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Check out this info-graphic which details the most talked about Marvel characters according to recent social media data and where they’re being discussed.

With Marvel characters popping up in piles of films over the last few years, it’s nice to see which are being talked about most and where. Marketing company Networked Insights released an info-graphic detailing the popularity of Marvel characters according to social media sites.

It’s definitely worth a look and you might be surprised at which characters are being discussed the most. You can definitely tell that Marvel’s announcement at Comic-Con that Guardians of the Galaxy will be hitting theaters in 2014 has urged fans to discuss which Marvel characters will be involved in that film, as well as Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel.

Click to enlarge

Which Marvel characters are you most interested in seeing on the big screen next?

  • nathanb648

    This was actually very nice and informative for someone like me who has been interested in the characters but has never really read the comics. Thanks for posting this!

  • gcw07

    So what was the sample size or any real data points? I mean they don’t even have all 50 states represented according to their percentage graph.

  • ultron

    Wheres ultron!?!?!

  • Gary65

    No Mystique? I would have thought, with Jennifer Lawrence playing her and the whole hoopla that that entailed, there would have been quite a bit of chat about her.

    • Harry Potter

      Yeah, I mean Dead Girl!? If not Mystique then why not someone like Kitty, Rogue or Beast?

  • isenhobbitz

    I love that Illinois is “chicago” and everyone else is an actual state.

    • Turbo

      So Los Angeles is a state now?

      • isenhobbitz

        Bahahaha! I didn’t notice that one! I was just pointing out the inconsistency between picking states vs. cities. Does LA represent all of California or is it it just LA? If it’s just LA, why is there no data for California? Same with Chicago and Illinois.

  • Phantomoca

    I’m confused. Where’s Spiderman?

  • Comiccow

    Deadpool isn’t a mutant!

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