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Note: This piece is in response to Andrew’s opinion article last night.

After having watched Sony’s E3 presentation, and read the many comments on the Book of Spells articles on here, I’ve decided to argue in favor of Sony. Please, save your wrath for the end.

I don’t think it is fair to hate on Sony or Rowling for this announcement. Frankly, I was quite impressed to see a completely original idea from Sony. Lately, I feel like Sony and Microsoft have just been carbon copies of Nintendo. Wait, I take that back, they added cameras! But really, I never would have imagined using the Playstation’s Eye Camera to make books and stories come to life. Yes, it is aimed at kids and families with young children, but as a young adult I was still impressed with the announcement.

And even as a young adult, I would be thrilled to play Book of Spells. Rowling said it herself when she said the game “is the closest a Muggle can come to a real spellbook.” I don’t have the Move system or the Wonderbook (obviously) but count me in! If they come out with a bundle package, I’d defiantly consider it. But that’s just me. I’ve seen many fans putting their opinions against it out there tonight, including a whole article about it just an hour after the conference finished.

The two main arguments I’ve seen are: “Why not just put out a real Encyclopedia?” and “It’s not fair to people that don’t have a PS3, it’s too exclusive.”

Let’s take a look at that first argument. First off, I think people are upset because when we heard Rowling was working on new content, and Bloomsbury disappointed us when we found out they were relying on already published material for a revenue boost. No one said anything about a Harry Potter Encyclopedia, and there is no reason to connect Book of spells to an Encyclopedia. Sure, it will have some new content, but that will happen with any new Potter product.

Which brings me to the second argument. Yes, only people with all the proper equipment will be able to play this new game, but why is that any different than any other Potter product? Take Pottermore. I have friends who still don’t have internet where they live, they can’t access it. Does that mean Pottermore is ruining Harry Potter? How about The Wizarding World in Orlando? Millions of Potter fans don’t have the money or access to go there and taste the park-exclusive Butterbeer. Does that mean Universal is ruining Harry Potter? There’s no way I’ll be able to go see the Harry Potter Studio Tour in England until I have a lot of disposable income. Does that mean WB is ruining Harry Potter?

All those things are exclusive, and that’s what makes them special. What we don’t have access to, we find ways to access, such as the Harry Potter wikia or one of the many fan websites. Personally, I think it’s a bit drastic to say Sony is ruining Harry Potter, or that we should be disappointed in them or Rowling. There will always be something exclusive that everyone is longing for.

I understand the price of all the equipment needed for Book of Spells is a lot of money, I really do. But if it all only cost $20 or $30, like a new book would, I’m willing to bet there’d be a lot less complaining and more praising. Let’s not be so hasty to hate just because this content will cost us money. Anyone seen the price for a ticket to Islands of Adventure where The Wizarding World is located lately? It’s not cheap either, but we hail Universal for their wonderful experience. How about we give Sony a chance?

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  • GinnyWeasley002

    I do agree, it’s a bit drastic to say “Ruining”, and yes, the whole IDEA of the thing with the book, and everything, is definitely incredible and original. 

    And honestly, I don’t care that you can only get butterbeer at Orlando…that’s too be expected. If everyone else had the same recipe it would just be boring.

    But, what annoys me about this whole thing, is that it’s new INFO. You’re learning more stuff, AND playing a game.
    What I wish, is that a couple months after this game is released, once they have time to make sales, they make the information in it available to everyone…maybe not on the internet, if they were REALLY that picky about getting money, but just in a small book or something. THAT I would definitely buy.

    • jghike

      I completely understand. Bu if you Google Harry Potter wikia, there’s a really good website that posts new information pretty much as soon as it came out. They had McGonagall’s history on her entry before I ever read it on Pottermore.

  • Ziziberto

    Couldn’t agree more. 

  • http://twitter.com/TheWhiteSwan TheWhiteSwan

    With all the equipment that a fan would need to buy they could spend several days in the wizarding world. Yes it is disappointing and money is a hugely important factor. I dont like getting ripped off like in the case of Warner Brothers’ ridiculously priced ultimate dvd collection. Maybe the technology will be great but the requirement for a fan to buy it all just to read some extra content is taking advantage of the love fans have for Harry Potter.

    • jghike

      I don’t know about you, but I live in Ohio and it would cost way more to fly down there, buy a ticket and a hotel room than it would to buy a ps3 and the equipment for it.

