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This past Saturday at the LeakyCon conference in Chicago, Team StarKid performed ‘A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year’ for the first and probably the last time – and we were there! Some of our predictions came true, and we’re going to give you every possible detail that we can without outright spoiling you.

Firstly, our top five predictions:

1. The plot will draw from the canon of Chamber of Secrets.

No comment. Telling you the plot would be spoiling the whole thing outright! But keep this in mind: the show has been written – changed, but written, for a very long time. There is content in it that was meant to be in the very first show and was cut. Several members of StarKid, especially the Lang brothers, have spoken in interviews about the content of the third Potter show – possibly when they thought that putting it on was not a possibility – and there is definitely some content in there that they have spoken about before. Go find those interviews – they’re on YouTube – and mine them for nuggets of information and you might get an idea of some of the show.

2. Evanna Lynch will cameo as Dobby.

Wrong – but as you may have seen on Twitter, Evanna was in the show. She actually played Luna in all the Hogwarts scenes, which we cannot believe was allowed by Warner Bros, but it was very fun.

3. The Lang brothers will provide running commentary.

Wrong – but close! Team StarKid had professional voice actor Bob Joles, who is the husband of their talent agent Pat Brady, reading the stage directions and scene changes. This proved to be very funny and the cast broke the fourth wall, interacting with him and telling him off at certain points.

4. Meredith Stepien will play Hermione.

Correct. She did. This is a pretty big casting spoiler and we will not be giving any new casting spoilers, but seeing as the original Hermione, Bonnie Gruesen, tweeted about Meredith doing the show, we think we can give you this one. She did a great job and the switchover included a joke very much like the one we predicted.

5. There won’t be any songs.

Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, so wrong. We’re so happy to be wrong. The show featured songs written by A.J. Holmes, Clark Baxtresser, Pierce Siebers, Nick and Matt Lang, and Darren Criss. We’ll talk more about the music in a moment.

Here’s what happened…

The format of the show was really much closer to a full production than the reading that was originally promised. It was fully blocked and costumed – Corey Lubowich told us that there were over 75 costumes in the show – and included some basic choreography for some of the cast members who had a little more rehearsal time. Everybody carried scripts, but a lot of the cast were pretty much off-book and only held their scripts as to not make the less-rehearsed cast members stand out. It was the first time the group had been able to actually run the show in full, in order, and considering that it went incredibly smoothly, though of course there were a lot of hiccups that were noticed and laughed at, and probably many more that we didn’t realize were mistakes but that Team StarKid were flailing and cursing at behind the scenes. For example, because the show had not been run before, they did not have cues for the microphones, so all 30+ cast members had live mics the entire show. So we heard some backstage laughing, talking and other sounds that will definitely not make it onto Youtube!

The show was long. Very long – about four and a half hours in total. The first few scenes dragged a little, but as both the audience and the actors settled into the medium, the pace picked up and we were able to become very caught up in the show. What we’re officially allowed to say about the plot is this: that it’s Harry’s final year at Hogwarts, and after defeating Voldemort and all his lingering Death Eaters during the past few years, Harry is trying to find his place in a world that no longer needs him and no longer thinks he’s cool. A new character comes along who really salts the wound for the Boy Who Lived, as does a popularity contest with Draco Malfoy, and Harry tries to create for himself a new image and a fresh start instead of being the same old boring savior of Hogwarts. There’s also an interwoven plot told brilliantly in flashbacks, so you may see some characters that you’ve seen before and didn’t expect to see again. There are a few inconsistencies or forgotten ‘canon’ from the past Potter shows – what springs to mind most clearly is that they really didn’t have any interaction between Draco and Luna despite the fact that they got together at the end of A Very Potter Sequel when Luna was played by Arielle Goldman – but once we started really tuning into the show, not just what was happening onstage and the way it was being performed, but what was being said, what was written – the content is sheer brilliance.

