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The voting for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards has finally opened and heated competition has been revealed between the thre highest grossing book-to-film adaptations in film history. Who should win? Who should lose? Fandoms are truly colliding as people cast their votes.

All three films are nominated for one, if not all, of the most popular and anticipated categories, including Best Kiss, Best Male Performance, Best Female Performance, Best Fight, and Best Cast. The race is on.

Why The Hunger Games?

Recently becoming the highest grossing book-to-film adaptation domestically (US), this film gripped the hearts of millions of fans of not only the dearly loved series but also spanned an audience of all ages. Jam-packed with riveting action, a dystopian world, a controlling governmental body called The Capitol, and breakthrough acting performances by not only Jennifer Lawrence but the rest of the talented cast – this fandom is sure to give Potter and Twilight a run for their money.

Why Twilight?

Twilight only gives Potter and The Hunger Games competition in the category of Best Kiss. Should it be the highly anticipated kiss between Ron and Hermione, the sweet moment shared between Katniss and Peeta, or the ceremonial embrace between Bella and Edward? You decide.

Why Potter?

As a personal Harry Potter fan myself, you will see me being a bit biased here. Nobody can deny the absolute magic that the books spun into the hearts of people of all ages. Not only that, but there was also the impressive sense of belonging the films created over a span of 10 years. The Harry Potter series brought with it the magic that no other series has been able to encapsulate. Some would like to argue that since it’s the LAST FILM, then it’s the LAST CHANCE to finally recognize the amazing series that touched millions of hearts around the world. Should Potter be given more importance? The Hunger Games has a bright future with many awards to come, and Twilight has its last film (Breaking Dawn – Part 2) to end the series with a bang. Shall we pay tribute to the boy who lived one last time?

Sound off in the comments, who do YOU think should win? And be sure to cast YOUR vote!

This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    Oh god this is going to be a close one

  • Firenze

    I like The Hunger Games books and the film was brilliant but Harry Potter has literally been my childhood and I still have endless love for the series to this day. However many times I reread the series and watch the films, I will never bore of Potter. This is the last chance for Potter to win so I really hope they do win at least some of the ones they’re nominated for. The last film was fantastic too, it was my favorite of the series and I think it should also be rewarded because it was a great film on it’s own merits. David Yates did a brilliant job with it as did all of the cast. I don’t even know why Hunger Games is nominated, it was only released three months ago where as all of the other nominated films were released in 2011. It doesn’t seem fair really. I won’t be bitter if Hunger Games triumphs but I will be sad because guys remember this is the final opportunity for Potter to win at these awards so let’s give it the send off it deserves. The film sadly wasn’t honored at the Oscars, more fool them I say so let’s honor it at the MTV Movie Awards by voting Potter.

    • Hugo weasley

      can’t you predict the future? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/iDomi Domi Ed

    Unless the voting is rigged, I don’t think Twilight has a chance.
    It’s between HG and HP.

    That’s assuming people actually vote.
    Don’t let Twilight win this year. Not one damn award.

    • Jael

       No can do.  I’m voting Twilight for Best Kiss just to see if Rob Pattinson will do something outrageous at the ceremony… like that one year he snogged Taylor Lautner.

      • http://www.facebook.com/iDomi Domi Ed

        I hope you stub your toe. I hope it hurts!

        • Jael

          How can I? I just broke my foot this afternoon and have to wear this stupid cast for the next couple of months.  

  • RNaj

    well said :) 

  • Jael

    Sorry Hunger Games and Twilight. As much as I loved both your movies and saw them multiple times each in the theatres, I feel a fandom obligation to vote for Harry Potter since this is the last year they will be up for an MTV movie award.

  • DramaCutie8

    I wish they could have Harry Potter and The Hunger Games win together for their categories. Unfortunately, that can’t happen. But that would be the ideal situation in my mind. Harry Potter was my childhood, and Hunger Games is my teen years.

