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Good news for Supernatural fans: the CW president is expecting to keep the show going beyond the eighth season!

Today was the CW Upfronts presentation which gave us first looks at some of the network’s new shows.

President Mark Pedowitz also spoke about the future of Supernatural, and according to IGN’s Eric Goldman, Pedowitz said:

I’m not looking at season 8 as the final year in any way, shape or form.

Not only is this good news in itself, but it’ll also allow the new showrunner Jeremy Carver to begin some more long-term story arcs next year!

  • http://twitter.com/ElisaT Elisa Tapia

    This show needs to end. The creators are just dragging it out and losing the spark that made this show so fantastic during the first five seasons. Have the brothers *finally* die together, guns blazing in one last battle and have it end for good. As much as I love Supernatural, it’s time has passed. 

    • Jelly


    • http://hypable.com Selina

      I mean, I still love Supernatural… but I can’t help comparing it to Ringer and Secret Circle (and countless other shows) that I felt like could have developed into something so amazing if they’d been given the chance. Instead the networks choose to keep shows like Supernatural and Gossip Girl on the air, both of which would (ironically) probably be remembered as much greater shows if they’d been kept at respectable 4/5 season lengths.

  • http://twitter.com/purplehrdwonder Caitlin Kelly

    I love hearing this. Season 6 was meh (though I find it much, much better on rewatch) but 7, minus a couple of misfires, has been quite good. And with Jeremy Carver returning for season 8 and hopefully beyond, we have a lot of potential for some really great things to come. I’m guessing we’ll get 10 seasons (a la Smallville), though the life of the series is really going to be as long as the cast and crew want to continue working on it.

    • Katelyn

      Eh, I kind of feel the opposite – I’m going through the series for the first time, and I actually felt the desire to skip through a few episodes during series 7 and didn’t in series 6.  I’m not all the way through 7 yet, but at least 6 felt a bit more well-written and had a few AMAZING gems in it.  But yeah. I’M SO PUMPED.  

  • Jelly

    This show used to be crack, but season 5 and beyond… I’m now clean. I wanted to stick with it because it’s hard to let go and because I wanted to see the conclusion, but I’m now several episodes behind and not bothered about it in the slightest. Well, I’m kinda bothered that I’m not bothered. I’m sad to see them dragging it out – glad for the cast and crew, though, they seem to have found their place.

  • Just Sayin’

    I love this show.  It is probably my favorite show on TV.

  • July

    I really can’t complain about Supernatural. I love the show and while some episodes weren’t my favorite, and season 7 dragged, I will never complain because I love it. <3

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