This show was not slapped together for the sake of appeasing the fans – it’s just as funny, just as touching, just as rude, just as wrenching as the other Potter productions. The quality of the content is absolutely up to the standard of all other StarKid shows – they just simply did not have the time to give it the rehearsal it deserved. But what they pulled off in just one weekend simply goes to show how well these people work together, how much they can play off of one another and be in tune with one another in order to put on a show that really blew our expectations out of the water. We expected this to be pretty rough, and to forgive them for that because we all know the circumstances surrounding the limited timing. We were prepared to appreciate whatever they were able to give us and the fact that they were sharing this with us at all. We were not prepared for the near-perfect experience that it was. Yes, it was rough, and there were obvious mistakes or unrehearsed parts, but we were all prepared for that, so those moments became funny and charming, and something that will become a precious memory to everyone who was there, because it was real, and in the moment, and we all knew the deal and we all had their backs. The show that ends up going onto YouTube does have the possibility to run very cleanly – editing out pauses, filming from five cameras means that they have the possibility to cut away from people making mistakes to focus on other things in the scene – but we think the attendees will always cherish the opportunity to have seen the whole live show – warts, f-bombs and all.

A few MVPs: Chris Allen, who played three very different roles absolutely hysterically. Joe Walker, who brought his usual intense character work and strange vulnerability, as well as some killer dance moves. Joe Moses had a monologue that made us cry. Dylan Saunders had a monologue that made us cry. A.J. Holmes was flawless – running between playing his role, which was not minor, and playing in the band, and he had a speech which was possibly the funniest thing ever put into a StarKid show. He did it off-book and his delivery was just something we cannot wait for you to see – this scene has apparently existed for years, it was cut from both the first show and the sequel, so it was very polished. Lauren Lopez’s Draco was as brilliant as ever. Joey Richter had a solo number which nearly tore a hole in the roof of the Hilton, the crowd went absolutely wild – he is a true star.

And of course we cannot pass over Darren Criss, who took a red-eye into Chicago, arrived at about 6am, and apparently went straight into rehearsal in order to play Harry for us one last time. He was certainly more unprepared than some of the others, but he made up for it in the strength of his acting on the fly and the sheer emotion he brought to the role. The show is fairly light up until the end of the first act, and honestly not that Harry-centric: there are many scenes he’s not in at all, including the flashbacks, and we were thinking he simply may not have had enough time to even do a solo song and that they’d restructured the show around that unfortunate fact – but towards the end of the first act, he has a emotional song, also featuring Joe Walker in which we realised that this is still Harry’s show, this is still Harry’s story, and that we were not going to make it through the show without full-on ugly crying. We can’t post lyrics as it may spoil plot, but things go from funny to poignant pretty quickly. On the Q and A panel the day after the show, the Lang brothers mentioned that a lot of the show is meant to be autobiographical and representative and a lot of what was being said in this song was incredibly heart-wrenching when applied to Darren’s position with StarKid, StarKid’s position with Harry Potter, and the Harry Potter fandom’s position in the world in general. This vibe continued heavily through the second act – while the first act was mostly light, the second act was quite heavy and had an enormous sense of finality and closure in both the script and the songs, which we were told by composer Clark Baxtresser was completely intentional. We (and by we I mean I, you all probably know who is writing this) were crying pretty much all the way through the second act. The writers chose to combine two of the most emotional scenes from the books into one giant mess of sadness.

At the end, yes, Harry finds his place in the world, finds peace with himself, and saves the day while using a reprise of an old favorite song – but it wasn’t really the happiest ending. The characters end up graduating and leaving Hogwarts, and when Harry hugs all the other students goodbye and then goes off separately to speak alone on the stage to ‘Hogwarts’ – to the audience. Our clearest memory of the show, we think, will be when Darren broke character a tiny bit, for a moment alone on that stage, saying thank you and goodbye, and that it had been “totally awesome.” Just those two words, he looked the audience in the eye and used his natural voice. That was for us and I don’t think that anyone there will ever forget it, because Darren will always be in StarKid, but things are changing from here on out and he will never be our Harry again. A chapter is very much closed, for him, for Team StarKid, and even for the StarKid and Harry Potter fandom at large, because we’ve dealt with the last book and the last movie, but we still had this, until now. By the end of the show, either in their last scenes or curtain call, nearly the whole cast was crying, as was most of the audience.