  • TheHamburglar

    THANK YOU. You will probably be attacked in the comments, but I really appreciate the objectivity. Agree with you 100%. For all we know there could be 2 lines of new information and all of this whining from the fans on here will be for nothing. Wait for it to be released before you judge (I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot on Potter articles…)

    • jghike

      Thanks! Actually, the comments haven’t been too bad so far, especially if you go read the ones on the other article, lol.

    • Clarinet2357

      I am not part of the raging fan mob, but I do not feel that this article deserves praise for objectivity…  It is a single fan’s point of view, based on OPINIONS about the purchasing of a PS3 system.  I am mildly irritated by Sony, but I know that the info will get out eventually. Just acknowledge that both articles are OPINIONS, and not really objective at all.

  • GibsonD90

    This is getting ridiculous. They are all just doing business. Millions of people love Harry Potter, so if they can convince some of those people to buy a PS3, or buy Playstation Move along with this Wonderbook, then mission accomplished. They aren’t thinking “How can we ruin Harry Potter and the fandom by releasing new information on a console that no everyone has?”

    I may be a lucky one in this situation because I do have a PS3 and Move, so if this is reasonably priced I might pick it up. But in case it wasn’t clear these are going to be stories of how a few spells came about, not the entire back story of the Marauders or Voldemort. 

    Rather than be happy that Harry Potter is continuing and finding new platforms to continue releasing new things, people want to complain! 

    I agree with this opinion piece by the way…

    • Laura

      I’m not one of those people in a rage about this, but just wanna point out in regards to this statement:

      “They aren’t thinking ‘How can we ruin Harry Potter and the fandom by
      releasing new information on a console that no everyone has?’”

      … Um, duh? No one thinks Sony is out to “ruin” Harry Potter ON PURPOSE. At least, I hope no one does. There are many who people do, however, believe they are still ruining it unintentionally.

  • http://twitter.com/Exlonox Shea Flynn

    Well-reasoned counter-argument. As a Potter fan, I think some of the other reactions are a bit drastic. I say, let’s wait until it’s closer to coming out and we have more information before we bite of Rowling’s or Sony’s metaphorical heads.

  • Tom

    You can’t really compare it with the Wizarding World or Studio Tour.

    The problem with this new game is: 
    - for years we have been teased about an encyclopaedia (for charity) with lots of new info written by JKR.
    - Within the last year we’ve been promised lots of new content to be released (for free) on Pottermore.

    It’s therefore disappointing to now find out that to access some of that information we’re going to have to own all of this expensive equipment.

    If they release all of the new content simultaneously in this game and on Pottermore, then I have no problem with it. But I don’t think that’s likely.

  • Mrs_Badcrumble

    I agreed with Andrew’s article, and I agree with this too. Both articles have truth in them, in my opinion.
    Yes, it is obviously reasonable that big companies like Sony will want a share in the Potter success train. And it’s great that they do. It’s things like these that keep the Potter wheel rolling.
    Now having said that, it’s a pity that none of these things are ever oriented at the original fans. Those that started reading the books more than a decade ago and grew up with these story. Those fans that are now adults and would like to have something worthwhile added to the Potter universe, just for once.

    Of course this game will not ruin the Potter experience (only play if you want to…) but wouldn’t it be great if the new material could be presented both for a young audience as for a more mature one?

  • Arielle

    You make valid points, but you’ve minimized the cost aspect at the end, which for me is my major qualm with the idea of the Book of Spells.  Why should I have to go out and buy 300 dollars worth of gaming equipment and accessories for one game? I have no interest in owning a PS3, so while it may not cost as much as a plane ticket+day passes to the Wizarding World, it would feel like a greater waste of money.  

    • hpboy13

      Um, you DON’T have to go out and buy anything.  Here’s a wild idea – if you feel like it’s a great waste of money, just don’t buy it.  I don’t get why so many people are acting as if they’re being forced to buy this at gunpoint.

  • Alex


    thank you!!! this needed to be said desperately and you said it more eloquently than I could.

    hopefully it will cool down the hate-rade in fandom for a while.

    (since sadly I dont think it will ever be over because people Always have to find something to complain about) 

    thanks a lot for being brave enough to post this! 

