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Rick Riordan is the master of mythology. He’s written about the Greeks, the Romans, and the Egyptians. He has a way of seamlessly weaving humor, modern settings, and ancient culture all into the same story. And he’s about to do it again with a new series he has in the works that will explore Norse mythology.

Riordan’s been writing two series simultaneously for a couple years now. With Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles off his plate, he’ll be able to focus on Heroes of Olympus – and this new project. It might not be due out until 2015, but we’re sure he’ll begin plotting and outlining his stories soon.

Besides, between watching Thor and The Avengers, not to mention time spent waiting for the upcoming release of Mark of Athena, we’ve got some time to kill. He’ll have had plenty of notice to see our article and take our advice.

And, frankly, we’re bored.


How cool would it be if the characters were just a tad older this time around? We’ve seen Percy grow up throughout the Olympians series. Now, in Heroes of Olympus, he’s about 16 years old. If the characters in the Norse books were around 18 or so, they’ll appeal to a slightly older audience (including those who have grown up with Percy). It’d be a nice change from his previous, more middle-grade books.


One of our favorite parts in the Kane Chronicles was when Riordan gave a quick nod to his previous Percy Jackson series. In The Red Pyramid (on page 58), Uncle Amos tells us that, “Manhattan has other problems. Other gods. It’s best we stay separate.” We’d like to see some commentary from new characters about the crazy demigods that keep making a mess of things in New York and California.


And if we get that last one, can we have some crossover characters too? What if Percy showed up at the end of the first book, begging the new main character to help him and the other demigods? It’d make for an interesting cliff-hanger! We know they’re all supposed to stay separate, but perhaps this series will introduce the worst bad guy we’ve met yet, one who will eventually force all of our heroes to fight together. (Like the Avengers for the mythological world!)


Speaking of the Avengers, Riordan can’t write this series without making at least one reference to the Marvel comic books featuring the god of thunder. Here’s what we’re thinking: the real Thor is a bit self-conscious. They didn’t get his characterization right and he’s not at all happy with the likes of Chris Hemsworth portraying him on the silver screen. Loki chimes in with his own comments about Tom Hiddleston’s dashing good looks, just to get on Thor’s nerves.


We’d also like to see more world travel in this one. In Mark of the Athena, the characters are going to make a trip to Rome. In the Kane Chronicles, we saw the protagonists making a few trips around the world. But wouldn’t it be cool if our Norse heroes were stationed in another country? (We’d even settle for Canada at this point.)


You want to know something we wouldn’t change? The humor. Riordan’s often silly, but always amusing, sense of humor is one of the best things about these novels. He’s got a knack for making us LOL, and we wouldn’t trade that for the world. Hey, don’t fix it if it ain’t broken.


What else could we possibly want from this series? That’s easy. More mythology. Norse mythology is not as well known. That makes the stories a little less predictable and a lot more exciting. We think Riordan should just keep doing what he does best, and that’s turning mythology into something that anyone can enjoy.

Do you think Riordan is going to start plotting out his next project soon or do you think he’ll wait until Heroes of Olympus is complete? What sort of things are you looking forward to in a book centered around Norse mythology?

  • GinnyWeasley002


  • https://twitter.com/#!/HP4eva121995 Ally

    An Avengers reference and a crossover between characters of his books sounds like something from a fanfic but if RR writes it I’m totally for it! I’ll read anything Rick Riordan writes, especially mythology related. He does an amazing job of combining the modern world with ancient myths. Even the Kane Chronicles, which isn’t as good as PJO and HoO is still a fun read. I’m really excited to see what how he’ll integrate Norse Mythology into his books without making it seem repetitive.

    • Karen Rought

      I agree with this comment 110%.

  • Esmeblabbed


  • Eddardpotter

    Hey! I’m a Canadian!

    • Karen Rought

      I LOVE Canadians!!

  • http://twitter.com/writingfreak88 Christine Rogers

    I thought the Laistragonian’s were in Canada?

    And there are character crossovers between the series! Lacy appears in The Lost Hero and The Serpent’s Shadow.

  • jon

    The Avengers of the Mythical World! LOVE IT

  • Elizabeth

    A Canadian setting would be awesome! It would provide the perfect backdrop for epic battles. 

  • piratepottergirl

    This is awesome! I think it would be hilarious if he threw in a Marvel reference of Thor and Loki! I actually follow Rick Riordan on twitter and he sort of had a twitter Q & A thing a few weeks ago, he did mention he is in the planning process for the Norse Mythology series… and he also said that if he has all the series’ come together it will be a long way off but it has crossed his mind!

    • Karen Rought

      I knew he was doing research, but I wasn’t sure if he had gotten to the point of thinking about plot details for the books yet. I follow him on twitter too, but I missed that. :-/ I’ll have to add him to one of my lists!

  • http://twitter.com/odameidel Oda

    Norse mythology is scandinavian, why move it to Canada? 

    • A.P.W.B.Dumbledore

      ya but dont forget these gods move wherever the financial, innovative and cultural center of the world which for many including Rick is America specifically New England. So it would make sense for them to move to the Americas where there are more people and probably a good amount of scandinavian people too. He is prob just doing the same thing he did with the Percy Jackson/ Olympian series… he didnt have to do that with Egypt because the still have a strong culture and do have a lot of economic control… but they still spread over to America. Just sayin

      • http://twitter.com/odameidel Oda

        Yeah, I know. I only hope he will do the same amazing research with the Norse mythology as with the Greek. The Marvel comics isn’t very concrete, and have left out most of the gods and important characters. 

      • Gitch28

        Sweden is the innovative centre of the world, London is the financial centre of the world and by 2015 China will be worldwide if you are one of the few that does not consider them the no.1 now given they do not owe 000,000,000,000,000 in debt and the cultural capital that is certainly debatable.