Being at the show was a brilliant and magical experience and we can’t wait for the show to be released on YouTube so that you all can see it and we can review it in more detail. Writers Matt Lang, Nick Lang and Brian Holden do an amazing job of taking parts of canon and mixing them up in ways that you’d never think of and yet suddenly make perfect sense, and, while changing it all around, making fun of it, making it dirty, making it ridiculous, they have always treated this book series with the utmost respect for its true heart and soul and tapped into the emotional core of what Harry Potter is all about. Team StarKid’s time with Harry Potter is over, and maybe someone else will pick up the mantle and make something else that appeals just as much. But there is a reason Team StarKid are what they are, and that they became successful when fandom was dying down, that they became more successful than most wizard rock, parody videos, even other musicals. They are something special, and everyone who drinks their Kool-Aid sees it instantly. Their success will continue – Team StarKid is not going anywhere – but Harry Potter brought them to us and we offer them congratulations and the greatest thanks for doing right by us and sharing with us the final chapter in what is sure to be the just the first book in a long series.

We really loved the first book, though. It might always be our favorite, in a way.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/HP4eva121995 Ally

    Im crying just by reading this article. Great job Natalie!! And I can’t WAIT to watch it on youtube. I’m just soooo excited for this!!!!!

  • Kavitha

    Natalie, just reading this article tears me up…watching the actual show is going to be both exhilarating and melancholy. So many tissues I’m sure…

  • Ev42

    I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself for not being able to go to LeakyCon 2012. Seriously. It hurts my soul. I can’t wait for this to be uploaded, & hope they keep the editing to the barest minimum – this is one of my last big ties to HP fandom, and it’s over. I’ve never been good with endings…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1229430522 Kiara Rubin

      I feel the exact. same. way

  • Thegarbar13

    Darren at the end was heart wrenching. I was crying so hard and I sat in the ball room until Darren peeped his head out and apologized for not being able to come meet us! It was amazing!

  • Thegarbar13

    It was also very good closure for the musicals! I was very much satisfied just remember the tissues

  • Nicole

    I’m crying now just reading this, I’m going to be a wreck when I watch it on YouTube :’)

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    I had a fantastic time at the show. Can’t wait for everyone to see it so we can talk about it openly!

  • Emmalou

    Fantastic article! And wow, four and a half hours! I hope it doesn’t take them too long to get it on YouTube, considering how much they will have to edit down. 

  • erised31

    I swear, this was the BEST show ever. It beats everything else by a landslide. There were so many amazing parts, and a certain part with Meredith that will make you laugh your butts off. Trust me, I almost died laughing. 

    There is also this part with Chris Allen which I really hope they keep.

    Now to the end. I believe it connected to each and every HP fan in existence. I won’t give it away, but I believe that everyone got teary eyed. 

    Now, to everyone who went to LeakyCon and saw this amazing musical, PLEASE NO SPOILERS! Just think of what the fans did for HMB a few months ago. Please, respect Starkid’s wishes and don’t tell anyone everything… although, there is a very memorable quote which Darren said. ;) 

    • Thegarbar13

      Dont forget the tie!!!

      • erised31

        best line ever! in addition to AJ’s monologue

      • Megan Slife22

         Best part of the whole show!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001465808681 Liliya Yagami

    Are they for sure releasing it on youtube? Because I couldn’t be there and I really want to see it.

  • Julie

    damn i wish i couldve been there

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1229430522 Kiara Rubin

    Im crying inside so much, because I didnt get to go. I had wanted to go so badly. I hope they dont edit out a lot of it. This is wonderful though :) Im sad that its over and that every starkid fan who didnt get to go to Leaky wont experience AVPSY live.

  • Thegarbar13

    I’m also not happy that they may not keep all of the mess ups. Can I just say, the tie<3 Ahh it was so funny but they cant cut that out because of placement. I believe since its the last on it should not be edited and put up in full. It was the last one, it was hilarious, it was incredible and the fans deserve all of the mistakes… Especially Darren's. I will not take for granted the opportunity I had to see it live. I am scared that I will forget all of the mistakes though!

  • Emma

    I am a wreck now. In the middle of the night. This is so emotional

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=727242557 Florence Godineau

     I can’t wait for everyone else to see the show. It was more wonderful than I could have imagined.
    There are so many emotional moments in the show, but yes the one where Darren breaks character stands out.

  • beth

    I saw the show but didn’t see the panel on the last day. Is it on youtube or does it contain too many spoilers?

    • erised31

      I don’t think it’s gonna be on youtube now… cause you had to have the starkid pass to go see the panel, but it has spoilers.

      • Alex


        So wait, it’s Not going to be in youtube At All?!