  • Kay

    POTTER FOR THE WIN. please… :)

  • guest


  • guest

    Go and VOTEEE

  • Bernardotriana


  • namesaretoomainstream

    with potter, it’s for the film, not the books, not the series. The film doesn’t deserve a win. Hunger Games should take all.

    • Josh

      Lmao. DH2 is way better than THG film, which lacked a lot of character development, and had a terrible DP. 

      But I guess this is how it is now. A new ‘thing’ comes in and the others are automatically shit. 

      • Voldy

        I agree. I love The Hunger Games but Deathly Hallows Part 2 was a better film! The continued plot and the overall spectacle was just epic. You won’t even realize that Hogwarts itself is CGI-ed. Plus, the visual f/x are so much better. (But of course, once Catching Fire got higher budget, the CGI may improve.)

    • TheBestGuest

       the films are a part of the series. GO POTTER!

  • darkl61

    please dont vote for hunger games, vote for potter. I am a huge fan of both, more like obsessed, but harry potter will always be my all time favorite and its sucks that it never gets the recognition that it deserves. Keep in mind that Hunger Games still has 3 movies after this, harry potter has none. so please vote POTTER!!

    • guest

      exactly! and twilight can just…well…

      • darkl61


    • nickolasc

      it always get recognition, just saynig. harry p is widely regarded as the most successful book of all time, lets not forget that just because its been 5 years since the last book came out

      • darkl61

        i ment awards wise but i get your point, I just dont want to see twilight beat out harry potter again

  • Hugo weasley

    where are the stats ?

    • ginevra

      what stats ?

      • Hugo weasley

        I don’t know how these MTV folks do it, but i thought once you voted you could see who’s winning. :/

  • harrypotteralltheway

    please potter should win! Emma watson came last time and they didnt even win anything :(

  • ginevra

    i dont think we can stand another awkward exchange between kristen and rob if they win best kiss.

    • HP

      you can feel the awkardness off the tv screen. thats how award it is.

      • Hugo weasley

        chatty kathy

        • warpd

          well thats kind of rude i think

  • HPfan

    it’d be interesting to see rupert and emma have to kiss on stage hahahaa

    • fuschia

      yeah i wonder how emma would handle it considering she had trouble with it while filming

  • Disappointed

    I find this article offensive. It’s not like all Twilight is known for is good kissing, I mean, come on we’re nominated for best movie too. Also many people, including those outside our fandom recognize that Breaking Dawn was wrongfully left out in quiet a bit of the nominations…

    • fuschia

      i guess i understand where you’re coming from but twilight has had its fair share of mtv movie awards hahaa and probably will sweep with breaking dawn part 2 next year

    • Dreamer

      like Fuschia said, Twilight has had a ton of noms in previous years. And through out the Twilight fandom, Breaking Dawn is generally considered as the least liked/popular book so it would make sense that it doens’t have as many noms because it isn’t as well liked. Don’t worry, there’s still BD pt2…

  • Disappointed

    * quite

  • TheBestGuest


  • twiheart

    just a tiny correction *twilight is nominated for Best Movie as well….not to be rude but just an fyi

  • jill

    I just think its going to be super competitive between harry potter and the hunger games

  • Zara

    People, just go out and vote whether its HP, HG, or Twilight….

  • Savanah

    I hate how everyone says that you should vote for Potter because it’s their last chance to take home an award. Um, you should vote for who is deserving of the award, no matter the circumstance.

    It reminds me of reality TV– the person that has the biggest sob story is usually the one that wins. Please, PLEASE just vote for who YOU think should win, not who others influence you to vote for.

    • rachel

      its not just because its “the last chance” harry potter is as deserving of some of these awards as much as hunger games or twilight

      • Savanah

        I understand that. I just see a lot of comments that are saying, “Vote for Potter because it is their last chance to win anything!”

    • Dreamer

      It has a lot more going for it other than the whole “last chance” thing. Sure Hunger Games is good. I’ll even admit Twilight is “good”. But Harry Potter is better than both of them most of the time. HG and HP are about equal in acting by the cast and the overall quality of the film (though HG special fx could’ve been better, but the budget was low so i’ll be forgiving)

  • Savanah

    And the Twilight fandom got totally jipped in this awards show and I really feel bad for them. After all of the hate they have been through, a couple more nominations would have been nice.

