rest of the world, for example the swamps, or the air temples, while korra takes on avatar quests such as rebuilding ruins or stuff like that, show more of what an Avatar truely is able to do, since so far, we’ve only seen combat, and taking away bending powers.

    • alli34567

      its Bolin

    • Jade

      Bolin duh
      Lolz no offense,

  • Dtayl169

    Something that would be really awesome to see in ‘The Legend Of Korra Season 2′ would be New or Old, by ‘Old’ i mean undiscovered (possibly an old avatar can reveal this, seeing how season 2 is about spirits) ways or forms of Bending. In the Story of Avatar Aang, I thought that Metal Bending and Blood Bending was just too Ingenious!!!!
    it would be sweet to see new bending Forms being discovered along Korra’s Journey :)

  • Breya

    1) what happened to Azula?
    2) what happened to Zuco’s Mom and Dad,Lord Ozai
    3)what happened to Azula’s 2friends, May and Ty Lee
    4)What happened to Zuko’s uncle and Boomi, Aange friend?
    5)What happened to Momo and Abba?

    • rikkunikay

      1) Azula got into some mental house, trying to recover her.
      2) we won’t know until the promise explains why, or in the second or third season it will be explained by katara
      3) no one knows, maybe read the promise
      4) they probably died cuz when korra was born it was 70 years after zuko and aang restored peace
      5) probably died cuz they are also just animals and can’t live forever…..

    • Unblemished

      1)Retarded now i bet.
      2)Who the fuck is Zuco?
      3)May got with Zuko and Ty lee joined Sokka’s girlfriend
      4)He lived in peace on his teastore.
      5)Dafuq is abba?

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

      1) Azula was institutionalized; later, Zuko released her to help search for their mother
      2) We’ll soon find out about Ursa, and Ozai basically rotted in prison
      3) Mai is still wrapping everything up; Ty Lee became a Kyoshi Warrior
      4) Iroh is Zuko’s most trusted adviser and friend, while Bumi continued his reign in Omashu
      5) They continued living with Aang; Appa even helped with the repopulation of the Sky Bison.

      Honestly, most of these were common sense for anyone who paid attention to the series..

      • Ancient eyes

        Appas a male as far as we know.

      • tlok.and.atla123

        how did appa repopulate the skybison if he was the last one?!?!?!?!? ewwwwwww dafuk-i wondered that when i saw all these sky bison is tlok (the legend of korra)

    • alli234

      (let me fix you spelling errors) Mei, Aang, Appa. i think Zuko and Mei had kids and General Iroh is their grandson… Azula either went to some mental insitute lol or got married on some far away island… mono and appa were either girls…. found some other air animals.. or crossbred. Ty lee i don’t know about… again this is just my opinion in everything that happened.

      • Jade

        U misspelled momo
        mono!?! wtf iz that O_o
        Lolz no offense

    • tlok.and.atla123

      2) btw Zuko’s dad isnt lord Ozai — it all comes out about zukos family in the search comic

      get it here http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Avatar-Last-Airbender-Search-Part-1-Gene-Luen-Yang/9781616550547

    • Mental avatarz

      Boomi has a son that is a crazy retard just like his daddy!!!

  • Nodemei terekun verunasakis

    I would like to know what happened between Zuko and May. I know that replacing Amon will be hard, but the Avatar creators will shock us nonetheless. who else thinks Bolin is the best?

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen


      • valissa


    • Jade

      nawt mai or may

  • Nodemei terekun verunasakis

    Taiko•17 days ago


    Flag as inappropriate

    Really? That’s it? The whole “how was Amon able to take away people’s powers” wasn’t part of that list?20You must sign in to down-vote this post.


    Share ›




    rikkunikay Taiko•4 days ago


    Flag as inappropriate

    you stupid? it was clearly explained WHY amon could take other people’s bending! he bloodbended them…. you need to watch the show again and this time really pay attention to it -_-”
    What Taiko was asking, was how Amon used bloodbending to take away bending. We know he can blood bend, and we know that blood bending allows you to bend blood. What we dont know is how he was able to use it to take away bending.