        • N_HarryPotter7

          No, don’t worry, it’s going to be posted on Youtube.  What I think he meant was that when the article was posted it hadn’t been put up yet.  I’m pretty sure Starkid announced somewhere it’s going on Youtube; they just need to edit and do stuff like that first.

        • Megan Slife22

           I was at the event and they stated in the very beginning they were posting it to youtube!

    • HermioneCriss

      i found a version on youtube that is the full panel, but all AVPSY spoilers are edited out. here’s a link to the first part:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3mBcU8hWS0

  • Jen

    oh my god I wasn’t even there and I’m a mess reading this. Desperate to see it I cannot wait.

  • Julie

    I’m crying all over again remembering this. It was such a brilliant allegory for growing up with Harry and learning what it is to age and move on in life. Having just graduated college this past May, LeakyCon2012 and this show were probably the last Potter-centric things I’ll ever, ever attend. It made the show especially poignant, raw, and real. Much love to StarKid for giving me a fantastic send-off into the rest of my adult life.

  • Daniella

    Just reading this makes me emotional! Wish I could of been there, but cannot wait to see it on Youtube, although I’m sure it will make me a crying mess! LOVE STARKID xx

  • Peg

    Natalie, I think this really sums things up brilliantly. Seeing the show myself, I couldn’t find the right words to explain to my friends what the experience was like. I will now direct them to this. Perfect.

  • Emma Beatcha

    Oh, Natalie. I have NO idea how you’ve done it, but you wrote all the emotion from the show into your editorial. Thank you. I’m extremely excited to see this up on YouTube, and a lot of that is from the build up surrounding AVPSY and the LeakyCon commotion on twitter on Saturday — BUT, your article made me yearn for it, where prior to reading it I was satisfied with simply knowing it was coming. Thank you.

  • Kathrynrose17

    Just cried reading this. Oh god I’m gonna be a mess when I watch it on YouTube I hate it when I see people I love cry!

  • Matthewhpg

    I was there guys, take it from me, it was worth the two year wait and it will be worth the couple months it takes to edit and get on line. Words can’t describe how beautiful (not to mention totally awesome) the whole show was.

  • Hannah

    I’m crying just reading this. When it finally gets up on YouTube and get to see it I will be a complete mess. Now, I just have to stay away from spoilers until then…

  • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

    Wow, you have no idea how excited this makes me to watch the show. I wish they would also release an uncut version. I’d love to see all the funny mistakes..

  • Laura Jones

    i’m actually crying just reading this! How am i gonna cope when i actually watch it ?!?!

  • Carolyn

    haha I am so screwed when this comes out seeing as how I started crying halfway through reading this.

  • aprestonn

    so so so excited, i’m jumping in my seat! eugh i wish i was there. damn living in england -_-

  • the-last-centurion-wears-a-fez

    when will it be on youtube? 

    • Allison


  • Megan Slife22

    I was at the show and it was by far, the best thing I have ever seen.. I can’t wait for everyone else to see it so I can openly discuss all of the totally awesome quotes that this show created!

  • http://twitter.com/5onthestairz Mackie Tomhorikstyne

    In a way, I hope they don’t try to mask the mistakes or edit it when they put it on Youtube because for the people who weren’t there, we’re still the same huge fans of the series/cast/crew/etc and I’m sure it would be greatly appreciated. Or, if they could even do an unedited version in addition to the more polished version just because of those unlucky fans who weren’t able to be there to experience it first hand, but would’ve loved it. I can’t wait to watch it, either way, and I’m sure I’ll be in tears way before the final song.

  • Thatgirl

    oh god. i’m feeling all the feelings reading this. i cant even make sense of how im feeling right now. don’t know how i’m going to be like when watching it on youtube. on one hand i cant wait to watch it and on another i dread the finality of it. such bittersweet.
    i love starkid and i’ll always support them no matter what they do.HP musical was very special and i thank them from the bottom of my heart for sharing with us.

    thank you Natalie for this review. it is very beautiful.    

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    *sniffles with feelings* oh god, the picture, it just added to the effect of the article. I’m so happy they got Evanna! She seems like such a sweetheart. Cheers Nat!

  • http://xyue-mayx.deviantart.com/ Dreamer

    In cannot wait to watch this. I got all emotional just reading the review!

