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The famed composer responsible for some of the most iconic modern movie themes of the decade has signed on to score the latest Superman installation, Man of Steel.

Fresh off of his groundbreaking (we can only assume) score for The Dark Knight Rises, according to THR, the composer will re-team with Warner Bros. in the studio’s latest DC character reboot.

What do you think? Excited to see his haunting tunes enter Metropolis?

  • Meselyn

    Oooooh! I like this! I’ve loved Hans Zimmer since his work on the Pirates of the Caribbean films (2,3,4). I think he’ll do a great job, so long as he keeps the original theme song with it.

    • http://www.twitter.com/chadadada Chadadada

      The original Superman theme by John Williams will not be used in this movie. It’s a complete reboot, which means new theme song. 

      • Meselyn

        Ah! Oh well. It was a great theme and I’m more than confident Hans Zimmer will come up with a great one as well

  • http://www.twitter.com/chadadada Chadadada

    Zimmer would not have been my choice for this, not by a long shot. I really like his film scores, but I don’t want to hear more Pirates or Batman like we ALWAYS do. Please, Mr. Zimmer, give us something original! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1508087481 Jed Joseph Anderson

      you don’t know how to listen to scores, do you? that’s unfortunate

      • Kate

        Enlighten us?

        I’m not agreeing with this person necessarily, but I’m curious as to what allows you this high and mighty attitude.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1508087481 Jed Joseph Anderson

          Haha if you listen to Zimmer’s work, you would understand that each movies score that he has done has a unique feel to it and he has done well, some great examples of how diverse his music can be are:

          -Sherlock Holmes
          -Pirates of the Carribean
          -Dark Knight 

          that is just to name the popular ones he has composed to help people think about how different he can make movies sound for the mood and tone of scenes.

          Yes during each of these movies you hear a very similar sound throughout, but I find very minute similarities if you begin to compare across different scores.

          • Kent

             Don’t forget Lion King! lol

          • http://www.twitter.com/chadadada Chadadada

            I’d like to start with the fact that I personally own 86 complete film scores, 7 of which are Zimmer’s, and I am also studying music in college. I very much understand “how” to listen to film scores. That being said, this is also all my own opinion.

            I love Hans Zimmer’s scores. They’re always lots of fun. Dead Man’s Chest is one of my favorites. However, I also think that lots of his stuff sounds the same. Not necessarily Dark Knight and Pirates, but definitely Pirates and Gladiator, along with some of Sherlock Holmes. Dark Knight and Inception have lots of similarities as well. Don’t get me wrong; I really enjoy all of these, but I can smell a Zimmer score a mile away, and not necessarily for what I would consider the “right” reasons. If it was purely a dominating style that carried through all of his film scores, I’d be completely okay with that; that’s the way John Williams is. But Zimmer’s themes often seem to overlap across films, which I’m not a huge fan of. 

            I once was listening to the end credits of a film that I hadn’t seen or heard of as it ended on television, thought it sounded like Pirates, declared it to be Zimmer, and whaddya know? It was The Last Samurai, film score courtesy of Mr. Hans Zimmer. 

            Again, I’d like to emphasize that I think that his scores are lots of fun; I just think he could stand to individualize each one better than he does. Like I said, though, this is just my opinion. Who knows? Maybe Zimmer will completely surprise me and deliver a fantastic score with plenty of new, original content and a beautiful theme fitting of the updated hero. Here’s hoping he proves me wrong!

          • http://www.twitter.com/chadadada Chadadada

            Oh, and I would have chosen between James Newton Howard, Michael Giacchino, or maybe even Patrick Doyle…he’s been impressing me lately, despite my disdain for his HP/GoF score. The more likely choice for me would have been Giacchino, though – he’s probably the most talented composer around right now. He can compose for anything, so I’d love to hear him do a big superhero film score!

          • hpatdh33

            I really like the GOF score, I think it was a good transition from Williams style into Nicholas Hooper’s style.  I loved the waltz used and Harry in Winter, and you can’t forget Hogwarts Hymn.  
            Giacchino’s Incredibles score is definitely a superhero score.  I agree he’s one of the best out there but I think Alexandre Desplat is the most versatile composer out there.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1508087481 Jed Joseph Anderson

            ok, I would have to agree that Michale Giacchino is a great composer, in fact he is my favorite. He did marvelous work with LOST as well as Up, just to name two.

          • hpatdh33

            I know what your saying, I agree, he doesn’t truly repeat himself, Frost/Nixon is another original score.  I think people think it sounds the same because everyone now uses the techniques and sounds he has created.  Many soundtracks have ripped off his originality and I think people get confused with that.

          • http://www.twitter.com/chadadada Chadadada

            In response to your GoF comment (which it won’t let me reply to), my problem wasn’t necessarily with the music itself; taken out of the context of Harry Potter, the music was very enjoyable. But in the HP universe, I didn’t feel like it fit in. It’s difficult for me to explain because I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that upsets me about it, but I’ve long disliked Doyle’s GoF score. Go figure. 

            As for the Incredibles being a superhero score, I know. I own it. I specified “big” superhero film score in reference to something like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, etc. I love the Incredibles score, but they’re not the types of superheroes I was referring to.

            Also, in response to the actual comment I’m replying to, I definitely do not think they sound the same because I’m “confused”. I think Zimmer scores sound the same because I think they sound the same. Haha. Danny Elfman has the same problem lots of the time.

            /in my opinion

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1508087481 Jed Joseph Anderson

      also, what movies would you say Zimmer sound just like Pirates and Dark Knight (two very different sounds)

  • Mel823

    I love Zimmer, but I wished they had used somebody else. 

  • 7Starrchasers

    OH MY GOD…..YES!

  • Lord Menon

    I was hoping Man of Steel would have more of an electronic background score, like in Tron Legacy, as it is a science fantasy movie….I guess Zimmer will have to do….But I hope he doesn’t repeat himself……

  • hpatdh33

    Zimmer is the only modern day composer that experiments profoundly and creates fresh music and sounds.  I am a huge fan of the classic score technique (especially Alexandre Desplat) but Zimmer is who i would trust with something original.  

  • MillerT1

    After his work on the Batman films and the not-so-good Superman Returns, I think it’s clear that Zimmer won’t be using Williams’ theme. He has created a new sound for Batman. I’m sure he’s gonna create a new sound for Superman.

  • Avengerbender

    I thought he didn’t want to do it cuz he loves John Williams and wouldn’t dare replace him. What happened to your promise Hans???? HUH???? WHAT HAPPENED????

  • Hehedied

    I think superman needs a new sound… And Zimmerman is perfect for that

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