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Charlie Theron, currently active with Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman, would like to appear on Game of Thrones.

In a new interview with ScreenRant, Theron expressed her enthusiasm for the show:

I like a lot of different shows. (Laughs) I watch a lot of stuff that people are somewhat shocked by – but I am absolutely like foaming at the mouth over Game of Thrones. Like, I can not get enough of that. When my son came in my life, that was a bottle feed because I couldn’t watch television; I used to watch so little. That was my TiVo feed every two hours – watching Game of Thrones. My mom was like, “Do you think it’s fine that you’re feeding your son while there’s like sword fights?” I was like, “It’s fine, Mom. It’s fine.”

She also says that she’d like to appear on the show:

I’d be totally open to it. I’m open to anything, dude. [Speaking to aliens] I’d be like “Hey, alien, what do you think of Game of Thrones? Lord Snow, really?” (Laughter)

But what role would she play? Cersei is already taken, after all! Any suggestions?

  • grapes9h5

    She would have been an amazing Cersei indeed, but there certainly must be a character she would be just as good for. She would have made a great Brienne as well (see her film “Monster” for example). I only just started to read the books so I cant gleam that far into the future, but there must be another uber powerful female in this world for her to take on. If not the showrunners should get together with George RR Martin and create one for her.

  • http://twitter.com/BrandiTiana Brandi Delhagen

    She would have portrayed a BRILLIANT Cersei!! Thats too bad.

    • http://twitter.com/Tran_Nagwaian Tran Nguyen

      Agreed, but Lena is amazing! And bears more of a resemblance to Nikolaj than Charlize.

  • Theaterboy1

    What about one of the new characters we’ve been hearing about? Isn’t Stannis’ wife among them? Couldn’t Charlize Theron play her?? I think it would be a cool casting choice.

  • http://hypable.com Selina

    I’m thinking Val? :)

    • stark447

      OMG YES. 
      I would die of happiness. 


    I think we have found our Septa Lemore…Hot,mysterious,and with a past

  • isenhobbitz

    Can this please happen? PLEASE?!?!?!!

  • Liderc

    She’d be an amazing fit. Definitely has the right look and acting ability.

  • Lord Menon

    I doubt theyll have her…….maybe a guest appearance…….

  • :(

    Charlize is amazing.

  • usurper17

    The only character I think she could potentially play is Mance Rayder’s wife, I think her name is Val? I’ve only read through A Storm of Swords and the part seems minimal as of now though I am not sure if we revisit her character. Just a thought! Great post though!

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