  • Saskia17

    Brilliantly written Natalie.
    I’m so devastated I couldn’t see this, and reading this just made me even more emotional. I really hope they don’t edit out too many of the ‘mistakes’ because that’s half the fun of it, and I’m sure a lot of us would like to see it as it was at LeakyCon.
    Really looking forward to seeing it though I know I’ll just be in tears afterwards!

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    also: I was actually okay until you started talking about the ending and everyone crying – got teary myself right then

  • Raelynn

    cant wait!!! :)

  • Marenanne

    I’m currently crying from excitement, crying because I wasn’t able to be there, and crying because I just know that I’m going to cry when I’m able to see it… It sounds amazing, and I’m so sad that I couldn’t be there to see it, but so excited to see it eventually. 

  • Pigdars

    this is sad enough to even make mama umbridge cry… is snape back? PLEASE SAY YES!

  • kburford

    This has got me SUPER excited to watch this once it’s uploaded to YouTube!! (not that I wasn’t already extremely excited for this!)

    I do wish they could have a completely unedited version of the show for us to see online. I think I would enjoy the randomness and occasional slip up backstage :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=531808242 Courtney Gibson

    Just reading this makes me sad and no spoilers were even said! I can’t wait to see it, but did anyone at least ask during the Q&A if they had an estimated YouTube posting date, or is that a secret or do they truly not know? 

  • Jocelyn

    If I am crying from reading this review, I am terrified as to what my emotions will be doing when we see it.

  • Mdrich12

    Do we know when it’ll be up on Youtube?  And is there any way to download the music?  I have the two other soundtracks, so I’d love to get this one as well.

    • erised31

      Clark said hopefully there will be a soundtrack. I know, I really really really want one too. :)

      • Mdrich12

        Yay!  I’m glad someone else wants one too :)

  • Glaciusx


    • Delena

      No, she /wasn’t/ dobby. They predicted she would play Dobby, but she played Luna.

  • Delena

    It was so amazing to watch. It didn’t even feel like 4 and a half hours. And I cried. I totally cried. Omg, was it- gah. I want to tell people about it so badly, but I’ve been doing a good job of saying nothing. It was amazing guys- you will love every second of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    Speaking of crying…I’m crying reading this article. When will we get to see this amazing show?! Ah.

  • http://twitter.com/deanheat Heather

    I have no words about the second act.  All the feelings.  

    I can’t give enough credit to how much hard work they put in to make that show happen that fast.

  • DeAnna

    Does anyone know if they are going to post the show on Youtube? I couldn’t be at the show unfortunately and really wanted to go!

    • erised31

      Yes. They will post it. We just don’t know when. I sure they’ll make an announcement video.

  • Allison

    I’m almost crying reading this. When it comes out on Youtube I’m going to be a wreck.

  • Hanna

    Crying. It was perfect. And the moment when Darren was himself for a couple of seconds.. Right in the feels.

  • poo

    i wish they wouldn’t edit it so we can pretend we were really there to see it in all it’s glory. plus, everything’s funnier with f-bombs and mess ups.

    • Ev42

      Haha, I know, right!! Just pick a camera, make sure the sound’s ok & upload.. No one would mind! :P

    • HermioneCriss

      i wish they could, but at their panel they were asked if all of the mistakes could/would be on YouTube and Nick Lang said that they couldn’t, unfortunately, for two reasons: 1. they have to censor the Potter shows (probably to stay on good terms with WB) and 2. they know that the audience is more forgiving of mistakes at a live show, but when it’s on the internet next to their other productions, it just won’t work.
      so i guess the version we see will be edited, but i know that the fans would appreciate to see an unedited version, or even just bonus material of some of the messups, sometime in the future. :)

  • Guest

    Thanks for giving away the whole plot. While no, no spoilers, there were still spoilers. Think about it from the perspective of a starkid that hasn’t seen the show and refuses to purposefully research anything about the show. Again, thanks for the spoilers.

    • NatalieFisher

      “Think about it from the perspective of a starkid that hasn’t seen the show and refuses to purposefully research anything about the show.” – Uhhhh, you probably shouldn’t have kept reading an article where the lead paragraph states “we’re going to give you every possible detail that we can without outright spoiling you.” Giving away the whole plot? Yeah… no. Everything said here was approved directly to me by Matt Lang – he asked me to write the stuff about it being Harry’s final year at Hogwarts and his place in the world, etc. It’s basically the same info as in the promo video they put out. What they don’t want spoiled is what book canon, characters etc are used… so if you didn’t want to know ANYTHING why the hell did you read this?