  • Samuel

    I have to say that I disagree. Firstly, you say Pottermore is too exclusive as well, which I think it is – to me the Pottermore information, also presented by Sony, should be in a book where anyone and everyone can see and read it for free from a library, also unlike this new release. But at least people can access Pottermore from a library. Second, you say that if the price were cheaper, more people would praise it, which yes they may, but its not that cheap. It’s not about people having to spend a bit of money, it’s about the fact that there are some people who will not be able to experience this new information because they simply can’t afford it, which isn’t fair on these fans. You end the article by saying ‘how about we give Sony a chance’, something we keep doing with Pottermore as it is.

    • jghike

      People will be able to look at this new information online once somebody posts it, so there are alternatives to buying the game. Apply your second point to The Wizarding World. Seem people can’t experience that because they simply can’t afford it, which also isn’t fair. Why aren’t we hating on Universal?

      • Samuel

        The wizarding world isn’t new canon information tht everyone should be able to experience first hand. And sure, everyone will see the information online but we have info of all the Potter books online but we still want to read those ourselves.

        • jghike

          I have to disagree with you a bit there. While the Wizarding World may not be canon information, I think it’s even more powerful because it’s a canon experience. We can actually know what Butterbeer tastes like, we can actually walk through parts of Hogwarts, the three broomsticks, hagrid’s hut, and many shops. In my opinion, that’s something that everyone should be able to experience first hand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

    For your argument you pointed out the fact that not everyone can go to Pottermore or go to the Wizarding World in Orlando because, of course, it takes money. But you can’t really compare them to this at all because there are alternatives for those things. But now Sony is just exploiting the HP fandom for its own profit and we shouldn’t just ‘accept’ it. The fans have the right to get mad and voice their opinion if we find this absurd.

    • jghike

      What alternatives are there to The Wizarding World? Making your own Butterbeer? Okay, I’ll accept that, but then you can say there are alternatives to this new information, such as looking it up online when someone posts it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

        Ofcourse anybody can post it online but my point is that these big fat corporations will do anything for money. Look at the way they are exploiting the fandom into buying the equipment just for their profit. And the worst part is the fans can’t even do anything about it. This is why I got bugged.

        • jghike

          I just don’t understand why we aren’t complaining about Universal. They just recently upped their ticket prices, and I bet they’ll make even more money from that. They’re exploiting us too, all they care about is money too. Why aren’t we holding them to the same standard? If anything, I think Universal is worse because of how much they charge for everything.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1045615098 Riana-Tiana Menezes

            I completely agree with you. And btw ‘Universal’ is also included in the “big fat corporations” I mentioned above. That’s all these companies are good for, exploiting the customer. Nothing else.

          • http://britishhobo.myopenid.com/ BritishHobo

            I think you’re being pretty ridiculous. “Big fat corporations”? They build a *theme park*, that costs billions of dollars, and it provides an amazing unique experience pretty much no other book series has gotten. And they’re a ‘big fat corporation’ why? Because they won’t let people in for free? In what way is that exploiting the customer? If people didn’t pay for tickets, they couldn’t run a theme park, and they would never have been able to build a Harry Potter theme park.

            “That’s all they’re good for”? Without Universal, there’d be no awesome theme park. Without Sony, no Pottermore, no game. None of these things are integral to being a fan, but they provide unique, fun experiences that are well worth the price.

            And I don’t in any way understand how Sony are apparently exploiting fans of the Harry Potter series. They’ve got a fun game that requires their new hardware to run because it’s tailor-made to run on that software so kids can play at casting spells. All the game contains is some Harry Potter spells. You can continue to read the books, pay no money at all, and it won’t matter at all. Where exactly is the exploitation? 

            This just seems bizarre, baseless hatred of corporations for no reason at all.

        • Becca

          Of course the fans can do something about it, you just said yourself anyone can post it online. Businesses exist to make a profit, if you don’t want to give them your money, don’t.

  • ErinHP

    Video games make people feel lazy and brainwashed, while books make you feel relaxed, productive, and intellectual. I understand your point, but the nearly indescribable fact is that there is nothing like reading a book.

    • jghike

      I’m not arguing which is better. Although I don’t think your first sentence is quite fair, there are many educational video games, which helped me get quite good at subjects like math back when I was a kid. And I agree, there is nothing like reading the Harry Potter books. But this new generation doesn’t know this. I’m looking at the positive, and saying “Okay, so these kids play Book of Spells and get interested in Harry Potter, then go on to discover the books and learn the value of a book.”

