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Due to differences of opinion, Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles will not be appearing at this year’s Apocalypse in Paris, France. In a letter to the fans, he explains why.

The Supernatural: The Apocalypse fan convention is scheduled to take place from June 1-3, and Jensen Ackles was scheduled to appear alongside Mark Sheppard, Sebastian Roche, Richard Speight, Jason Manns and Chad Lindberg.

But earlier today he released a statement through his wife Danneel Harris’ Twitter account (he doesn’t have one himself), which has been promoted by both Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins. The statement reads:

To all the beloved fans of Supernatural,
Due to differences in opinions and standards as to how the upcoming Paris convention would run, I was forced to make an extremely difficult decision today and will not be attending as planned. I deeply regret the inconvenience to the people I respect and appreciate the most – our fans – and I wanted you to hear the news from me first. I had hoped for a different outcome, but this was unavoidable given the logistics of the weekend. I have returned ALL of the money to the organizers of the event and I hope they will give you the refunds you are due.

I hope that I will have the chance to make things up to you at a future event. In 2013, I will be appearing at Creation Events in Las Vegas, New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago and Vancouver, and Jus in Bello Rome.

Thank you all for the strength of your support and for the continued success of Supernatural. I look forward to seeing you very soon.


Jensen Ackles

That’s bad news for anyone who was planning to attend the Paris convention to see Jensen in person. But he’ll still have his hands full with conventions, from the look of that list!

What do you think about Jensen sending the fans a message online as opposed to just bowing out quietly?

Update: This news sparked the worldwide trending Twitter topic, “Jensen SPNFamily Supports You.” Good to know the Supernatural fandom’s got his back!

  • Becca

    Ohhhhh my dear god I almost had a heart attack, the only words I saw of this title were “Jensen Ackles bows out of Supernatural”. Damn my skim reading eyes!! Phew! I feel sorry for the people that were going especially for him, I would be upset, but he sounds very apologetic. 

    • Ev42

      Oh god, I did the same thing!! I almost died! 

    • http://twitter.com/aadnama Amanda Douglas

      Oh my god, same here, haha.

    • Nunney2584

       Has to be said, when Danneel’s tweet notification came through at like 3am (when I was half asleep), I had a horrible, nagging feeling it was something like that too. And it didn’t help my mobile internet wouldn’t work so I could read the rest of it! Panic stations! LOL.

      On a more serious note, I think whatever’s gone on (we’ll never know the truth, not really), Jensen’s approach to this was mature, thoughtful and a testament to what a decent guy he is towards the fans that put him where he is today. Fair play to him. And as much as I adore Jared (& I honestly, really do, he’s an absolute sweetheart), THIS is how you pull out of a convention, dude. Please take note for future reference!

  • Guest

    An apology and explanation is the classy way to go.  Jensen is a class act.

  • Jennifer 1957

    I only hope you are well

  • http://twitter.com/purplehrdwonder Caitlin Kelly

    Considering the blow-up with Jared not going to several European conventions this summer–the cons sounded like they were blaming him when he claimed he hadn’t been planning on going since he was going to have the baby to look after and didn’t know he’d been listed as a guest–this was the best thing Jensen could do. It was classy and he cut off all speculation before it could be turned back on him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MaryPinzoneSheley Mary Pinzone-Sheley

    i don’t know any of the details surrounding the Jensen Drama, but as someone who has been to a Con and knows firsthand what money-grubbing pieces of shit the con owners are, i fully support whatever he chooses to do.

    • Bekk31

      Word!  :)

  • guest

    I think it was the proper thing to do. Poor Jared got blamed not only for the roge debacle but Paris con used the problems there to announce the cancellation of Jared making it seems as the same thing. When as per other info the real problema was that they didn’t have enought money to pay Jared.
    Sorry to all the fans but in this case it seems to be a problem with the organization. I doubt Jensen would have cancelled otherwise most of all with the con date being so near.

    • Bekk31

      I heard Jared never intended to go to Paris because of the pregnancy. 

  • animal

    the new jersey people should be happy-he wasn’t going to that (at least he is not listed) and now he is-they had started a petition or something to get him to go there. so they should be happy happy happy.

  • Bekk31

    I believe Jensen would only bow out of a con if the con organizers were doing something underhanded. I’ve seen him get upset at a con because the organizers didn’t have their shit together. He wouldn’t disappoint the fans unless it was bad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brenda-Nichols/1073880978 Brenda Nichols

    A few of my friends were going to this con and understandably upset that they’re not meeting up with him, however they trust Jensen and Jared (who was rumoured to be going too…and wasn’t) that they automatically know something was wrong for him to say he’s not going now. Jensen and Jared are very genuine and nice people and we know they think a lot of thier fans too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003212922331 Steph Zippythree Winchester

    I feel SO SORRY for the fans who attended the con but Jensen
    had his reasons for cancelling his appearances. It’s admirable that he stood by
    his beliefs though, and to let us know through Danneel was so thoughtful and

  • Heidi Joy Hameed

    I understand completely, Jensen and think that you handled it wonderfully. God bless you, your wife and your family.

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