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In a new Q and A with Darren Criss, the Glee star shares his thoughts on fandom, Blaine’s role in season 4, and which iconic break-up song he suggested for usage in the show. Warning: the following contains spoiler material for the new season of Glee.

Speaking to Billboard after Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out in New York City – where he shared a signing table in Saks with Anna Wintour – Darren revealed that a huge upcoming number being used in the season’s fourth episode, “The Break Up,” was his idea:

I texted Ryan Murphy a while back just saying, “hey, if you ever have any of the characters break up don’t miss out on the opportunity to use one of the greatest break-up pop songs of the last 100 years. You have to use ‘Don’t Speak.’ It can work as a duet, it can work as a four-part harmony. It’s a gold mine, you have to use that.” And I would rarely do stuff like that, but it’s one of my favorite songs ever written and I remember listening to it in the car and I pulled over and texted Ryan, “just a thought…” Then the script showed up and there it was and I was like, “yes!” I don’t want to take credit for it, but I did suggest it.

Don’t forget your tissues! Addressing a moment a little sooner than episode 4×04, as more spoilers and promos arise for the season 4 premiere, there has been significant discussion by fans about Blaine’s apparent personality transplant. As Darren describes:

Blaine’s like a meanie now. I don’t know what really happened! [...] When we read the script I was like, “since when is Blaine really competitive?”

While the arrogance and vying for stardom is somewhat expected from most of New Directions – they’ve always been pretty self-serving, and newfound popularity is set to enhance what’s already there – Blaine has always seemed like the only one in that choir room who’s always a team player, happy to lead performances when given the position by others but never seeking to put himself on top, and it seems that this has gone so far as to confuse even the actor who plays him!

The article also features Darren discussing several elements of fandom – from discovering the “Darren Doesn’t Know” meme, a somewhat creeptastic meme based on an old photo and comments screen-capped from Darren’s private Facebook, to how he’s grateful to be able to rationalize with fans, describing an incident of filming the aforementioned “Don’t Speak” in a public park. Darren, who was “emotionally exhausted” and “upset” coming to the set directly from a moment of immense closure performing as Harry for the last time in Team Starkid’s A Very Potter Senior Year, had to ask fans at the set to move out of his eyeline during a take, and the fans were happy to comply and help him out.

Billboard also asked Darren whether he was aware of the fan campaign to have “Dress You Up”‘ the Madonna cover he sang for this year’s Fashion’s Night Out promo, released as a full track – and it linked to our article in the process! He admitted that he hasn’t heard the full version himself, so in his words: “I’ll get behind that.” Thanks, Darren!

You can read the full Q&A here.

Here are a few pics of Darren from the event:

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What was your favorite part of this interview, and how do you feel about “Don’t Speak” and competa-Blaine?

  • Saskia17

    “Blaine’s like a meanie now. I don’t know what really happened! [...] When we read the script I was like, “since when is Blaine really competitive?”

    No. Just no. :(

  • StarKiddie

    dear glee- you just couldn’t stand having ONE likable character could you? p.s. DARREN WAS EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED AND UPSET AFTER AVPSY?!?!?! POOR BABY!!!!! sounds like someone needs a hug…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

    I don’t care what they do with Blaine… But, he has showed signs of anger issues in the past… Wonder if we’ll ever get some insight on that…

    • NatalieFisher

      I definitely agree about the anger issues. He’s very very polite and well mannered and charming and when he is pushed he really snaps. And when he drinks he really snaps in a different way. He definitely has repression issues and that would be a far, far more in-character thing to explore than ‘oh lol let’s make him pushy and competitive like the others!’

  • Me

    It’s the hair gel.

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    I can’t believe they asked him about my story! I wonder if they pulled up Hypable on an iPad or something. Of course “Darren Doesn’t Know” anything about it. :P

    • Mitchel Clow

      I was really happy for you too when I read that!

      Great read, Nat! Really enjoyed all of your thoughts and information you presented!

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    I know it’s not in his character already to be pushy or competitive, but it makes sense for seniors who have taken a back seat in certain ways to now want to take control. Tina wasn’t particularly competitive but they are making her out to be as well…so it’s not just him. This seems on track with where I would expect a high school student to be. But I’ll save the rest for Glee Chat! :P

    • NatalieFisher

      I disagree, I think that Tina always wanted more than what she got and was pissed about it, which was the whole point of Props. Blaine’s attitude has always been stand-out different, and that was kind of the point of the Warblers too, in general.. but I am sure we will get to it on the show.

  • Ev42

    I’ve been thinking a lot about new competa-Blaine. I don’t think it’s in character for him, obviously, but if I give the writers the benefit of the doubt (which, honestly, is more than they’ve shown themselves to deserve over the course of the show)… Blaine’s been stuck in this hostile, unsafe, frankly toxic environment that is McK for a year. He came from Dalton, yes, and before that he went through some really traumatic stuff -> I think he might be more vulnerable to the kind of environment McK offers. When you’re stuck with the kind of people you find in New Directions (the EGO of them all, it’s such an insanely “me, me, ME!” environment, to the point where they will hurt each other to advance themselves), it’s not so farfetched that that he’d be negatively affected by their behavior, especially not if Kurt’s involved & influencing him. I mean, I still don’t think it’s how Blaine would react to it all, but I’ve seen it happen in other (..real :P) people.

    I hate that they’re doing this to him and, considering where we left off last season & where Blaine was as a person then, this seems like an extremely short time for such a change to have taken place. There’s so much more to his character they could develop that there’s already a foundation for – the bullying, the dad issue, Klaine’s messed up dynamics… Blaine obviously (understandably) has anger issues, & how he acts when under the influence of alcohol is a whole other, huge issue. There’s so much to his character I’d much rather see than a half-assed “losing himself to the cray-cray of McK/ND” storyline. It’s just an unnecessary story to tell, imo.
    Obviously reserving final judgment for when I’ve seen it, but I’m skeptical, for sure.

  • http://twitter.com/KlhanA Kay A Hansel

    I like the song “Don’t Speak” but it is really sad and makes me cry to think that Kurt and Blaine are giving up on their relationship this soon after Kurt leaves for NY. I know long-distance relationships can be challenging but as much as they seemed to care about each other I never guessed they would break up so soon. I think Blaine’s attitude change has something to do with Kurt no longer being there as a buffer for him. Hopefully he doesn’t start bullying people because that would be so wrong. I hope that eventually Kurt and Blaine will work through these problems and eventually realize what they mean to each other and we get a happy ending before the season is over (reunite please!).

  • HayleyC8D

    When I read what Darren said about Blaine becoming competitive and a ‘meanie’ I felt my heart sink. I love reading people’s character analyses on him because he is such an interesting, yet likeable character at the same time and I think there is so much that they can explore with him. I just hope that they don’t ruin this amazing character as he’s my favourite on the show. I agree with what Natalie says about his repression issues and I wish that they would explore this rather than giving him a complete character change. Glee could have created (in my opinion) one of the best fictional characters ever or they could have an attractive jukebox in an adorable relationship but with no continuity in his personality and that would deeply sadden me because what Darren does with this character is amazing. As always, I’ll give Glee another chance and I’ll see how the ‘competitive meanie’ thing plays out.

    On another note, I’m going to have to trust Ryan with the Klaine breakup because my heart wouldn’t be able to deal with it being forever.

  • Madakin

    Blaine becoming a “meanie” and competitive makes me very, very nervous about this season. I still hope for the days when they’ll have consistent characterization, but I don’t think it will ever come. :-(

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