  • guest

    how about the setting of Australia!

    • Friendly

      good on ya! represent!

  • http://twitter.com/LaCoraDora Cora Dora

    I’m actually finishing up Son of Neptune and dying for Mark of Athena right now! So perfect timing.

    Definitely some good points. I would love a definite setting and maybe some crossover. And the idea of a slightly older group of demigods is cool too. 

  • http://profiles.google.com/gfludal gfludal

    Considering Minnesota is the state with the most Americans of Scandinavian decent (one third), that would be the most fitting

  • Gig

    The most likely parent in the Norse series would be Thor I expect but I would prefer Baldur or Hiemdall. Sif and Freya are great characters. And the Dark elfs the Joten frost giants make great villians. The great tree that connects the nine realms allows for a hero that doesn’t need to be born on earth and for a more fantastic geographical backdrop to the series. Loki scheming throughout the books adds a sinister element as well. And the majority of Gods in Norse mythology are not well known all of which could make this series the best yet and very diverse from the other three that RR has done. Was hoping for a Norse story line.
    Magical weapons for everyone

    • http://www.facebook.com/terrance.lee.18 Terrance Lee

      Precisely since there’re nine realms the main characters could be part god(Aesir or Vanir) part elf,dwarf,troll or joten. That is if RR will go for a demigod approach the possibilities would be much more diverse.

    • Bob the Third

      Hey, the magical weapons are a thought! Norse mythology includes actual magic and not just the “powers” that Greek, Roman, and Egyptian deities exhibit. It’s pretty exciting to think about demigods who cast spells (of sorts) and whatnot.

  • Teranel

    On a completely random note, the next series he writes (after the Norse one) should be Celtic mythology.

  • Alexanderthegreat

    TBF canada has a climate very much like scandinavia, (the cold pine forests) so it would make sense for the norse gods to like it there, also it is outside of the influence of the greeks..maybe because the norse occupy it? Either way Rick made an awesome story out of a very complicated egyptian mythology..so he’ll make something better than anything we can think of..Due to the violent nature of norse mythology i believe that making the characters 16-18 a wise idea xD

  • Eddardpotter

    It’d be fantastic if Asgard was over Vancouver, because I loved Boreas in Quebec in The Lost Hero :D

  • hi

    but what about the mean character or characters he’s done demigods and people who host gods how will they tie into the Norse gods and how will they get there powers? but the idea of a reference to the avengers sounds great

  • T.R. Wexler

    I know whos going to be villain. Its obvious. They’re gonna think for like 90% of the book that its loki and then its gonna be frost giant king. Its Hades then Kronos. Set than apophis. Duh!

    • Krista

      you never know.

    • Bob the Third

      And then they’ll figure out that it actually IS Loki, because he likes screwing with people. Plus, Loki is the one who brings about Ragnorok in the myths.

    • A person

      I think that the main antagonist will be either The Midgard Serpent (Joramungdr) or Fenrir, both children of Loki. Obviously, they will be preventing Ragnarok.

  • BLah123

    youre right

  • Koray

    How to link the gods with the kids? Easy, they find a personal item of loki, who think they stole it and in his anger kid apps one and the other tries to save him/her with the help of Thor,

  • Keagan

    People seem to miss the fact that the first people to settle the Americas were the Vikings, who established a colony in Newfoundland, which they named Vinland. Just Saying if you really want to tie Canada and Norse mythology together here is a perfect way to do that.

    • Gitch28

      No-one misses that. It was a minor settlement and nothing compared to later settlers.
      Everyone was aware.

  • Kria

    Rick Riordan, if you read this, here it is:
    Write the norse god books before someone else does, because they will only be good if you write them. (no offense to other authors)

  • McLarenGuy

    Perhaps Fenrir could be in it…

  • Disqustink

    Some of these, numbers one through three specifically, are pretty fanfiction-tier. It always rubs me the wrong way when people want the characters to be aged up. Yeah, RR has older fans, but if Percy had been 18 with 18-year-old problems instead of 12 with 12-year-old problems, then all of us would never have been interested back when we were 12. RR already has us. I know I’ll buy it regardless. Let the new Norse protagonist be 12, give the younger kids a chance to connect.

  • Rex

    I want Rick to leave Percy 16 and keep him and all the other charecters from his other books and tie them all together like the others and then they will be the greatest books ever even with out leaving percy 16 it would still be great im 13 and like him like that cause he can relate more to me and makes the book more enjoyable

  • Rex

    I think Rick should leave percy 16 cause then it leaves room for more books and since these are the greatest books ever i want them to keep going

  • John Carter Bruce

    Why not have Norse Champions. Mortals chosen by the gods to fight on their behalf and to protect the world :D

  • Emilie Hovden

    no please, let the norse stay in scandinavia! Norway and Sweden for the most.

    • Emilie Hovden

      And I really hope he is going to write Loke, not Loki..

  • Swedish mythology freak

    Well I live in from Sweden so I would love to see the story take place there!!!!

  • whocares21

    there is one thought i have had about the location of the camp or whatever it is gonna be that i have not seen anyone else mention. i’ve seen scandinavia or the continent of america but generally they presumed the “camp” is on the earth, but norse mythology has much about the differents worlds and world three connecting them so it is a possibility that the “camp” is in one of the other realms

  • katalosersa

    ahgafgjesyuagef if this or at least some of these might be in the book, then i would do anything to read it!, i havent missed one of riordan’s books

  • Dude

    i think it would be awesome if the the main protagonist is loki’s son and his father(loki) sends asks him to clear his name and prove he is one of the good guys :D

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