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Well, here it is Doctor Who fans! Following yesterday’s part 1 of our readers’ 50 favorite episodes so far, we proudly present you with your Top 25! Where will your favorite rank?

So, there were some surprises in yesterday’s list, as adventures like “The Waters of Mars,” “Dalek” and “The Unicorn and the Wasp” ranked in disappointing places – failing even to break the Top 40. Trust us, there are plenty more surprises to come as we count down from 25 in order to crown our readers’ favourite Doctor Who episode so far.

Onwards and upwards. GERONIMO!


Doctor Who “This is the story of how I died,” announces Rose in the prologue of “Army of Ghosts.” While her death is more metaphorical than initially made out, this episode begins the most heart-wrenching departure we’ve seen on Doctor Who. It’s not long before The Doctor, Rose and Jackie Tyler find themselves in Torchwood HQ (the irresponsible London division, not the cheeky Welsh team who fight car-driving blowfish and sleep with each other). As four Daleks prepare for war with the Cybermen and all of human kind, we were glued to our chairs waiting for the second part.



The beginning of the end for The Tenth Doctor, “The End of Time, Part 1″ has plenty of set pieces and epic moments. Everything from an unstable Master turning all of humanity into a projection of himself to the sinister return of the Time Lords cranks up the Richter scale to stratospheric heights. But despite all the grandiose, returning character Wilfred Mott keeps The Doctor grounded and pulls on our heart strings – creating the perfect mixture of action and drama. Doctor Who



Doctor Who Oh, the feels. With part 1 narrowly missing out on a place in the top 25, “The Family of Blood” takes everything up a notch. From the action and suspense of the scarecrow attack on the school, to John Smith’s tearful farewell (there’s a good reason David Tennant won awards for his performance in this episode), our hearts are working overtime until they’re left broken by the ending. The conclusion to one of the most unique stories we’ve even seen on Doctor Who has everything an episode needs and then some.



In the opening minutes of “Day of the Moon,” Rory, Amy and River are apparently killed by Canton Delaware. But of course, this episode is full of twists, turns, surprises and general deceptiveness. Its genre bending narrative veers from sci-fi to horror to conspiracy so suddenly and so confidently that by the end we feel like we’ve watched a feature length movie. And of course, there’s the mysterious regeneration at the end of the episode – planting the seeds that are continuously sown throughout the series. Doctor Who



Doctor Who Steven Moffat’s Weeping Angels always make for a terrifying adventure, and “Flesh and Stone” keeps us on edge throughout. Continuing from “The Time of Angels,” the adventure rattles on at breakneck pace (and plenty of soldiers get their necks broken as well). The sense of humour remains present – specifically with The Doctor’s conversations with Angel Bob – but it takes a backseat as Amy’s time begins to run out. If you maintain that you weren’t hiding behind the sofa watching this one, you’re lying.



A unique, high concept sci-fi story that manages to keep the drama present and the emotion touching is always a compelling adventure, and “The Girl Who Waited” is as good a science fiction tale as you will ever see at the movie theater. With Amy stuck in a separate time-stream on an alien planet, some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff leaves her trapped for 36 years. Rory breaks into the quarantine facility and tries to free her, but finds himself with both an older and present day Amy. As the rules of fixed points and paradoxes come in to play, the three must battle robots and Rory is forced to make a heart-breaking decision. Doctor Who



Doctor Who Ranking a little higher than its concluding part, “The Time of Angels” brings the spectacular return of River Song and a tribe of Weeping Angels that are more powerful than we had ever seen before. There’s a surprising amount of comedy for such a dark adventure, with the chemistry (and plenty of flirting) between Matt Smith and Alex Kingston bringing welcome relief from the murder, suspicion and body-horror. “The Time of Angels” is all the more impressive when you remember that this was Smith and Gillan’s first shoot – you can’t tell, as they give confident and assured performances throughout.