    You can hate on Twilight all you want, but you have to admit that that is one strong fandom. I admire the fandom as a whole.

    • Marc

      no hate for twilight but its not the BEST fandom or movie out there

      • Zarmeen Najeeb

        well twilight never got “jipped” for the past 3 years everything has its time

      • Savanah

        I didn’t say it was the best. Just that they have had hate thrown at them for the past four years and that I admire them for still being that devoted to Twilight.

  • sia

     Best kiss ? WHATEVER. LET ME REMIND YOU TWILIGHT HAS WON BEST MOVIE FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS ! And I don’t care if you don’t like Twilight do whatever you want but I love it more then Potter and Hunger Games and I have read both of those series. DON’T INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE BECAUSE I LOVE TWILIGHT AND I’M NOT ASHAMED and no Twilight fan should ! And now your insulting our fandom ? I love Potter and like Hunger Games but you guys are always undermining our fandom. You don’t get 33 million fans on facebook and have fans waiting outside for 6 days for nothing. And I do think it’s jealousy that a fandom meant for girls does as well as it does !

    • Vantage

      Calm down. Your heart. 

      • applepie

        Lol xD

    • Guest

      I completely agree. Even if this was written by someone else, Hypable needs to check their work before it is put out for everyone to read. Twilight does give the other two movies competition in the Best Movie Category too. I appreciate what Hypable has done in putting all of their fandoms into one place, but most Twilight fans don’t even bother commenting here because they would rather take their time on other Twilight fan sites. They had a good thing going with Twilight Source, but all the biased posts show that the makers of the website seem to not care at all about one of the biggest fandoms around. I’m not ashamed to be a Twilight fan either, but I think it’s ridiculous that Hypable is allowing all of the harsh comments and biased posts when they made a site for ALL fandoms, not just a site for one or two. I take my commenting and intelligent comments on the Twilight Saga elsewhere now, but I couldn’t help but comment on your post because you seem to have caught the same biased news stories and articles I’ve seen too for the past year. I’m sick of it.

    • Kaylizzles

      13 years of Harry Potter fandom.

      Your point is invalid. Also, 46 million fans on facebook.

      You were saying?

  • akacj7

    this is HP blasphemy but hunger games was the better movie of three, it also is riding on more hype since it came out most recently. twilight has a very good shot at best kiss, cause it’s practically a dynasty when it comes to that category, but the hunger games hype could pull out the best kiss rug from underneath their feet. acting should go to hunger games too. gary ross just put together a phenomenal film that stands out on its own, not just as a book adaptation.

  • akacj7

    Best Fight nominee for the Hunger Games should be Katniss and Clove. that was way better than when they fought Cato.

    • whattodo


    • LilyLuna

      But they’re up against Harry’s final showdown with Voldemort anyhow, which is far better, no questions asked.

  • applepie

    Dear Potter fans,
    Who CARES about these awards? It doesn’t matter if we win or not, WE know that Harry Potter is the best of the three. 

    • Dreamer

      yes, very true… but it’s still nice to win! do we REALLY want to lose to Twilight AGAIN?!

      • applepie

        Well, personally, I don’t think Twilight will win – I think it will either be Potter or Hunger Games.

  • marc

    I feel like it should just be a combination between the 3 i mean jennifer lawrence deserves best female performance but potter and twilight deserve other awards

    • Dreamer

      If it were a choice between the 3 fandoms my hearts tells me to vote for Emma but my head tells me Jenn. But there are other movies too and in this category I don’t think any of the fandoms should win. Rooney Mara all the way!

      • Kaylizzle

        Emma Watson is an absolutely brilliant actress. I have no doubts that Jennifer will get a number of awards this year, but think back on HP. How far would they have gotten without Hermione? She is one of the most crucial characters in those books. If Emma wasn’t absolutely brilliant, the point would be missed. I sat for a long time thinking through my decisions, and voted Potter on everything. It’s the last movie, and I’m going on 13 years of rabid fangirling for Potter. I couldn’t abandon it now. But Hunger Games will receive every vote I can give it. 