      • PurpleKirby

         I disagree with you there, you actually said that videogames (you didn’t exclude educational games etc.) makes you lazy and brainwashed. That was a clear insult against all types of games. Watch your words.
        But I agree with you that kids should read the HP books too when they got into it.

        • ErinHP

          okay, okay i guess i kind of went a little overboard while writing that. I was just mad! I just meant that books are the things that all potterheads love and nothing can be better than reading a book, no matter how much cool technology is used.

    • Geen

      games make you brainwashed and lazy and books intellectual? have you played portal 2? have you read twilight!?

    • Becca

      In what way are you qualified to describe how something makes everyone feel?

  • Astraea

    I would argue that there’s a large difference between new information about the world versus new experiences related to the world (Butterbeer, the Wizarding World experience, seeing the film sets, etc.) Up until now, new canon information has been restricted to some form of readable content, whether that’s online in the form of Pottermore or in the books (and yes, I do wish that Pottermore was available in text format.) Most people want to know as much possible canon information for the books as possible. It’s reasonable that they’d want that information in a similar format, one available to the most fans possible – basically, in Internet or dead-tree format. 

    Internet connections are available through public libraries; a Playstation is not. That restricts the number of people with access to this significantly. Hopefully, people who have the Playstation will upload the information to the HP wiki ASAP (much as the information from Pottermore has made its way into downloadable/printable format and onto other corners of the Internet), but it just sucks that exclusive information is available in a way that’s not going to be accessible to the majority of fandom. Fandom’s disappointed right now because this announcement comes right on the heels of discovering that there are no plans for a book-form Encyclopedia, something that most of fandom had expected would eventually exist. 

    • jghike

      I don’t mean to sound rude, because this is a serious question. Did I miss the announcement that there will never be an encyclopedia? Because I check this site everyday and I don’t remember anything about that.

  • Firebolt2398

    I was fortunate enough to visit WWoHP, and yes, it is pricy. But remember that your ticket includes ALL of the Islands of Adventure, which is equally, if not more, amazing. Pottermore isn’t exactly “exclusive” persay. I understand that some people can’t access it due to Internet complications, but there will always be a select few for every activity who sadly cannot participate. The problem with Book of Spells is that it’s on a console that not many people have, compared to using computers for Pottermore. Many HP fans will not buy an expensive console just to play one game they know they’ll like. If its released on other consoles, perhaps the Xbox 360 or Wii, it would not be as large a problem. On the whole, a large part of HP fans will be missing out on this. Pottermore and even WWoHP is a bit more acessible, which is why the fandom is slightly enraged.

  • belac889

    So if anyone is willing to give me a free PS3, I will be willing to accept, because I want to play this game.

  • Dreamer

    People who don’t have access to Pottermore, Wizarding world, etc have the right to complain. Just like people without a PS3/ 300+ dollars have the right to complain too. Also, having access to the internet is far more common than owning all that PS equipment so Pottermore isn’t nearly as exclusive as this Book of Spells game will be.  The Wizarding world is completely different from a video game. I could go to the wizarding world, touch the walls of the shops, taste the butterbeer, smell the food. With the book of spells I could… wave my controller and watch my TV screen. 

    And I agree, if the game were $20 (and available on wii) I would love it. But it’s not. It’s exclusively for PS3 and you have to have to have aPlaystation Wonderbook, Playstation Eye, Playstation Move controller and after you get all that, you need the game itself.

    I feel like this game wont do too well because of the backlash already on the internet. Plus the stuff will eventually make it to the internet. I would love to buy the game and support the creators but I can’t, so i’ll get it free online.

    • Radds313

      I agree with you. The thing is this is just for one system, with one special attachment thing that you have to buy before even thinking about getting the game. I have no need for a playstation beyond this one thing am I going to get one? No. The Universal Park is also different as you said and also you are able to go to different areas of the park. It’s not just Harry Potter with your ticket purchase. I mean I live 15 minutes away from it and can’t go because I can’t afford it. 

      Also internet access is everywhere. It is way more common than owning a PS3. I only know of one person who owns of those. 

  • Lando Pando

    I can’t stop associating the author of the article with that little girl in the picture.