“A Good Man Goes To War” was Doctor Who‘s first mid-series finale, and it justified the format with all the action, twists and effects we’ve come to expect from a series climax. “This is the day The Doctor finds out who I am,” warns River early on. The eventual revelation left fans with their jaws on the floor, but not before our hearts and nails had received a beating from the Star Wars like battles and tragic loss of young Melody Pond. When The Doctor is shown the consequences (both moral and mortal) of his knee-jerk reactions, we can see that he’s a changed man. A wonderful array of supporting characters and quotability galore ensure this episode will be remembered for a long time to come. Doctor Who



Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor’s swansong has all of the action and apocalyptic stakes you’d expect after Part 1′s cliffhanger, but that’s not what we love it for. It’s the last fifteen minutes that mark Part 2 as something special, with David Tennant’s Doctor given an unprecedented chance to bid farewell to all of his companions. These short moments are poignant and touching, wrapping up not just Ten’s arc but also many of his companions. As he saves their lives, finds them partners, looks on from the distance, and (in the case of Rose) says hello, he grows weaker. “I don’t wanna go,” he says before regenerating. We didn’t want you to either, David.



“The Impossible Astronaut” marks the first time Doctor Who had filmed in America, and the gorgeous Utah surroundings lend scope and beauty to a mind-boggling series opener. Minutes into the episode, The Doctor is struck down dead and laid to rest. Later, an earlier version of himself swaggers into a diner and whisks his companions away to the 1960s. With President Nixon, the mysterious Silence, and a distress call from a trapped girl, we crash into an adventure of twists and turns aplenty. As the groundwork is lain for a puzzling series arc, we’re left scratching our heads and picking up our jaws from THAT cliffhanger. Doctor Who



Doctor Who When the role call of Doctor Who stars’ names whiz across the screen at a frantic pace in the opening credits, we know we’re on for the reunion ensemble piece of the decade. And as the Daleks relocate Planet Earth and begin to invade, companions past and present assemble to protect the earth. But with his “children” fighting for their lives, The Doctor and Donna are left out of the loop in a desperate search. After an ecstatic reunion with Rose leads to tragedy, the turbulent events and adrenalin injected action comes to a crashing close – ready for the return of The Doctor’s most frightening adversary.



“Midnight” is a clean break from many of the sci-fi conventions we’ve become accustomed to. No CGI alien, no chase, no clever reveal. Just people in a room, talking. Oh, and slow-burning, agonizing tension that builds to a downbeat climax. As one of a shuttle’s passengers is possessed by an unidentified monster, the assorted tourists find themselves turning against eachother out of fear. Using words as weapons, panic and suspense mount and not everyone gets out alive. This adventure was a big risk for Doctor Who, but it all paid off and great directing, writing and acting gave us one of the most terrifying things in television history. Doctor Who



Doctor Who A lengthy pre-credits sequence follows a message from the delirious Vincent Van Gough through time and space, eventually leading The Doctor, Amy and River to Stonehenge in search of the ominous Pandorica. Various aliens, monsters and villains gather as the box begins to open – and it’s revealed to be a prison for The Doctor. When a revived Rory turns out to be an Auton, things get worse. With The Doctor imprisoned, Amy murdered, River and the TARDIS caught in a looping explosion and the whole Universe coming to an end, it looked like the game really was up. Breathtaking scope and a range of clever concepts cement “The Eleventh hour” in our collective psyche.



New Doctor, new companion, new rules. After the spectacle of “The End of Time,” Steven Moffat grounded things back on Earth to introduce the wacky Eleventh Doctor. As the newly regenerated alien waltzes in and out of Amelia Pond’s life, he finds himself having affected a whole childhood just by being “five minutes” late. When he returns, the feisty Amy is all grown-up and in danger as her home plays safehouse to the escaped Prisoner Zero. Confident performances and masterclass writing guides us towards a thrilling climax. And as Matt Smith steps out of the (literal) shadows of previous incarnations and declares “I am The Doctor,” we find ourselves asking “David Who?” Doctor Who



Doctor Who Davros is back, and has The Doctor right where he wants him. The assembled companions of the past fight the Dalek empire and save the earth (and indeed the Universe) from certain extermination. The mindblowing climax doesn’t pass without its casualties, and Donna is forced to forget her adventures and just how remarkable of a person she really is. This heartbreak is balanced by Rose finally getting her happy ending. “Journey’s End” is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, veering from action set pieces to tender tearjerkers in the blink of an eye.

