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The chain-mail spandex that Henry Cavill will be wearing in Man of Steel is currently on display at San Diego Comic-Con, giving us our first detailed look at Supes’ new costume.

Hidden behind a perplex case (presumably to prevent Lex Luthor cosplayers from getting their mitts on Clark Kent’s disguise), it’s noticeably darker than previous incarnations. It also seems that the iconic bright yellow belt is less of a belt and more of a… fashion statement.

Check out the photos below, courtesy of Empire.

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What do you think of the suit now you can study it a little more closely than before?

  • njandro625

    It is a lot more modern than the original which is probably what the series needs for a successful reboot.  At least we have something good to look at for the many sequels that will undoubtedly be coming out.

  • Hehedied

    Wow I like this.

  • http://twitter.com/dreamfall31 Kevin Slechta

    No more red underwear makes it soooo much better!

  • Freak 16107

    I appreciate that they are going for a more alien look to it, while still keeping the recognizable colors, cape, and supe symbol. This is a suit worthy of his powers. Less costume-y and more organic and living part of him.

  • gcw07

    Not bad looking. So I’m going to assume the suit was in his ship or something because it is a little to advanced for Ma Kent to have sewn.

  • the Flash likes

    My visceral reaction is that the suit can do whatever it wants to me. My quick second, more intellectual reaction is that I would top it in flight.

  • http://hypable.com John Thrasher

    For the record, I tried to get really good pictures while I was at this booth but the reflection from the GIANT screens 2 feet away from the glass case were reflecting and I couldn’t get a good shot at all! Nice work, Empire!

  • Damario81

    I like it but the suit is to damn dark the blue is too dark they should had known from bryan singers mistake with the superman returns the red is cool i like the other images better simple fact cause i seen the image with him the bright red and yellow and blue why ruin a truthfully good movie thats been around for a good minute they need to bright the blue up and the emblem color give fan what there looking for at least shit this aint batman and nolan already ruined that plus zack snyder should be giving us one hell of a movie hopefully like i said learn from superman returns and how much of a mistake that was very terrible and maybe if this does go right make death and return of superman movie with cyborg superman, the steel character, and superboy, eridacator, dont let fans down.

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