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After the critical disaster that was The Last Airbender live-action movie in 2010, Avatar fans are anxious about the idea of Korra hitting the big screen. However, thanks to Paramount Animation, a feature-length Korra film may be a very real possibility.

According to IGN, Paramount’s relatively new animation division has recently hired seven writers to take on new projects, some of which are to be shepherded by Mary Parent and J.J. Abrams. Brad Grey, the Paramount chief, is also reportedly in talks with Nickelodeon for the properties of animated shows and games, including The Legend of Korra!

Budgets for these films are aimed at below $100 million. Think Despicable Me or the latest Ice Age movie as cost comparisons.

Since this is supposed to be an animated feature, it’s predicted that if it gets the green light, it will be a continuation of the TV series rather than a retelling like The Last Airbender was.

What do you think? Would you like to see an animated Korra movie? Or would you prefer a live-action one? Should there even be a Korra movie at all? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

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  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    I’m still bitter over what happened with A: TLA so yeah while I may watch this I still think TLA deserves a proper big screen live action film, but it was SUCH  a disaster that I won’t hold my breath.

  • GMB

    NO, just No. not everything needs to be turned into a movie…jeezz

  • iTuneUOut

    I’ll be optimistic with this. It would be pointless to do a retelling of Korra in animated form, but I wouldn’t mind a whole new story that can be solved in the length of one movie. I’m a little concerned if it’s live-action due to TLA’s disaster. 

  • Azeem

    I would rather that they just keep to the same way they animate the TV series, but they should just add more frames per second to make it smoother animation. 

  • chaz

    I think the Korra movie would be a fantastic way to end the series. 

    I also think they should remake a live action movie. There is about 6 or 7 movies – maybe more – worth out of both Aand and Korra’s story when everything is said and done. Hell, I will even write the screenplay if anyone wants. I thought the live action movie was a very good idea. If they had the right people working on it, it would have been an amazing movie. I would probably start with dropping the Nickelodeon deal and just have Paramount finance the movie. Make it so it can be a teenager or adult movie, not a kids movie. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=567353755 Erica Jane Ostergar

    Unless Bryan Konietzko and Mikey DiMartino are involved in the project, I don’t think it’s a good idea. 

  • gcw07

    I wouldn’t mind a big screen movie of Korra as long as Bryan and Michael are involved with the project.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    I feel better that it’s not a retelling in live action – i just knew that wouldn’t work from the start.  I mean how do you tell 3 seasons of stories in 1 movie?   I can tell myself it would be like a super long episode of Korra.  But i don’t know. 

    If it were to be made, it better have the same team that make the TV episodes

  • http://geekgirl101.tumblr.com/ GeekGirl101

    It’s not live action thank you Avatar. And if JJ does it….well I just might consider it. It doesn’t sound too bad yet. Just as long as its the same team. And the movie doesn’t have to focus on Amon and such, it could be a new story. That would be cool.

    I’m skeptical, but I’ll keep an open mind, as for The Last Airbender, I called it. 

  • akacj7

    an animated movie would be a cool way to end the korra series. provided all the normal nick creators are included.

  • Delena

    No no no no no no no!! Just leave it on TV! We don’t need it to be on the big screen! I love JJ Abrams and all…but seriously, just leave it on television.

  • Gryffinclaw


  • Rayeofsunshine

    I want a whole New concept in Live-action form. I love the concept, and would love to see it as a Movie. . . you know, if it’s done right. 

      No cg animation though. Bleh. It wouldn’t work the same.

      But that’s because I think that all tvshows, books, movies, vignettes, everything has a sort of Story “Soul” that can be reincarnated in a new form. 

      But either way, it’s hard to think of Nick as Film people! They would have to shed their crude humor and jokes, and put their big boy pants on to do a film. I think they have great ideas and stories, but they need to pump up their execution to make a movie. 

    • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

      But…they did a good job with the Rugrats movie way back when! (:

  • Patty

    To be honest, if it’s about Korra I’m not sure. I think 4 mini-arcs (“books”) is already going to milk Korra dry. I don’t know how they could make a film on top of that without it being quite horrible.

  • Yenner

    I would be ok with an animated movie so long as they would not skimp on the tv series because of it. But, I am sure I would be disappointed if they made a live-action movie because I don’t think the fighting would be as cool and the humor wouldn’t translate as well. That’s one of the best parts about the series, how it can go from funny to serious in a matter of seconds.

  • John Green

    I would be excited if: the film was animated and they would not DROP THE TV SERIES!!! If they dropped the tv series, I would flip a thousand tables.

  • Hehedied

    As long “he who must not be named” isn’t involved.

    • Nash Reed


  • stargazer

    I really think it’s far too early for them to even consider any sort of movie, whether a continuation or a live-action adaptation.

    • Crazy-Eight

      I know right! The directors of the Avatar universe have a hard enough time finishing this upcoming Korra season. How are they gonna film an unfinised story?!

      However, whether or not there should be a live-action or animated movie…Is it too much to ask for both???

  • Meh

    I won’t mind live action as long as they don’t race-bend.


    a live action one

  • 민주화

    야! 기분 딱!조타!~~

  • Eyad loutfi

    I think that there should be an animated film and not a remake since than it would be easier to keep all the comedy and stuff. I hated the last airbender movie since it didn’t have so much comedy and if they wanted it to be serious than they should’ve at least not rushed through so many parts. Still though, if they can keep it an adult movie than maybe they should make a legend of korra live action film that’s a remake of book 1 since Amun is a lot like bane in the batman dark knight rises movie which was the best rated pg 13 movie ever.

  • Korra

    Ok. I will love for their to be a Legend Of Korra live action film or an animated movie but mostly a live action one. If you have any information about auditions or anything like that email me at atousett@gmail.com

  • Korra

    And of course their going to wait until all 4 books are over like they did for ATLA but that movie was horrible

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