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  • Aquilla

    Great list, guys! Brought back a lot of memories and reminded me of some gems I haven’t rewatched in quite a while. Always nice to know my favorites are appreciated across the fandom. 
    Really surprised to see “The Doctor’s Wife” in the top ten. I wouldn’t have put it anywhere near the top 25, even. And that would be gracious of me. Was I the only one who wasn’t terribly moved by that episode? I loved the concept, but found the end result to be nothing spectacular. It wasn’t a bad episode necessarily but nothing in it really left an emotional impression with me afterwards, like episodes such as “Vincent and the Doctor” did. Heck, I don’t think I’ve watched it more than once! I haven’t put much thought into what exactly bothers me, but I suppose there was a certain strangeness and unfamiliarity about the TARDIS’ supposed personality which didn’t match with my previous interpretations. I don’t know, maybe I’ll give it another go sometime!

    • Chicken

      I also didn’t like “The Doctor’s Wife” that much. I watched it twice trying to figure out what the big deal was.

    • Harry Potter

      It was the one true love story of the Doctor and his box that showed the TARDIS’s constant living and that she is not just a tool of the Doctor’s. It also doesn’t hurt that Neil Gaiman wrote it. 

    • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

      The Doctor’s Wife is going to be (if it’s not already considered to be) one of the most important Doctor Who stories in Doctor Who’s history. It’s the episode where the Doctor finally gets to “meet his Tardis”. It was beautifully done, imho.

      In contrast, Vincent and the Doctor didn’t do much of anything for me. I understand why people connect with it, but – personally, I wouldn’t put Vincent in the Top 10, let alone runner up. The Doctor felt a little out-of-character and it was just a bit too… heavy handed. To me. Imho.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rachel-Whelen/514317641 Rachel Whelen

    Pretty solid top twenty. I agree with most, except Good Man Goes to War and the more recent Angel episodes. Also I’d probably bump The Doctors wife up to second or third.

  • tG

    the girl who waited is overrated, and all of the episodes with river are an acquired taste. She comes close to ruining almost episode she is. Also, the newer weeping angle episodes were just a colossal failure.

    • DoctorWhooves2121

      I agree with the weeping angel statement, and I have never liked River much either. Partly because I lost a bet with a friend about her and the Doctor being an Item.

      • Dead Heat Travers

        Don’t mean to be rude but what was the bet?

    • Rosie

      I generally think the weeping angels are very overrated, and I think they’ve been pushed too far now. Can we give them and the Daleks a break for a bit, please? And don’t bring them back, at least for a while. Make their last episodes the ones they’re in this series and bring them back when the last episode(s) they were in aren’t so fresh in our heads.

      • tG

         well, they’re a really good idea, not overrated one bit, just they’re really overused, like the silents that showed up in pretty much every episode of series six. Daleks, though, I find are too classic not to be used each season. They always make the daleks fun. The angels and silents, however, got old fast. Those should have been a one-episode thing.

        • belac889

          the silence appered in 3 episodes with a cameo in closing time

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        I would say the Daleks have definitely been overused (but since seasons 5-6 were Dalek lite I have no problem with them being back in asylum of the Daleks). I have to disagree with The Weeping Angels being overused though, they’ve had two reappearances and one cameo – could be worse. 

    • Shelby Walker

      I wouldn’t agree with the Weeping Angel part, but I do have major problems with River. I find her annoying, and while her character is pretty awesome, her attitude ruins some of the best moments in the show. And, well, I’d prefer the Doctor to not have a romantic partner….

