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The Newsroom‘s Emily Mortimer (Mackenzie McHale) has given us an exact return date for season 2 filming! Previously we had heard rumours of November filming for the HBO drama, now we know exactly when our favourite news team will be back to work.

In an otherwise fairly bland HBO Connect Q&A discussing The Newsroom, Emily Mortimer has let slip the filming date for season 2. According to Mortimer, “we start shooting on November 12 this year.” If you’re hoping for controversy, don’t forget this start date is “just after the election, so that’s going to make things pretty spicy.”

So what does this mean for us Newsroom fanatics? Aaron Sorkin stated in his own HBO Connect Q&A that “the writing staff and I begin three months before everyone else.” This means, while we have all been dealing with the misery of life post the season 1 finale, Sorkin has sneakily been penning new episodes.

Sorkin has been playing spoilers close to his chest. All we know about season 2 is the return of two guest stars, David Krumholtz and Adam Arkin. Wondering what news stories may turn up in season 2? Check out our Newsroom season 2 predictions for all the American and international headlines we could see next year.

Previously, we weren’t sure if we would see the conclusion to the 2012 American presidential election in season 2. Given the dates now, Sorkin could spend the entirety of season 2 building up to election night. And don’t we all want to see Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) anchoring a News Night election special, showing the fictional coverage Sorkin would have liked to see in November?

According to show-creator Aaron Sorkin, The Newsroom season 2 will air in June 2013.

Are you excited for this start date? Given the show isn’t airing until June, is it sooner than expected?

  • A true blue fan

    June 2013? The only thing that will comfort me while I wait for June is reruns!

  • titty_slapper

    penis vagina

  • Liis

    What the hell, JUNE? I mean I have other shows to watch and I have a job and a life, but 9 months is still such a long time.

  • Pete

    June??? Please give me more now!

  • BabySugarRico

    June … 2013?… summer is beginning. People will be watching less television and those with cable let their cable get turned off in the warmer months. A) it’s to far out. B) The BUZZ will die down. The show is GREAT! THE ONLY SHOW I’LL keep up with as it airs and not wait until Netflix/ DVDs ((BUT)) I’m the only one among My Co-workers and Friends that watch it. Timing is Everything. Someone must know something I don’t.

    • http://www.yeahfilmscompany.com/ Miguel Barbosa

      I’d watch The Newsroom on the day of my own funeral.

      • poodletail


  • bugoff1234

    Since when is 10 episodes a season? You owe me Big Time!

  • doug anderson

    There are times you enter a world of characters you would like to re-enter every night. Such is the case with the Newsroom. Such is the world of Homeland. Were Sorkin able to pen these stories faster, was HBO able to produce the material faster, that would be great. We wait…………….

  • MLW

    JUNE?! You’re killin me!

  • Ana Beatriz

    I’m really happy there is going to be a season two, but June2013?? It’s a fucking great show, it’s brilliant, please try to bring it back sooner!!

  • irene

    Seriously? June? We’re dying here, but if that’s what it takes to make a great show like this one…well…sigh, what more can I say?! at least, I can comfort myself with the newsroom next year while other shows are on their summer vacation. :)

  • SensibleDiscussion

    Short little season. Great show. Slow in deciding to continue. June 2013. Can’t they show while they’re still filming. Film Nov. start the series in Feb. C’mon! Way too long. We’ll al lose interest by then.

  • Tahmina

    offfffff JUNE IS VERY LATE!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait! :(

  • Joyce Aranda

    I can hardly wait. I am watching re runs I love it so much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/debbie.huxstep Debbie Huxstep

    The Newsroom is one of the best drama series I have watched in a long long long time. We in Australia see the final episode in Season 1 on Monday night and I am already feeling withdrawals!!! Can’t wait for Season 2, I hope this series has a very long and successful run

  • Norm Allard

    The best adult telivision ever, bravo

  • Timholyoake

    By far the best entertainment TV that I have seen for 40 years. Season 2 is great news.
    Witty, well written & produced. riveting viewing.

