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The Sherlock star has so far been fairly secretive about the CBS series, but he has finally shared his concerns and hopes for the upcoming adaptation of the Conan-Doyle canon.

Speaking to TV Line, Benedict admitted he would be “frightened” were he to be the producer of Elementary – largely because of the “the dynamic of male friendship that you’d lose.” He goes on to explain that the relationship is the “bedrock” of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, and in changing Watson to a female “there might be sexual tension between Joan and Sherlock, which is [a different dynamic than you'd have] between the two men. So, that’s a new thing to explore.”

However, that doesn’t mean the actor is completely against the idea of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes set in America. As he has previously stated, Cumberbatch wished the production and his friend (and star of Elementary the best of luck. “I think it will be great,” he said. “It will be a different spin on it, because obviously, theirs is modern-day as well, so it needs to be different from ours, and I think the more differences, the better, to be honest.”

“I don’t see why they shouldn’t co-exist with us,” he concluded. “I don’t think they’ll steal our audience. I think people who are Holmes fans who think they do a good job of it will have a treat in watching ours and the films. So I wish them good luck!”

Benedict’s support certainly adds credibility to Elementary in the eyes of the Sherlock Holmes fanbase, although it’s the exact opposite of what producer Sue Vertue said earlier this year (she has since muted her thoughts a little, often refusing to make any comments in recent interviews).

Does Benedict’s support calm your qualms with the series, or will you always be opposed to it out of principle? Is it time these comparisons stopped for good?

  • http://twitter.com/TokoMasho Matthew Potter

    I can only laugh at him implying that there isn’t sexual tension between Sherlock and Watson in the Moffat series; Tumblr would beg to differ.

    • anon

       tumblr could find sexual tension between a grilled cheese sandwich and a rock. it doesn’t mean they’re right

      • http://twitter.com/TokoMasho Matthew Potter


  • Katelyn

    I think the difference is that now we’ve seen what the show actually looks like, and it’s clear that there are a lot of differences between Sherlock and Elementary.  When Sue first made her comments, Elementary was still just an idea that had been originally pitched as a remake of her show.  She had a right to be defensive.  Also, Sue is in a position where she has to worry about protecting her product and her show’s property, while Benedict isn’t.  

    Personally I think Elementary looks super dumb.  I love Sherlock because the writing and cinematography are absolutely astounding, and Martin Freeman is a BAMF.  But I can see why people who are more ZOMG HOLMES! are excited about the show. 

  • Kirsti

    What Benedict said about Elementary does give me a different outlook on Elementary, but I’m still not going to watch it.

  • Katie M

    Based on the previews I’ve seen, I think I would like Elementary…if it was about anyone other than Sherlock Holmes.  Like, it looks like a good crime show, but I don’t think I could get over the mental block of knowing that Watson is supposed to be male and they’re in America.

    • Jess

       This is exactly how I feel.

  • Eval

     Benedict is graciously keeping an  objective outlook , hopefully he’ll be a good influence on his Sherlock fans.   I have never seen Jonny Lee do anything I didn’t like so I am also trying to be objective about it.  Jonny’s Sherlock will likely be more wounded than anything we’ve seen so far, could be interesting.  I doubt Joan will win me over but i’m sure she’ll try hard, I agree with Benedict it’ll b hard 2 have the same connection between them that John/Sherlock do..

  • http://twitter.com/Badeemz J.B.

    Elementary is just another formulaic CBS cop show. There is nothing special about it and no depth. It will suck in my opinion. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    “there might be sexual tension between Joan and Sherlock, which is [a different dynamic than you'd have] between the two men.” Johnlock shippers would beg to differ.

    • anon

      so even though one of the actors of the pair you ship says that they’re is absolutely no sexual tension and that it would be a completely different show if there was, you still actively ship it? that makes sense

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        Different people can see different things in the portrayal of characters, regardless of whether one is an actor or not. Granted, I’ve always seen Sherlock and Watson in ‘Sherlock’ as being more romantic thing at times rather than sexual but there has been some sexual tension.

      • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

        Hell, Benedict and Martin have been approached about whether they’d be okay with a kissing scene, that has to tell you there’s SOMETHING there.

    • Davenport

      He he… Johnlock… John Locke…

  • Musician

    Cumberbatch has always argued that there isn’t any sexual tension between John and Sherlock. It doesn’t surprise me that he is continuing to do so.

  • Amy

    No sexual tension between John and Sherlock, my arse.

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    Benedict is such a good sport :)

  • Kaitie

    Good guy Cumberbatch strikes again!!!

  • XTCkid

    So the first comment and the reply to that about tumblr and grilled cheese and a rock is now on tumblr with 400+ notes. Well done, hypable commenters XD 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alyssa-Karounos/1248275691 Alyssa Karounos

    Elementary will never be as good as Sherlock what with Sherlock breaking all the boundaries. I also am NOT queen with the whole “Joan” situation but I will give this new show a shot. 

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