  • moonshoespotter1712

    I never thought it was ruining it for anyone. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I feel as though its just an extra game, with some extra content. If Jo had nothing to do with it, it’d just be some random game and no one would care. Obviously, there going to promote the fact that Jo’s a part of it to get attention. But I still thinks its some extra game that if you’re not interested in it, then don’t get it. 

  • PurpleKirby

    I absolutely agree with you! Though I only read a lot from people that complain about the casual gamer part of it. I actually am really excited about wonderbook’s Book Of Spells and I plan to buy a bundle of it with the camera and PSMove. I think it’s a wonderful idea to bring the spells to life. We saw how bad it worked with the EA games of HP for Kinect and/or PSMove. You’re also right about all the Wizarding World and the Studio Tour stuff. It is a lot more expensive to get there and see it as to buy wonderbook, which brings HP again in our home. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Moonshoes-Fussell/1691051026 Jessica Moonshoes Fussell

    I’m sort of tired of people saying that the magic has been “ruined”. If you don’t like all this extra electronic stuff, don’t bother with it. The real magic is always going to lie in the seven novels, everything else is just for fun. If you don’t think that this is worth buying… don’t buy it. Don’t allow a stupid videogame to “ruin” something you’ve held close for so long. 

    The fact is, the only one who can let something be ruined is you. If you let stupid things like this get to you, of course you’ll feel like Harry Potter’s been ruined; however, if you just grab a book and read for a while, push away all the things that annoy you, and enjoy the real magic.

    I get it, I would love a physical encyclopedia! Really! But just accept the fact that we’re not going to get one, and stop letting that fact cloud your enjoyment of the series. 

    A novel idea: If you want a book from JKR that you can put in your hands and become fully immersed in the Potter universe… walk over to your bookshelf, pull out Sorcerer’s Stone, and enjoy. Love what you’ve got, don’t be so desperate for what we don’t have as to make yourself enjoy this less. 

  • Hermione A

    This is a really good counter argument! You sound very mature and your writing style was pleasant and easy to read. I like the information in it. Thank you for your take on this, it actually made me think over the situation again before I take sides (because I haven’t yet :).

  • http://twitter.com/brookesalmons brooke salmons

    Boo. I wish articles had like/dislike buttons. I strongly disagree with this. I am not going to be purchasing a ps3 and all the accessory crap when we already have an Xbox 360 and would only use the ps3 for this ONE game. This is just catering to children’s laziness and resistance to pick up a book. ENCYCLOPEDIA PLEASE! I’d be willing to pay $100 for an encyclopedia IN BOOK FORM so it’s not about price, for me, it’s about principle.

    • jghike

      I disagree when you say it’s catering to children’s laziness. Yes, Sony’s just out to get money, but I see this as a way to introduce a new generation to Harry Potter, using digital media which is basically all they know, and get them interested in reading the actual books.

      I’m not saying everyone should go out and buy a ps3 with all the equipment, I’m just saying there’s no need to get so worked up over it, and there’s defiantly no need to say that anyone is “ruining” the Harry Potter experience when Sony is just cashing in on the fans, no different than Universal or WB.

  • BloodSword110

    While watching the Sony E3
    presentation, I was shocked and appalled when the wonderbook was announced.
    After some sleep, lots of comment reading, and further evaluation, I arrive to
    respond to this article with what I feel is rational and reasonable disappointment
    in the decision.


    Having read through the comments
    area of Andrew’s article and witnessed many of the shallow ad hominem attacks such
    as calling those who dared to complain selfish or spoiled or the like, I
    appreciate your article jghike for its well thought out nature and presentation
    (or perhaps coalescence) of the counterargument. However, I must unfortunately
    disagree with nearly every point you made.


    Foremost, while I don’t doubt your
    excitement to play this even as a young adult, I am hesitant to believe this
    will be the case for many in the HP community. As a college student who
    identifies himself as a “gamer”, when I saw the presentation, I could only
    think of the glitchy wand movements, mini-game style gameplay, annoying narrator,
    and childishness of the find the word game. This may very well be one of the
    better and more imaginative forays into the motion controller realm aimed at
    the children’s demographic, but as someone who does not fall in that
    demographic I can honestly say that I am disappointed this is the route they
    are taking to release new information.


    That brings me to my next point,
    the Encyclopedia. This may shock you, but I wholeheartedly agree with you; “there
    is no reason to connect Book of spells to an Encyclopedia.” The fact that the
    game exists does not exclude the Encyclopedia from being produced and the fact
    that there might eventually be an Encyclopedia that contains all HP canon does
    not excuse current decisions about how to distribute new canon.