    • Ev42

      I haven’t seen the show, and I’m practically allergic to spoilers, but this post does contain a very clear spoiler alert. “Every possible detail we can without outright spoiling” means giving every little bit that’s been approved by the Langs/Team StarKid, & Natalie stuck to that. If you don’t want to know ANYTHING at all (which I totally understand – I’m that way with Doctor Who, so I stay VERY far away from the Doctor Who section of Hypable/the internet), you shouldn’t read a post completely dedicated to talking about the show, that clearly states in the first paragraph that there will be info pertaining to the show in it. I’ve done the whole “accidentally not noticing the spoiler alert” thing a time or two myself, but that’s not the writer’s fault…

  • http://twitter.com/Tran_Nagwaian Tran Nguyen

    Can’t wait to see it. oh my gosh.

  • guest

    Really?? Tears. Crying. … just… tears. Thank you for the beautiful description.

  • Rumbleroar Luna

    I can’t wait. And I’m practically crying too. I just want to see the whole thing, as unedited as possible, or at least an outtakes video. Hopefully this won’t be Darren’s last StarKid thing ever (not that I think it will be, they’re his family), but :’|. Also, I’m really glad Darren wrote some of the songs. AJ too, and Clark, and Nick and Matt is new.

  • Meghan

    You have a way with words, Natalie! You just summed up my thoughts exactly.

  • Meghan

    Wait till you guys see it, you will love it! Starkid really went above and beyond to make this as awesome as possible. The fact that the show came off so well (even without much rehersal/polishing) is a testament to how in tune with each other these people are and how well they work together. It was an emotional moment for them and their fans.

  • SnitchSocks4Dobby

    I need to see this so badly <3 Can't Wait :)

  • Tigersgirlgv

    This is a wonderful article that seriously sums up the emotions I had watching the show live. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to watch it on Youtube!

  • VideoKilledSeverusSnape

    When will it be on Youtube!? Soo excited!

  • Katie

    what I would have given to be at LeakyCon…

  • http://twitter.com/alex_ramsey alex the proud nerd

    hello full on post potter depression. had a cry in the shower between show and ball. composed myself and all was well. travelled home. still good. go online see post leaky stuff. still good. read this. read about darren breaking character and saying thanks and goodbye and wham. straight back to sobbing. and yes. it feels like the end once more. the last of the books. the last of the films. the last of the musicals. oh… 
    but hogwarts will always be there to welcome us back. but for now, i will enjoy a little cry. oh AVPSY was so good. and this review did it justice without giving any more spoilers that are already out there. well done. 

  • Cbear

    Ahhhhhh! I could’ve been there (I’m not too far from Chicago), but I had to be at a car wash for school! Oh well, can’t wait for it to be on YouTube. I’m gonna cry so hard :(

  • http://twitter.com/atalyce Alyce

    hope it comes up on youtube soon!

  • brit

    please don’ t edit the show. Give us the full experience, with all the mistakes,…. everything !!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/AnnieH_CZ Anna Holubičková

    Oh my god… This was so intense… Through the first half of this article I was constantly smiling, but when the second half came I started crying. I can´t wait to watch it, but I just know it will be just as sad (probably more) as watching the last HP movie. :(((

  • Moonflower

    I was in the front row to the side by the curtained-off area, where I could hear the offstage actors joining in beautifully on every chorus.  Their vocal artistry was the best ever – and why not?  They are true professionals now.  You cannot imagine the shock factor of this performance; anticipation was sky-high for the promised script reading, and we got this instead – this perfect, perfect experience.  It was completely surreal.  Afterward, offstage, they sang what I’m sure was their college fight song.   AWWWWW! 

  • Netanya Gleek

    I really hope that you talked to Pat Brady before you put this up because it does give a lot away about the show. Starkid really wanted it all to remain a suprise and I am disappointed that you decided to write and article that took away some of that element. 

    • Guest734

      Of course she got approval for this article FROM THE STARKIDS. If you had been there you would know this doesn’t even give 10% away. So no worries about being “disappointed” in her because none of them are. 

