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The Amazing Spider-Man comes out today and while Sony believes they’re looking at $110 million, others are thinking $120 million or more.

We reported recently that the Spider-Man reboot had already started strong overseas, bringing in $50.2 million from only 13 markets over this past weekend, beating out even the colossal Avengers in India’s market.

Although, this isn’t necessarily a surprise since we saw pre-release tracking at $125 million just a few weeks ago. This is mostly because the Spider-Man franchise already has a large fan base, which is either definitely interested in the reboot, or dying to compare it to its previous trilogy. Either way, they’re going to the theaters to see it this week.

With two young stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the younger crowd is sure to see the web-slinger starting today and continuing throughout this week. The Amazing Spider-Man’s only true problem is that in a little more than two weeks, The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters on July 20.

The Avengers had such an amazing box-office run not only because it was an incredible film, but also because it had very little in its way at theaters in the following weeks after its premiere. With this not being the case with Spider-Man, Sony has to hope that die-hard fans go to IMAX and 3D showings multiple times within the next two weeks to reach their high box-office estimates before the Bat-Signal gets turned on and the box-office behemoth rises.

Source: THR

  • Azeem

    I love the last sentence of your article.

  • Pixie

    “box-office behemoth rises”…brilliant!! And yes, the behemoth will ‘rise’ even without 3D. I can say this with full confidence that TDKR will end up as the highest grossing non-3D film of all time worldwide. 

    For me, ‘Titanic’ is a 3D film now (it crossed the $2bn mark worldwide only after it re-released in 3D).

  • guest

    I’m so happy the spider-man reboot is doing so darn well considering the naysayers were all up trying to down-grade it!

  • Dlmarvin05

    I thought this one was brilliantly made! Plus, it’s already following the actual tale of spider man really well; unlike the other one. Don’t get me wrong. I like Toby, in the first one. But 2 and especially 3 just were terrible. This one seems to be doing fantastic right off the bat

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