    Yet I find the argument that “any
    new Potter product” will have new content somewhat lacking. I could be wrong,
    but I don’t recall too many products containing new JKR content other than the
    books written for charity and most recently Pottermore. From what I remember of
    the previous HP video games I played, they had no new content of any substance.
    Then again I could be very wrong about this, so if you have examples I would be
    more than willing to concede this point.


    However, even if every Potter
    movie, doll, or eraser kit came with such content, it would still not change my
    belief that new canon should be withheld
    until it can be revealed in a form that strives to include as many members of
    the fan community as possible. Unfortunately that is not the case with this new
    product. Instead of reaching out to the wide range of fans, this new product is
    doubly exclusive. It is geared towards a very young age demographic and is very
    cost prohibitive. In fact, unless I have slept through a large JKR reveal, I
    cannot remember a time when new canon has been this exclusive.


    While you are correct in saying The
    Wizarding World in Orlando and the HP studio tour are very exclusive in their
    own right, these experiences are based on pre-existing information and will not
    reveal any new material in the world of Potter. To say this new product would
    do the same as those two experiences is simply not true. Pottermore on the
    other hand does release new canon, but is far more accessible. Is it the most accessible
    form? No, but that does not invalidate the argument against exclusivity for new
    canon; it simply means that you may feel Pottermore falls within the “too
    exclusive” category. And while exclusivity may make having Potter items,
    indulging in Potter experiences, or playing Potter games special to a certain
    extent, exclusivity will never and has never made new information about the
    potter world more special. Indeed, it is the idea that we can all share and
    talk about every part of the Harry Potter universe that is special.


    Finally, though it is not a major
    concern, I feel compelled to address the issue of just getting the new canon
    contents of the game off of the internet once someone posts it. I could be
    wrong, but I can envision no circumstances under which taking the intellectual
    property from the game and republishing it on a website in totality would be
    legal without the express written consent of JKR or Sony (which I doubt would
    happen). It’s not like I’m going to nark on anyone, but it is absurd to attempt
    to invalidate the exclusivity argument by saying actions that are most likely
    illegal will nullify any exclusivity of the product. Such an approach does not
    indicate that someone supports the decisions being made with the new Potter canon;
    rather, it means that they disagree with the way the new content is provided and
    find illegal means of circumventing such decisions acceptable.


    In the end, it is not just that
    the content costs money (all of it does) or that the gameplay looks
    questionable and geared towards a younger audience. Nor does Sony have the
    power ruin a story that was so perfectly crafted over a seven book series (even
    though that should not excuse them from making better decisions moving forward).
    Call me selfish, or spoiled, or perhaps entitled, but I remain dismayed by this
    new direction and reserve the right to voice such dismay in the hope that
    future ventures will be more inclusive.


    I am well aware that JKR does not
    owe anything to me, but I am still saddened because for the first time I feel
    as though a new area of the world of Harry Potter is being opened for
    exploration and the message I am being sent is, “We barely want you, and we don’t
    need you.” And because of that, I must confess myself… disappointed.

    • http://eternalbookshelf.wordpress.com/ Ani Sharmin


      Can I just say: Of all the various comment’s I’ve been reading about this game, I think yours is one of the few that makes the important points in such an excellent way. I especially agree with the point about the other games, theme park, etc. not having new content, whereas this game does.

      • BloodSword110

        Thanks, I appreciate it.

  • http://eternalbookshelf.wordpress.com/ Ani Sharmin

    I agree with what others have said that this has new content from JKR, whereas some of the other things (movies, theme park, other video games, ebooks) did not. Pottermore has new content, but it’s free. Yes, there are many people who won’t be able to access it, but it’s still way more accessible compared to a game that’s only available on one console.

    There’s new HP content all over the place, and I wish it was in the encyclopedia — not just because I love books, but just so it’ll be in one place.

    The bigger thing for me is the quality. If this really is a good game, I’ll be happy for Harry Potter fans who have a PS3, even if I can’t play the game. However, there’s a history (not just in the HP fandom, but in fandom in general) of companies releasing bad-quality products just to make money off of a famous name. If this game is bad, that’ll reflect badly on the people who made it, making it seem that they just want to make money off of HP without delivering a product that they put a lot of work into.

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