    • NatalieFisher

      I email with Pat Brady regularly. She has approved this article. I also asked Matt Lang directly after the show finished what counts as spoilers and the plot addressed here, about it being Harry’s final year, was stuff he asked me to put in. What they don’t want spoiled is the actual book canon used in plot, casting of new characters etc.

      Everything in the article is either stuff Matt told me I could say,
      stuff that Nick and Matt have talked about in regards to the third show
      in interviews over the last couple of years, things that the cast has
      put publicly on Twitter over the weekend, or things covered in the press
      photos that have been released from the show, from Mugglenet, Chicago
      Tribune, etc. In fact some of those press pics spoil more than I have put here.

      This gives away NOTHING about the show that was not given away by StarKid or other press either prior to the show or over the course of the weekend. I’m pretty offended that you would assume that I’m not aware of what StarKid wants or that I’d do anything to jeopardize them. I love them, and some of them are my friends. I don’t need you to tell me what StarKid really wanted, thanks.

  • Ashley

    Oh God, I couldn’t even make it through this article without crying. Seeing the actual show is going to kill me!

  • Amy H

    Gosh. I’ve already been a mess of emotions after Leaky and this show and now I’m crying AGAIN! Amazing article! 

  • besthopewehave

    Thank you for posting this, Natalie. It was detailed and heartfelt without giving too much away, which I so appreciate. :) I am unbelievably happy to hear it was fully blocked and costumed! Wow! I definitely expected a pretty rough staged reading. And that it was so true to the spirit of the first two. Leave it to StarKid to blow our socks off. Can’t WAIT to see this thing on YouTube.

  • Guest

    Great way of putting it…didn’t give any thing away…at least not much. In case anyone who hasn’t seen it yet didn’t get this out of the above summary: THE SHOW WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING I EVER SAW! And I am a theater nerd. 

  • Anna

    Fantastic article. Watching this show was probably the best moment of my life, and you captured the emotion perfectly. I wish I could go back and watch it live again! But we all know that’s not possible. The fact that it was only done once gave way for some of the funniest and gut-wrenchingly emotional parts of the show. I will never, ever forget that day.

    Thanks for making me cry happy tears all over again :’)

  • Beth

    I really hope that they do post the vids on Youtube, I wanted to cry just by reading the article. The whole bit about Darren moving on and out with Glee etc. just killed me inside as although I am a HUMONGOUS Glee and Starkid fan (I found Starkid first), I think Darren will always know to have found his roots in Starkid. I have a glimmer of hope that says that Darren will one day return to Starkid, when he’s not doing Glee and that he will have a chance to shine in another role with the group. While his portrayal of Harry is moving and incredible, it would be interesting to see Darren in a different role with the same guys…

  • http://twitter.com/TheRedVinetist Red Vinetist Laura

    yupp and I’m bawling :’) My god I’m going to be such a hot mess when its on youtube…

  • Starkid fan

    It’s four hours long?! I don’t know if it’s healthy to sob for four hours…

  • Lottie


  • Nikki

    Oh my god… I think I know why the world is supposed to end this year. No more Harry Potter… God, I’m so sad… I’m sobbing in my bedroom just reading this. My sister thought I was having a nightmare… Now she’s crying, too.

  • Jen

    Sooooo excited, this just makes me want to cry with happiness. :’)

  • Caitlyn

    YAY!!!!!!!!! I love AVPM and AVPS

  • Phoebe

    When will it be posted to YouTube?? Supermegafoxyawesomehott excited here ;)

  • Evie

    I have started checking YouTube daily trying to find it. It may not be on for another month but I don’t care. I live and love starkid just that much:)

  • lylee

    I teared up at this! It is so beautifully written and as I read the script, it’s helping me build a better picture of what it was like. I really hope they post the warts and all performance on Youtube. Four and a half hours is fine by me!

  • Elisabeth

    Touching! Totally awesome! When does the youtube videos release? Potterhead forever

  • sad to see it end

    you guys need a new series to create a parody of because there’s
    just something different about this than your other musicals.

  • Marie

    I’ve now seen it on YouTube. It was wonderful. And although I’m happy for Darren’s other successes, damn it, I miss him in Starkid. Although really, everyone was perfect. The start was a little show, but then it got totally, totally awesome.

  • Darren to my Criss

    Can’t wait!

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