    • I <3 Doctor Who

      TO tG
      First of all your spelling and grammar is a ” colossal failure ” and second of all if your making comments like THAT you obviously dont know much about doctor who and dont like it very much , so why dont you just crawl back into you hole and fuck your dog …….yours sincerley Laura <3

  • American Moth

    The entire time I was reading this list, i was thinking, “I’ve gotta go re-watch that one…and that one..and that one.”

    • Dlmarvin05

      OMG ME TOO lol I was like I hope I’m not the only one…thank you :)

  • Gary65

    ……………Journey’s End……………..not in………….Top 10…………………….YOU DIE NOW!!!!!!!!!! >:c(

    • rdh014

      It was user-voted.

      • Gary65

        I am aware of that. YOU ALL DIE NOW!!!!!

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    Personally, I’d bump up The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances and Midnight. Other than that, I pretty much agree with this list! I need to go back and rewatch some David Tennant episodes right now. I’m happy to see so many of the RTD era episodes high on the list.

  • Gary65

    Ugh. Only 2 Donna eps in the Top 10 and both of them are there more for River’s simultaneous debut/finale than they are for anything to do with Donna. What is wrong with you people? Donna was AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • DoctorWhooves2121

    Blink is my favourite, but I also love Christmas Invasion, and the 3-parter featuring The Master. The 2-parter with the Vashta Narada and The Doctor’s wife are my next favourites.

  • Rosie

    Am I the only person that really, REALLY doesn’t find Blink terrifying? It was shocking at moments, yes, when you jumped, but as far as an actual genuine fear goes, Midnight far beats Blink for me. There are far better Moffat episodes (the ones he wrote during series 1 and 4 come to mind particularly) and better episodes in general. I just don’t get the hype around it.

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      I love Blink for the story and the psychological aspects rather than for the fear factor. I don’t think it’s at number 1 because it’s scary.

      • Rosie

        Very true, though that’s the praise most people I’ve heard heap on it! Which is just how I would describe Midnight myself, but each to their own. It’s still a good episode.

    • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

      Didn’t scare me nearly as much as I thought it would with all the hype

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Stuart/100001006449261 Daniel Stuart

    Great list although it could have used more Donna episodes at the top in my opinion. And if the comments prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt it is that there are two kinds of people in the world, true Whovians with intelligence and good taste and river song haters/Moffat haters/The Doctors’ wife haters who suffer from chronic butthurt. 

  • electric bloom

    Sleep well! Hahaha.

  • http://twitter.com/walshcaitlin Caitlin Walsh

    I love how Blink is consistently rated as the Best Doctor Who episode ever! and it is perhaps the most atypical of them all. At least the other Doctor Lite episodes (Love and Monsters and Turn Left) were /about/ the Doctor or his impact. 

  • Hmm :/

    Honestly, I’d put Doomsday at number 1 because it was the most anticipated episode in the new series’ history and it had an impact on pop culture – everyone, even people who hadn’t watched, knew what had happened in it. Likewise, Parting of the Ways and Journey’s End should be nearer the top for this reason. I think the list is bias on behalf of 11 – why are there so few 9 stories in the top 25?! Also, just an opinion – I think there’s too much River in the top choices. 

  • grapes9h5

    Im down with this top 10 mostly.

  • A fan.

    Moffat’s good, I’ll give him that, but any poll that fails to include City of Death or Inferno in the top ten is missing the point of Doctor Who.

  • WillowBlood

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see the romance between Ten and Rose? 

    • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

      My ‘theory’ behind the Doctor and Rose goes back to the episode ‘Dalek’, when Rose stops the Doctor from killing said Dalek. In that moment the Doctor realizes she’s saved him from himself, something no one’s really done before. And that makes her special.

      Moving forward, that new-found special attachment to Rose slowly turns into love. You could also point to her being the first person post-time-war he’s traveled with, so maybe he latches onto her in a way that he hasn’t with past companions.

