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One of the producers of Misfits has teased fans with two shots of several new cast members, as well as hinting at when we can expect series 4 to début!

Matt Strevens shared the photos on Twitter, which feature two of the new cast members with their backs to the camera, apparently in conversation with Joeseph Gilgun.

Image credit – Matt Strevens

While the photo isn’t very revealing, we can take an educated guess that the mysterious cast members are Nathan McMullen and Karla Crome as new characters Finn and Jess respectively (as was revealed last month). In another revealing – yet unsurprising – tidbit, Strevens also hinted that we’ll be seeing the fourth series air in November.

What do you think of the shots?

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    They should have packed up shop, the best aspects of the show (the actors) are all gone except curtis … and lets be honest, he wasn’t the pull in for the show. 

    • DP

      I’m kind of tempted to agree with you here. One of the reasons why I love British TV is that they pack it in when it needs to be over. They don’t draw things out and bombard us with a huge number of seasons and episodes, which leads to higher quality shows. Though I don’t think the Series 3 finale would have worked that well as a finale for the entire show, I’m not so sure about it continuing. 

      • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

        I would have changed the ending to the second season  where they lost their powers and returned to being just plain old normal teenagers and had a show that lasted two great seasons. 

    • j_oreilly

      In my opinion they had two options; pack up shop or get an entirely new cast. Packing up shop was a valid option for obvious reasons. However I think the script writers and directors still have potential to create good stuff for Misfits. It would have been a risk, and could have gone very wrong, but if it succeeded it could have been just as brilliant as the the first two series. 

  • Guest

    I’m trying to figure out what is going on in the second picture. Rudy is obviously on his mobile phone, and some other male character (Other Rudy? Finn? Alex?) is looking at him. I can’t tell what the girl I assume to be Jess is doing. But what is that girl’s/woman’s face doing on the screen? Is that a reflection or something? Hmm, they seem to be outside doing their community service.

    Well, we’ll see when it comes on.

  • Glaciusx

    We’ll see how this goes….won’t be the same without my shark, but I’ll give it a chance. :(

  • alain amir

    no simon…..no alecia…no kelly….so mad right now

  • Masterki2309


  • http://twitter.com/doglovr95 Jessica

    At first I was really upset
    when I heard that the only person from the original cast, that was going to be
    in the show, was Curtis. I thought “great now the shows only going to
    tank,” but then I remembered when we lost Nathan and added Rudy. I thought
    that I would absolutely hate Rudy’s character, but honestly he’s really grown
    on me and now he’s one of my favorites. So I think that even though we’re
    getting a whole new cast, almost, that it’s gonna turn out okay. I think the writers/directors
    did a really nice job with Rudy’s character (actor, story line, etc…) so I
    think they’ll do well with this too. Before everyone starts hating on the show
    because we’ve lost so many of the original cast, let’s give it a chance.
    Because I for one have never truly been disappointed with Misfits.

  • Crystal

    i really hope they find some way to bring Simon and Alisha back on the show, that would make things even more perfect then they are. it hurt my heart when they decided to replace Nathan but then Rudy really grew on me and im not much of a person who likes change in my shows. and season 3 ended in the worst way for me. Simon was the whole reason i stared the show… i feel like he was the show. Now i don;t know what to do. Just please, oh please bring them back…

    • Jasmine

      gosh i feel the exact same way!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Yale-Dikes/1733656930 Yale Dikes

      I agree, but British shows love to kill off the best chraacters.

    • Zioma

      I agree with you, it’s really sad that it ended that way… I was all the way for Alisha x Simon
      But i do feel like it was a strange twisted happy ending for them
      They get to live eternity together, when Simon always chooses to go back in time to save her, and die for her again and again.
      As Kelly said “I think he’s dead romantic” ironically she uses the word “dead” XD (Totally love Kelly btw <3)
      I do feel like i got a closed ending for both of them, and it feels tragically good.

      I really like both of that characters, but i don't think they will come back soon… Someone said that they might be coming back in season 5 if there will be to see them in Las Vegas but who knows

      No regret – great show… Will totally keep watching. Got hooked on it since i saw the first episode. Apparently I love black comedies XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.willett.54 Ryan Willett

    Honestly, was disappointed when Nathan left. Figured after the conclusion of last season that it would be the end of the show. Always loved it, but expected that it would be short run, and was somewhat satisfied that it was concluded. It kind of went full circle. Now if they are bringing in new characters I’m not sure what to feel about season 4. I will watch, but not all that excited. All that said, it’s a great show.

  • megan

    im gonna cry..not fair, bring them back now! this is going to ruin the show for me now..

  • Joel

    I wish they didn’t kill off simon and alisha. after seeing the “Erazer” episode in the season 4 teaser, i thought they were going to close time gap n have simon n alisha back again.. Best way to start season 4: start where season 3 left with curtis and rudy standin on the roof after seein simon off to his “time travel escapade”. than they turn around and to see simon and alisha walk up…then use their famous line, “so what are we doing today” and close the gap seemlessly, as if they never left in the first place. XD, but going by the ‘time travellers paradox theory’, you cant go back to change a past event, because if you change the event so that it never happened, than thered be no reason to go back in the first place, which i think the director knew judging by the dialogue at the end of season 3..love this show, hope they bring the main characters back,and hope its not crap without them…

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