  • maria

    just have watched 10th episode of 1st season. I googled to see when the 2nd season starts…in JUNE??? Nooooooo. Do sth please to watch it earlier..Was the best series I ever watched!

    • Lyss95

      I just finished now! Such a great show and I agree June 2013 is too far away, I want more now!

  • BobbyGoose

    The Newsroom’s Emily Mortimer (Mackenzie McHale) had gives us an exact return date for season 2 filming!”, HAD GIVES US? lol. Do you have an editor?

  • mjm

    Fantastic series, perhaps the best ever, please get back to work and get the word out to pickup traction on-demand, repeats and season 1 DVD on the shelf? June is a long long long long time to wait!

  • haith01

    love it love it…loooovee it! just got done with the last episode. freakn fantastic! but come on!….June! ugh!…at least i have the boss, boardwalk empire, house of lies, the borgia’s, spartacus and game of thrones to hold me over until the show comes back…


    I have been watching the reruns of newsroom and think it is one of the best tv shows i have ever seen. The whole crew are great. Can’t wait for the next season..

  • MBB

    JUNE!!!!!!! PLEASE don’t do that !!!!! LOVE the show can’t wait that long!!!! :(

  • ConcernedMom

    Way tooo long!!! This show is way too good to wait until June 2013!!!!!

  • Newsroomfan

    It’s a Summer show. It premiered last summer and will continue on this summer. It’s not Sorkin’s or the shows fault. It’s HBO. They slotted it for their summer lineup and that’s where it will likely remain. Even though the season will most likely be completely done/ready to air by March. It’s all about fitting it into their schedule. But the good news is their wont be any breaks in between episodes. So we won’t have to get all into it and then have to wait two or three weeks or sometimes longer. Prime example, the last How I met your Mother aired on December 10th and the newest episode is airing today, January 14th, over a MONTH later.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phoenix.nimitz Phoenix Nimitz

    June 2013??? That’s too far out! If they start flliming in November, they should be able to debut in Feburary or March!! And I hope it’s more than 10 episodes!

  • Registered_Republican

    I am a Registered Republican, but always loved the work of Mr. Sorkin (no matter how misguided his political views might be).

  • http://hammernews.com/ hammermann

    Yeah, if you create addicts, you must feed them. Cause I saw it late, saw it all off dwnld, in 2-3 weeks… then went looking for season 2. Nooooooooooooo. The smartest show on TV (w Colbert Report), with 4 times the dialog of a normal show. Sorkin gets the central problem of American life, that Republicans are now… evil, and the media doesn’t expose them; in fact their massive media machine constantly demonizes the Dems with 90% lies and there is no pushback. We have fallen from leadership of the world because of it- we used to clearly identify problems and fix them, whatever it took. Now Repubs ridicule crises that will kill billions, living in a bubble of their own delusions.

  • KellyO

    I love this show – smart writing, smart acting, smart direction – everything is spot on! As a summer show, I wish HBO could take a page from TNT and others’ books – have the “main” part of the season in the summer as planned, but add a handful of episodes in the winter months when things are usually reruns for the holiday season. It really helps the fans stay tuned in to the show and keep up with the story line (not to mention we don’t go through withdrawal so badly). Doesn’t hurt the winter ratings, either. Just a thought!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lynne.presley.5 Lynne Presley

    I love this show-I have been looking for it all year and now I have to wait until June 2013?

  • Mia

    So happy to hear the best adult series is slated for a second season. For those of us who enjoy intelligent television this has been a godsend. Thank you, HBO, for making the right call!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.willett.180 Brian Willett

    Not until June? way too long to wait. Love this show best on TV.

  • saNDRA

    With it starting in June it will run just after True Blood….Not bad

  • CherBear

    Great Show – Great Characters – Great Truths – the way we wish it really was.
    much like that first season of The West Wing.

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