      That’s how I justify it, anyway.

      … I don’t know if I see the point of ranking 50 episodes of NuWho when that’s literally like, half the run. I’d be interested in a panel of older fans and younger fans debate a Top 10 All Time Doctor Who episodes (classic era included), though.

      • WillowBlood

        I can see the logic, I just… I don’t know. I didn’t really like Rose, and I felt like while the Doctor and Rose loved each other it wasn’t romantic. Like I said, I don’t really know why but I just can’t see it.

        • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

          The romantic angle was a bit forced in the end, I agree, but I personally dig it anyway because I like Rose. Or I like Billie Piper. One of those.

          I hate how they followed up with it, though. Martha was totally ruined as a companion because of Post-Rose Doctor and the awful unrequited love subplot. Moving forward it’s going to be hard for the show-runners to put the Doctor in a romantic relationship without the Rose-Legion screaming NO at them.

      • lemonlime

        Actually, the poll did include classic series episodes. It’s just that none made it on.

    • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam


  • http://harrymyland.com/ Harry Myland

    I don’t like how they split up two-parter episodes. I get that they’re technically individual, but they’re two parts to one tale. Four of the Top 10 spots go to two stories. Seems a bit counter productive, is all.

    I disagree with much of this list, but perhaps that’s the point? Heh.

    • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

      I think multiple part episodes should have counted as one.

  • http://twitter.com/CuriousCarson Carson

    I feel like the episodes that were the most movie like did better. Reread the descriptions and think about how many times they say “movie scale” or “would make a good full length movie” I find it interesting that we like this…

    • Luna

      You know, I’m going to have to disagree there simply because while films are great on their own merits, as are TV shows, they’re different things. The really epic episodes of Doctor Who are great, but there’s a reason that they appear once or twice a season. If an idea is well-developed enough to make an interesting movie, then great. But I don’t see large, sweeping episodes of Doctor Who every week making a very good TV show.

  • Delena

    SO GLAD THAT VINCENT GOT PUT SO HIGH <3 ugh. I get tears just thinking about it. Blink definitely deserves the top spot. I dunno if Big Bang should be so high… I want more with 9 higher up too! I think the only episodes with River that deserve to be high up are Silence in the Library and Forrest of the Dead, which they are, but besides that….River's a bit overrated.

    • alexis_2012

      The Big Bang has the fez, ’nuff said!

  • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

    TOTALLY love top five. I think Doomsday should’ve been a bit higher though!

  • Alyssa

    I’m surprised that Doomsday wasn’t higher in the list purely because of those last 5 minutes. I’m also shocked about Journey’s End and End of Time Pt. 2 not making the Top 10. But most of all, I would have put Turn Left much, MUCH higher on the list. It was a perfect way to lead into the Series 4 finale, especially after Midnight. There was so much room for it to be a letdown, but it was one of my favorite episodes.

  • Glaciusx

    Blink is number one….no surprise there!

  • Lexi

    Where is Martha Jones? :(

  • Dementors_Kiss

    I think there is too much Eleven here and not enough Nine. There should really be a couple more Donna episodes too

  • Marie

    It’s sad to see that The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit weren’t included at all. Those are definitely in my top favorites.

  • stevedudes

    Matt smith is the best doctor ever and is 10 times better than any other! So is Moffat vs. RTD.

  • lemonlime

    Not even a single classic series episode on the list? I would have expected at least the Caves of Androzani or Genesis of the Daleks to make it somewhere.

  • Demosthenes

    Why are the Caves of Androzani and Genesis of the Daleks not in the top ten….?

  • PhoenixGryffin

    Kinda upset that Midnight isn’t higher. I loved Midnight. And Blink is good, but just a bit overrated, IMO.

  • Charlie

    Really? The 50 best episodes of Doctor Who are all from the New Series? *sighs* Sure. Whatever, Nuvians.

  • Joe Simons

    Ever heard of the Classic Series? That’s pretty good, y’know…

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