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One of the most anticipated shows of the upcoming fall television season is The New Normal. The show was conceived by Ryan Murphy and premieres on NBC Tuesday, September 11.

Can’t wait? Watch now!

The show follows gay couple Bryan (Andrew Rannells) and David (Justin Bartha) as they hope to raise a baby. Things weren’t going well for the couple until they met Goldie (Georgia King), who’s willing to to be the surrogate.

The New Normal also stars Ellen Barkin as Jane, NeNe Leakes as Rocky, and Bebe Wood as Shania.

Check out the half-hour pilot and let us know your thoughts – is it a show you’ll stick with this season?

  • devumba

    just watched it. such a great show! hilarious, but also extremely touching. a real show to “warm the heart”!

  • http://www.eigakanthemovietheater.blogspot.com Jenny Leigh

    I’m interested in watching this show! Odd that they put it online early, though.

    • Jonathan

      Most networks are doing this. Putting them online and On Demand early allows critics to post reviews in advance as well as allowing buzz to begin via word of mouth.

      • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

        And word of podcasts.

  • Mitchel Clow

    Hm. Definitely has the Ryan Murphy flair that we’ve all come to know and love/hate.
    I’d like to see Andrew Rannells get away from some of his stage acting techniques.
    I feel like Rannells might have been cast simply because of his iconic looks and recent publicity surrounding him on Book of Mormon.
    Still, overall an interesting show that I’ll have to check out more of.

  • http://twitter.com/MaireadNguyen Mairead Nguyen

    to the Glee fans watching: KLAINE

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher


  • http://twitter.com/MelodyMcM Melody McM

    Is there a version around the can be watched from non-usa?

  • http://forgiveyourmind.tumblr.com/ Tariq

    I’m not overly impressed, but I’ll watch the first few episodes to see where it goes.

  • Rumbleroar Luna

    It is like Klaine, but it’s also not. I think Kurt isn’t quite as shallow or superficial as Bryan (I mean, he probably isn’t as much as he seemed in the pilot). But they’re definitely like Klaine.
    And I sort of just realized that Goldie is sort of like Quinn, ish… not exactly, though, but I think Quinn would probably do something like that for Kurt and Blaine, maybe.
    I liked it though. IDK if I’ll be able to watch it regularly, but I definitely want to.

  • http://twitter.com/emilyecstasyTM Emily Bryan

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is! I really like this! :]

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