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Outgoing True Blood creator and showrunner Alan Ball has revealed that the next season of his show will have a lower episode count than those previous.

The news was revealed in an interview with TV Guide where he also noted that shooting is to begin in January. While the show usually starts in November, they are waiting an additional couple of months to wait for star Anna Paquin to give birth to her child.

Each season of True Blood thus far has had 12 episodes, so fans may notice a somewhat shorter feeling and/or quicker plot line in the upcoming sixth season with 10 episodes. Ball said the decision was made “partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics,” suggesting HBO wanted to cut the show’s budget.

Despite the smaller season order, the show continues to have a huge audience. It averaged 11.3 million viewers this season across all ways of watching.

Ball will not be returning to True Blood for the sixth season and beyond. He decided to step down to move on to other projects. Mark Hudis will replace him as showrunner.

Thanks to TV Guide.

  • Jnthn44

    daaawww i was so hoping True Blood wouldn’t jump on the 10-episode wagon :’(

  • theopaleye

    Fewer not less :( *clings to dying word*

    • Matilda

      Was JUST about to comment on that!

  • Kathryn

    Anna Paquin is not giving birth to a child. She is giving birth to children. She is having twins. More often then not, there are mistakes in Hypable articles that are simply due to lack of research.

  • Jonathan

    Thank god!!!!!

    Stretching a good thing out can kill it beyond repair. Unnecessary storylines for the sake of filler (cough*cough*Terry’s Ifrit smoke monster*cough*cough). Stick to the vampires and warewolves and the occasional shifters but the show was being suffocated under the weight of too much fluff that had no payoff.

    10 episodes is just what the showrunners need created a solid season. Or at the least it’s a good start! haha

    • CliveRogan

      To be honest if they’re cutting things I’d rather them drop the werewolves first. I quite liked the Ifrit storyline, at least until it went nowhere and was suddenly dropped.

  • Bird


  • http://twitter.com/RyanHBP Ryan Floyd

    Thank god. maybe they’ll finally get to the point quicker and forget all of the filler. What was even the point of the smoke monster thing, anyway?

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