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The weekend has come to a close, with The Amazing Spider-Man faring quite well in the grand scheme of things. A complete box office wrap after the jump.

#1. The Amazing Spider-Man

Weekend: $65 million
Total: $140 million
Theaters: 4,318
Budget: $230 million
CinemaScore: A-
Rotten Tomatoes: 73%
Hypable Grade: B-

In terms of the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty difficult to peg what constitues a successful six-day opening, particularly for a blockbuster such as The Amazing Spider-Man. $140 million certainly isn’t something to be too upset about, and with an “A-” CinemaScore, the film will likely holdover fairly well…Until The Dark Knight Rises is released, that is.

Seriously, why release Spider-Man two weeks ahead of The Dark Knight Rises? That doesn’t make much sense from a business standpoint, does it?

Did you see The Amazing Spider-Man yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

#2. Ted

Universal has got to be pleased about this one, as Ted managed just a 40% drop from its very solid opening weekend. With $120 million domestically so far on a $50 million budget, means this one is well on its way to box office gold.

Weekend: $32.5 million (-40.3%) | Theaters: 2,239 | Budget: $50 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#3. Brave

Brave continues to perform admirably, as the film as lowered to just a 40% dip in its third week, compared with a 48% last week. $174 million domestically so far on a $185 million budget means that the film’s success will be based on international results, which aren’t yet known considering most markets haven’t opened yet.

Weekend: $20.1 million (-40.9%) | Theaters: 4,164 | Budget: $185 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#4. Savages

Given the film’s reported “C+” CinemaScore, and the fact its an R-rated film from Oliver Stone, $16 million is actually a surprisingly high number after just a $5 million haul on Friday. This actually marks the third highest opening weekend for Stone, with a decent 6k per theater average. The real question is whether the film will get anything in the way of a box office holdover next weekend. That $45 million budget still looms large.

Weekend: $16.1 million | Theaters: 2,628 | Budget: $45 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#5. Magic Mike

For Magic Mike everything here on out is gravy, as it has now grossed $72 million domestically on a $7 million budget. Studios have got to love Soderbergh, who can stretch a budget like few others, which, in this day and age, is a major skill for any director. Good thing it’s been successful so far, as a 60% drop isn’t great.

Weekend: $15.6 million (-60.1%) | Theaters: 2,930 | Budget: $7 million | Hypable Grade: B+

#6. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection

Are people really still seeing these? That $20 million production budget seems a little steep here, as Madea films continue to perform worse and worse of late. But who’s keeping track?

Weekend: $10.2 million (-59.7%) | Theaters: 2,161 | Budget: $20 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#7. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Now the second highest grossing animated film of the year, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted continues to bring in family dollar, as it’s sitting at $450 million worldwide. Ice Age: Continental Drift opens next weekend and is already crushing the competition overseas, so don’t expect this one to gross much more in the coming weeks.

Weekend: $7.7 million (-34.7%) | Theaters: 4,258 | Budget: $145 million | Hypable Grade: B

#8. Katy Perry: Part of Me

Yikes. Katy Perry: Part of Me clearly is underperforming, after a four-day gross of only $10.2 million. Looks like the 3D concert film isn’t always an easy profit. Did you see this one this weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Weekend: $7.1 million | Theaters: 2,730 | Budget: $12 million | Hypable Grade: N/A

#9. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom continues to perform well, as it expands into even more theaters each week. Have you seen it? If so, take a look at our discussion with Wes Anderson Here!

Weekend: $4.8 million | Theaters: 884 | Budget: $16 million | Hypable Grade: Here

#10. To Rome With Love

While nowhere near the success that Midnight in Paris had, Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love is definitely making a bit of bank as it expands even further this weekend. Have you seen it yet? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Weekend: $3.5 million | Theaters: 806 | Budget: N/A | Hypable Grade: N/A



There you have it. Leave any thoughts in the comments and we’ll be back next weekend with another box office wrap!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.smith07 Heather Smith

    I actually enjoyed Spider-Man, though Andrew Garfield was definitely the best part, and I don’t know if I’d have enjoyed quite as much if he hadn’t been playing Peter. Glad it’s doing well at the box-office, it was certainly very busy when I saw it yesterday here in Canada.

  • Laura Jones

    i’ve seen it twice in IMAX 3D and it was fantastic- the swinging scenes looked great in IMAX! I thought the film was the right combination of funny, emotional and action! and Andrew Garfield was great! i really really enjoyed him as Peter! It’s been sold out hours in advance both times i’ve seen it!

  • d3erudite

    I loved Spiderman . It was definitely better than the tobey maguire films . Why Katy Perry would release a concert film is beyond me. I would’ve preferred a Barry manilow or Marilyn Manson film. Speaking of Marilyn , does anyone know if there is a film about him? I love his music and I’m not allowed to go to his concerts

    • http://twitter.com/20619T Craig Thomson

      He is in some films as a character, mostly supporting roles, but I don’t know of a film about him.

      Hilarious in ‘Party Monster’ though

  • Sarah

    I’ve seen it three times, but I do agree that the release was very awkward. To release it both on a Tuesday and two weeks before TKR was just silly. Still, I really really enjoy it and I’m glad it’s going alright at the box office.

    • Guest02

      Sony has to continue releasing spiderman films to keep licensing rights.

      Also, he’s dressed in red and blue…

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