  • shAnks 911

    i thought that would some hoe survive or something but m dissapointed that he is no longer in season 2 !:-(

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

      Amon was strictly a season 1 villain. To stop him from ever having a reason to come back, Bryke killed both him and Tarrlok

  • shAnks 911

    i meant amon!!

  • Jerry

    It could be great if there was also a power like ‘time freeze’ or time remote :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.christensen.12 Luke Christensen

      This isn’t Pokemon or Doctor Who. In no way could a bender do that.

  • tmac

    are the comics on line. i have only watched the show. its boss

  • tmac

    are the promise comics the first three books?

  • http://www.facebook.com/delbrian.parfitt Delbrian Rojas Parfitt

    I wanted 2 Evil Avatars that threaten the world, One is a normal Avatar (Like Korra) and a External Avatar (An Avatar that can Bend Blood, Metal, and Lightning). Then a new Good Avatar, wich will ba another External Avatar. I even have how 2 of the new characters would of been shown! The Normal Evil Avatar would attack Korra while she is giving a speech of how Amon is now finaly gone, The Normal Evil Avatar would shoot a Rock and fire ball at Korra while she is talking, and then the Good External Avatar would Jump down with metal and lightning in a fist form and break the rock. Then the new Good and bad Avatars go into the Avatar state (Wich the Bad one shall have Black eyes instead of White)and have a Huge avatar battle to the death.

    • alli234

      what is an external avatar??????bloodbending is water..metal-earth..lightning-fire…. it’s just a stronger form of those elements.

  • Akira

    i want to know what happened to Anng and how did he die

  • chicha

    I want to know who Toph mariried :)

  • Mr.beartic

    Zukos child would probaly be a really good one episode apearance type character

  • Mr.beartic

    Sandbenders please!

  • MEEhhh

    I really want to know what happened to Zuko’s mother. it was clear at the end of ATLA that she was still alive, so what happened to her?

  • Margie

    how many kids did zuko and mai have o,O

  • The Opinionator

    what about Naga?! what i want to see is Korra explaining how they met and every thing. I mean I know that she probably found and tamed Naga a wild polar-bear dog but what really impresses me is that she was the first one to ever do that! I want details, and since everyone seems to think we’ll be seeing the southern watertribe a bit more I (or we) might just get them.

  • sokka luver

    Now that Korra and mako r together I hope asami and bolin get together but I think asami is going to hate Korra for a lil bit

  • sanzi

    If Korra can give people bending, can she make the Air Acolytes airbenders?

  • Rann

    what hapened before who married who, who die what hapenned with aang his life

  • thatrandomguy

    How about… vampiric like characters who drink benders blood to gain their abilities? Just a though that crossed my mind. Also, I’d like to see old lady Azula and more sky lemurs like Momo.

  • Jade

    Ok im gonna say it WHAT HAPPENED 2 ZUKO MOTHER?!?!?!
    also r there anymore lemurs? O_o lolz silly
    Um does sokkka hav kids? And iz it wit suki?
    How waz azula (mii fav character) l8r in her life?
    How iz mako an korra’s relationship? Luv them 2gether! ^_^ damn they gawt 2gether fast I glad they didn’t waste time an kiss @ the end of the seris
    Iz asami jelous I hope nawt if nawt I will learn 2 luv her
    Most importantly wat will bolin say next?! Lolz luv him!
    Thatz all I can think of now ;p lolz

  • Jade

    Oh I thot of something else r amon/noahtak and tarlok really dead

  • serenityluvsmakko

    Everyone’s suspectig a realese date from legend of korra season 2
    To. Be in April but that’s only two months away and there’s been not any trailers so idont no but we all no that its coming soon but just when

  • tlok.and.atla123

    i really wanna see what u wrote in 3. and also i want there to be a new antagonist. it would also b cool is she korra learnt metal and blood-bending and lighting bending

  • lyokobender121

    You actually can find out what happens to zuko’s mom and the avatar gang after the 100 year war in “The Search” book

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