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You’ve never heard of a gay character in the Twilight books or film series — until now.

Author Stephenie Meyer retold a fun story from the set of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 to Entertainment Weekly. It involved her time filming the wedding scene in which she was an extra.

Meyer was sitting next to series producer Wyck Godfrey, who was also making a cameo, when the two dreamt up a story for his character. “I was sitting with Wyck Godfrey, who has also been there since day one, and we made up a backstory: He was a deputy policeman, and our marriage was on the rocks because he was in love with [Bella’s father] Charlie,” said Meyer.

You’ll probably never see this character in any possible Twilight books in the future, or even in an updated version of the Twilight Official Guide, but we love this small character and story.

Thanks to Thomas and Gay.net.

  • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay


  • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

    That’s awesome!

  • VoldyBored

    I thought she was tryna be J.K. Rowling for saying a character’s (Dumbledore) gay.
    That’s nice to know even though I’m not a Twilight fan.

    • HJP<3

      Jo didn’t say “DUMBLEDORE IS GAY” she just said in her mind, she always saw him as gay.  She felt that by giving the imagination to the readers, we can see him however we want to. (:

  • Katie

    Improvising a “back story” for the completely inconsequential extras you’re playing is not exactly “creating a gay Twilight character”.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=690341156 Andrew Davies-Land

      couldn’t agree more..

  • http://twitter.com/Merina2 Merina

    Awesome, haha. Wish we could hear titbits like this from her more often, however small…

  • smisaichi

    this is stupid. this isn’t even a freaking character in the book, and she’s only doing this because of the dumbledore thing in an attempt to be cool.
    calling this a “gay twilight character” only encourages people half-assing tolerance, because if she really wanted to create a gay character she completely could have and didn’t. she was fine with a pedophile.

    • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

       You do realize it wasn’t a character in the book and it was a joke between her and a producer doing a cameo in the scene?

    • Katie

       To be fair, Stephenie isn’t trumpeting this like “look, I created a gay Twilight character!”
      That misleading headline is all Hypable. Typical.

  • Kitster_kosh

    I think some people are taking this too seriously. To me it sounds like they were just chatting/brainstorming.

    BTW, I think it’s funny how people keep calling Jacob a pedophile when his relationship with Renesmee isn’t much different than Aragorn and Arwen’s in LOTR. –didn’t hear anyone complaining then.

    • guest

      EH! don’t Drag LOTR into this! 

      and to be fair Arwen and Aragorn are nothing like Jacob and Renesmee because 1. the age difference balance out (it’s either Arwen who is old and Aragorn who is young- appearance wise/ or literal– Arwen may look young but she’s hundreds of years old; while Aragorn is 80-70.)

      and 2. Arwen and Aragorn may have an age difference- but they’re both full grown adults. when both are full grown adults the age difference isn’t an issue (Ask your grandparents, or about your great-grandparents– Bet you Anything there was an age difference between 5- to 10 years) 

      while Jacob and Renesmee are a teenager and a weird age-jumping half-vamp kid. (I don’t care if she ages really fast and then ages really slow she’s still like 8 in the book). which is much more pronounced age difference— not to mention Jacob was in love with Renesmee’s MOM before he fell in love with her. LOTR has Nothing like that skeeved love curball thing.

      So please, don’t drag classic literature into a weakly thought out straw man argument, just because non-twlight fans are being mean to the series. (which doesn’t hold a candle to lotr in terms of literary notoriety ever) 

      • http://www.facebook.com/shady.laine.brown Laine Brown

        I love you. So glad to see another Ringer setting it straight

      • Lucy

        All the awards. You get them, Guest.

    • guest

      Also get your facts straight. pedophile means being sexually interested in children/minors. neither Arwen nor Aragorn are “children/minors”

      So even if the comparison was FAIL to begin with, you just made it twice as FAIL

  • Ashyancy

    I think this way just a fun thing she did.

    As far as gay characters, no, there were none written into the book. However Charlie Bewley, the actor that played Demetri, a looooooong time ago in an interview for New Moon said he was going to make him more “flamboyant.”

    “Not to mention the fact that my character is very sexually ambiguous,
    and therefore I hope to claim the gay demographic. [Laughs.] I did a
    very flamboyant portrayal of Demetri.”

    I thought it was great. It suited the character perfectly.

  • Alex

    Yeah…this still doesn’t deter me from the fact that the Twilight books are basically a rule book for how conservative people think girls should behave: they should not go to college in order to marry abusive men who are rich enough they will never need to leave the house, this way, they can stay home with their many babies. Because getting married and haivng babies are the only two accomplishments a woman can have. Stephanie Meyer has managed to propagate her religious views (which mostly teach hatred of people who are different) and creating a gay extra in no way puts Twilight on the correct side of history.

    • stargazer

      To say that Twilight propagates her religious views shows that you know little to nothing out the LDS faith.  I am disgusted with Twilight and with how many times people say, “That’s what Mormons think girls should do.”  I am LDS, and I consider Twilight one of the worst books/series out there–not because of the writing, though that’s sub-par enough, but because since Stephanie’s known to be LDS that everyone automatically assumes that Bella and Edward’s dysfunctional relationship, Bella’s shallowness, and so on and so on, coincide with LDS beliefs, when in actuality they don’t.  Stephenie Meyer may have thought she was sprinkling her books with Mormon doctrine, but she sure didn’t do it very effectively or accurately.

      • stargazer

        And the LDS church does not teach hatred of people who are different.  Sadly, some people do, but people in all religions do, not just the LDS church.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=660555605 Stepp Soober

        I am sure she wasn’t really considering her religion when writing a book. It is not a Mormon book. I mean if she truly wanted to play some stereotypes then Edward would have multiple wives in the last book/film. Not all religious authors are going to put their religious beliefs in a book. If that were the case I doubt she would shine any positive light on vampires.

  • Jkredwine

    People take things way too seriously. It’s a cute inside joke Stephanie Meyer had with her producer on set, and Andrew wrote a funny little stub article on it. It’s really not worth the expended energy arguing over the validity of a character that only exists in this anecdote. If you don’t understand the tone of this article then you’re probably confused by a lot of Hypable’s content. 
    All that being said, the Twilight series does suffer from a lack of gay characters and a reliance on heteronormative gender roles. So there’s always that to attack.  

  • Kristina

    Two words…who cares.

  • Taneisha

    When can we expect midnight sun release? I’m anxious

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