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Nearly three years since it first aired in the U.K., the cult British dark-comedy superhero drama hits American screens tonight. It stars the recently announced Mortal Instruments actor, Robert Sheehan.

Despite being on Hulu for a while, this will be the first American broadcast of Misfits. The delay is probably due to graphic content and controversial humour in the series, which premières on Logo at 10/9c. For those of you who are intrigued, check out a synopsis for the first episode below.

Nathan, Kelly, Simon, Alisha and Curtis were expecting their community service to be boring. However after a freak thunderstorm they discover that it is anything but dull. Bestowed with strange powers, the five very different teens realize they have a lot more to worry about than just picking up litter, especially as they discover that they are not the only ones who have been given strange powers. Secrets will be revealed, feelings brought to the surface and relationships formed and broken. But hey, its only 6 weeks of community service; what’s the worst that could happen?

We also have a trailer for the first series!

Will you be giving Misfits a try, or coming back for a repeat viewing?

  • Hugo Weasley

    what the hell is controversial humor?

    • gcw07

      I just take that as code for meaning not funny.

      • DP

        As someone who’s seen every episode, I can tell you that Misfits is hilarious. The controversial part comes from the fact that the humor usually involves sexual content, swearing, etc. Some might think it sounds juvenile, but just remember that this show won the BAFTA and is in fact amazing! 

        • Hugo Weasley

          I know I watch the show. Don’t see how or why the US insists on buying foreign shows and censoring them…

          • DP

            I agree. It’s pointless to censor Misfits, it’s an essential part of the show and decreases the quality. Show it how it’s meant to be or not at all. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaccss Alex Smith

    Can’t wait!

    Just preordered the dvd from Amazon the other day as well

  • Elletnah

    Unless they leave it uncut the show will not be the same over here… I like watching it on Hulu

  • snuffy

    Direct TV doesnt have Logo. DAMN

  • Tennis4Life

    Does this count for Canada? I’ve never heard of “Logo”…

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