  • Pandaprincess143

    Very well said.  I agree that Harry Potter should win this.  I am a Hunger Games fan as well, but Harry Potter will always be nearest and dearest to my heart.  Deathly Hallows Pt2 was a phenomenal movie and deserves to be acknowledged for that.  Not to mention, it really is the last chance we have to recognize it for it’s excellence, and we need to take advantage of that. 

  • http://twitter.com/glasswatar Sarah Sutherland

    I am really torn in trying to decide which films deserve the awards. There are so many times where I was like, “oh, HP was amazing. But THG pulled that scene off really well. Eh, I kind of think Crazy Stupid Love deserves that one…”
    I’m not trying to dispel my original love of HP, but the HP movies were not good adaptations of the book. The last one was the best, but at the same time, the Hunger Games did the first movie right.
    I don’t know. I’m voting everyday, but I think I have changed my votes a lot. I just watch the clips that they put out and make my decision from those.

    • whattodo

      I totally get your dilemma! Both Harry Potter and the hunger games are films with such big impacts its just so hard to decide

  • mj

    Hunger Games will win. There’s just so many passionate scary fans out there for that movie. I’m hoping that Harry Potter will win but I highly doubt it.

    • whattodo

      This might be true especially since someone pointed out that its, riding on recent hype. It will be the freshest in fans minds. I just hope HP and Hunger Games level out

    • Savanah

      Most of the “scary fans” you are talking about are ones that just recently jumped on the train for this fandom. Before the movie came out, we were actually a pretty sane fandom. haha

  • Dreamer

    Hunger Games was admitedly a very good movie but I personally don’t think it was better than Harry Potter. So many people think HG was so freaking amazing but I think it was over hyped. I left the theater raving about how amazing it was just like most other people but a few hours later after I’d calmed down I stopped to actually think about and examine the movie. I found that although it was quite good, it wasn’t anything overly spectacular. I saw the movie again and began to see all the little faults in plot, characters, and pacing. I’m not saying Harry Potter doesn’t have the same issues, I’m saying the Hunger Games wasn’t any better than Harry Potter. So on that not I would have to give most of my votes towards HP or a movie that isn’t part of the trio of fandoms this year. I could see HG winning Best Kiss or Best Female performance, but I think HP should win Best Kiss because people had been waiting for it for 8 MOVIES and it was adorable! The HG kiss was interrupted by Gale’s face looking mad… haha jk kinda… I felt it was stiff because Katniss didn’t really love Peeta at that point, she was still trying to ignore all of her feelings and that was more of a “shut up I have to do this for the camera” kiss. For Best Female Performance, I would love to see Emma win that but I actually think Roony Mara should win.  I’m not hating on Hunger Games, I read it back in 2008 and LOVE it to death, I just think HP should at least win more awards than HG (though if it were HG vs Twilight I would vote for HG any day!)
    (notice how I haven’t discused Twilight. I don’t think it should win anything but it always does.)

  • *Belives in Nargles*

    I think Potter deserves to win more. There’s no question of how huge the impact of Potter was. Deathly Hallows was such an important movie for our generation. It was the end of something amazing, that so many of us grew up with. The movie would have been successful no matter what, simply because of that. They wouldn’t have even had to try. So the fact that they went so above and beyond and made Deathly Hallows so excellent, coupled with how important that movie is in our generation, I really think Deathly Hallows is the truely deserving movie here.

    I sincerely hope that we don’t let a bunch of rabid, scary Twilight and Hunger Games fans take that away from us. (And for the record I *do* like THG too, but there’s no comparison in my mind)

    • Savanah

      “rabid, scary Twilight and Hunger Games fans”

      I can say the same about Potterheads, too.

      • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

        Yep. Every fandom has its crazies. :D

        • TheBestGuest

          but come on you can’t deny that twilight has the craziest most rabid fans.

          • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

            idk I’ve seen some mighty crazy Potter and Hunger Games fans…lol Look at the younger fans (11-15). They’re all a little…weird.

          • TheBestGuest

            that’s the difference hp fans are weird twilight fans are crazy and rabid (not all mind you, but most)

  • luna

    awww so much support for potter

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VCJSDSEDKYOBEKWGIXCDB2QPYA Henry

    potter just win. And why is hunger games nominated? i thought this was for movies last year?

    • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

      I believe Hunger Games just barely made the cut-off for this year. I think it’s for movies released April-April or something like that.

      • Savanah

        That’s what I was thinking as well, but no one else seemed to believe the same.

  • http://twitter.com/Snapescape Laura Cain

    I get a feeling that the author of this article isn’t too kene on Twilight ;)

  • Disraeli

    Or you could just not care about the MTV Movie Awards. Which has been uttered tripe for as long as it’s been around. 

  • LadyGaga11397

    Twilight: NO!!!
    Hunger Games: You still have two more chances!!
    Harry Potter: Yes…. We need this now more than ever!!!!

  • Effie Trinket

    Twilight: NO.
    Hunger Games: YES!
    Potter Games must win!

  • TheBestGuest

    Listen we potterheads are so deprived of seeing hp not win the awards it deserves that we have to resort to the mtv movie awards so please just let us have a sense of good closure for the fandom even if its from the overrated mtv

  • 8mssI

    harry potter always :)

  • http://twitter.com/twixie09 Lauren Gizzi

    I hope it’s split between Harry Potter and Hunger Games. I wouldn’t mind if they earned equal amounts of awards. (:

  • PeenissAllTheWay

    -_- FFS Forget magic wands and vampires. Dammit, Hunger Games IS THE MOST RELATABLE AND THE MOST TOUCHING. #HG BETTER WIN! Idc what anyone says!

    • TheBestGuest

      most touching??? you obviously have not read hp and if you have then you obviously did not understand it. and its Patniss and YOU KNOW IT!!

      • Lei_anorien

         The most moving is certainly HP…. I cried while reading all the books and the characters are all so diverse that you’re bound to relate to one if not all…..

  • Rachel

    All the arguing and posturing over the “better” film or fandom is ridiculous. Most people here are fans of all 3. Isn’t it enough that all three movies have done well in at the box office and proven to the world that book-to-film franchises are something to appreciate and have the best fans? I will vote for my personal favorite. That’s all anyone should do. And if HP wins over THG or BD then it’s bc more people voted for it, not that the movie was actually better. It won’t diminish either of the other movies worth. I love them all and I’m sad to see the end of 2 of the best series I’ve ever read/seen. I’m happy for THG and all the attention it’s getting. There are alot of great books out there that haven’t gotten the attention these 3 have. I support any movie that encourages people to turn off the tv and read. And all of three of these movie have done that.

    • Savanah

      And the award for best comment goes to…

  • GinnyWeasley002

    Harrry Potter!!!

    • GinnyWeasley002

      This is their LAST CHANCE guys, HG has years and years left, Twilight still has one. We’ve gotta let HP win some stuff. This is their last chance.

  • Tanimhabib_rahman

    harry potter!!!!!!

  • Lauren


  • http://www.myveryownhappyending.blogspot.com/ Kate Sparkles

    Though none of the kisses really stand out the way previous winners have surely Ron and Hermione deserve it after all the years we have waited!
    Honestly I think this is really a battle between HP andThe Hunger games. I can’t imagine Twilight winning anything and really doesn’t stand in the same league as the other two!

  • Louise

    I think an important thing to remember is that these are votes for the movies, not the books, as I for sure love the Harry Potter books MUCH more than the Hunger Games books.  As movies, though, the Hunger Games did much more for me than Harry Potter 7 did.  That’s just my opinion :)

  • S_vidaurre

    I am a fan of all three, but the most deserving is HP! That book one the hearts of billions of people and changed lives. HP is why so many more books are being turned into movies. It got people reading again.

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