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Game of Thrones has cast a wealth of actors for season 3, but Dominic West isn’t one of them. What major role did the Wire actor turn down?

Speaking to The Huffington Post, West revealed that he was offered a substantial role, but turned it down because he didn’t know much about the show.

While he couldn’t recall what the character’s name was, he did say that, “it was a lovely part, a good part. I’m going to regret it.”

Considering that taking the job would have involved filming in Iceland for six months, the most likely possibility is that West was considered to play Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. This is also one of the only major characters in season 3 who has not yet been cast.

  • http://twitter.com/Celtise celtise

    Gah I would have loved him to be in this!

  • KC

    No idea who he is, but I think he would have been a perfect Mance!

    • Hola

      He was great on The Wire.

  • Alison

    How is this even possible?! Why, God, why?

  • Gary65

    What a load of nonsense. Game of Thrones is one of the most hyped shows on TV. When you are offered a role on one of the biggest shows going, you don’t turn it down cos you don’t know anything about the show. You educate yourself about it, just like you do any other role. Is he seriously suggesting that the only shows he’ll ever star in are shows he watches and pilots?

    According to his Wikipedia, he was offered Mance Raydar and turned it down. It also says in his Wikipedia that he doesn’t have anything else in the works. So he didn’t turn it down due to scheduling commitments. I have no idea why he turned down the role of Mance, but it sure as hell wasn’t cos he didn’t know much about the show. If you like a role, you take it. Why does it matter if you know about the show or not?

    On the plus side, the fact that he regrets it(if indeed he does) and can’t get it back means that Mance has been cast(I’m not sure if Icelandic filming has commenced yet) so we should be seeing him soon enough.

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