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The fifth season of True Blood just wrapped on HBO. Now it’s time to discuss with fellow fans!

Sookie looked into her faerie secret by meeting the faerie elder. Jessica resisted Bill’s new religious involvement. The Authority faced a setback when the United States government used a video of Russell and Steve against them. Tara and Pam saw sparks fly. What moments personally stood out for you?

Who or what do you hope to see more or less of in season 6 which is likely to debut the summer of 2013? The biggest change in season 6 will be one behind the scenes: Creator Alan Ball’s final episode as executive producer was tonight’s. Mark Hudis will take over as showrunner. He has been co-executive producer for the past two seasons.

  • http://wizforum.proboards.com/ Melissa West

    So what on earth has Bill become?  I actually liked most of this episode compared to some of the past ones…but that final scene just threw me for a loop!

  • Alexis

    Ahh craziness! Bill is now officially Billith. Can’t wait to see him as the villain next season!

  • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

    Awesome episode, i think it was the best one of the season in terms of both emotion and action. However as much as i liked Bill in the past, i was hoping he would stay dead. Now i am a bit confused but i think that he is the new “Lilith.” He is probably a supervampire or something. I also wish they did not kill Russel, although it was due, being 3000 years old is pretty cool and it would have been nice to go back into his past. But all in all it was an amazing episode and a great finale. It sucks we have to wait till 2013 for the new season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peggy.ruiz1 Peggy Ruiz

    Great episode, except Billith.

  • Bililith

    Anybody see the sneak preview of season 6 on  HBOGo. What was in the sneak peek for season 6? My cable company isn’t on the list.

    • Jsanch2

      basically they cut to the elevator leaving the authority with Jason, Jess, Pam, Tara, and Nora. Tara tells Pam she can’t die because they are going on a date after this is over. Jason is still acting weird after his fairy blast. They emerge from the elevator, Jason blasts an authority guard and they big to climb some stairs when Jason says under his breath “Warlo I’m coming after you”. Nora replies “What do you know about Warlo” Cut scene Ture Blood Season 6. 2013.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Walsh/100000260589961 Gavin Walsh

        thank you

  • http://twitter.com/TokoMasho Matthew Potter

    Damn Bill, you scary!
    I enjoyed the episode, but the end was definitely a bit unexpected.

  • Brittany Holiway

    i got my wish that bill would die and then they brought him back. that just pissed me off

  • Kay

    Billith, haha… I really enjoyed the episode thoough, some quality “True Blood moments” that only this show can pull off.

  • Jnthn44

    holy cliffhanger

  • zzzzgh

    What?! What?! What?! 

  • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay

    it was pretty decent it had a little bit of everything though im not likng jason story much i feel like its the same when he joined the fellowship of the sun

  • Kate

    lol What did I just watch? I actually enjoyed it, after a full season of just droning along. I got my wish that Bill would die..but then he came back. Damn. I don’t want to deal with Billith. I don’t like where Jason’s story is going either…

    But there were some quality moments in this episode. Lots of vampire explosions, Sam bursting whats-her-name from the inside.

  • Jkredwine

    I didn’t see hardly any of it coming, which is why Alan Ball is so fantastic. 

    Russel being killed in the cold open? Shocked. Jason hallucinating himself into a badass vampire hunter? Kinda dumb, but it served it’s purpose. Litter of orgasm-inducing light babies for Andy? Hilarious. AND BILLITH!?!? definitely thought they would cut before he drank the blood, or after Sookie stopped him with her life in his hands.It was one of the most emotionally exhausting hours of tv i have ever experienced.

  • Julie

    I was completely distracted by Alcide’s Dad having different colored eyes. Has there ever been an explanation from HBO about why they did that?

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