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Still reeling from the Vampire Diaries finale? So are we. Luckily Julie Plec can shed some light on season 4!

Plec reveals to TV Line that when the season picks up,

We’re going to be very much invested in what’s going to happen to Elena and what do each of the brothers have to say about it and what are each of them going to do to try to help her through this experience, and what does it do to their relationship with each other?

She also talks briefly about whether Damon will get a new love interest now that Elena has chosen Stefan, saying that once the dust has settled from Elena’s transformation, “we’ll see.”

Would you like to see Damon move on from Elena, at least for a while?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.horn Jennifer Horn

    I dont think he is going to move on. At least not right away. Julie has already said that even though Elena picked Stefan that was when she was human. And now that she’s not she has choices to make which make her original choice moot.  Not to say she wont choose Stefan again but its already been pretty clear the triangle is here to stay for a while.

    • Bridget

      i thought she said elena’s sticking with her decision, but because she’s a vampire, damon isn’t leaving town yet

      • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.horn Jennifer Horn

         TVLINE | One of the side
        effects of becoming a vampire is that she’ll remember all the things
        Damon compelled her to forget. How will that effect Elena’s choice?

        It’s just more information. I don’t think anything is going to make her
        sit up and say, “Oh my God, I made the wrong decision!” and change her
        mind in Episode 1 [of next season]. But in the ongoing journey of her
        point of view about how she feels about each of these brothers, it’s
        going to impact her feelings for Damon and her understanding of Damon.

        TVLINE | Does Damon stand more of a fighting chance with her now?

        Both brothers continue to stand a fighting chance because we’re only halfway through the series. So yes. [Laughs]

        TVLINE | This does redefine the love triangle in a way.

        Yeah. We’ve been in the writers room for four weeks after we wrapped the
        season, talking about Season 4. The one thing that got us all so
        excited is that everything we’re talking about feels both familiar in
        all the right ways, of the early parts of the series, and also fresh. It
        feels so fresh. And yet, it’s the same people that we know and
        love. They’re just going through new experiences. There’s a lot we can
        do here. We’re really excited about it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.horn Jennifer Horn

           So we’re never gonna get a real choice until the end

  • Alyssamz

    Maybe it will take Damon meeting a new girl he actually likes, for Elena to realize hes the right choice? but as soon as they do get together there wont be anymore show… so it will definitely take a while.

  • FaeKindaGirl1990

    I’d like to see Damon move on From Elena permanently, actually. That’d be quite nice. Not in the cards at the moment, methinks, but a girl can dream.

  • judith

    I’m still waiting for Damon and Bonnie, I think it’s bound to happen eventually. Maybe he’ll help her return to her normal self. That would make Elena jealous hopefully.

  • galadriel

    Damon is so bland when he’s chasing after Elena. I’m hoping to get the snarky, interesting Damon back and if it takes a new love interest to do that then so be it.

  • http://twitter.com/purplehrdwonder Caitlin Kelly

    Sigh. Damon deserves so much better than Elena.

  • Ciarak9

    I think that Elena and Stefan belong to together and it was totally the right choice for her to make. As for Damon, I say good for him for moving on. I loved how when he loved Elena he and Stefan were bffs, but I agree: GIMME SNARKY SARCASTIC DAMON BACK :)!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=17127641 Laura Jurgensmeyer

    I think that Damon will probably have a new romance, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be completely over Elena. I really hope at the end of the next season we finally see them together.

  • http://twitter.com/Ninotsjka Silvia van de Polder

     I think Damon will have a new relationship and thus wait for Elena to get tired of Stefan that way.

  • Nadine

    I hope for Delana

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1647856977 Ana-Maria ŽgeLa

    DAMON & ELENA <3

  • Iva5


  • Kelly Barker

    I think he’ll get a new love interest, but he won’t be completely serious about it, just like with Andie Starr, “Action News.” (LOL) But I think Elena will probably feel jealous. I mean she admitted that she had feelings for him in the finale and if you’re emotions are heightened as a vampire, she’ll probably be pretty upset, which would be awesome! Delena forever <3

  • PurpleKirby

    Delena all the way. Stefan had his chance

  • Nadine

    I hope for Delana

  • Aviane

    I think with Elena becoming a vampire she is going to remember a lot of things and eventually realize that Damon is the one for her. However, in the time that it takes for her to realize that I think I would be ok with Damon having a bit of a fling just to show that he is trying to move on and respect her wishes. I don’t think there is anything to worry about. She will come back to him in the end. Delena all the way :)

  • http://twitter.com/RachelgurlFL Rachel Gay

    i wouldnt mind damon dating someone else while we wait for elena realize she really wants damon

  • Iris

    I am sick and tired of comments like: “Stefan had his chance.” Stefan had to let her go because he had to be with Klaus. Why? because he wanted to save his brother. So, Stefan gave up from everything to save Damon. 
    And Delena fans keep talking that “Stefan had his chance.” Yes, he did. But he let her go because of Damon. So, shut up all you who think that Stefan let her go because he doesnt’s love her. He loves her more than anything in the world. 
    Without Stefan, Damon would be dead. Remember that. 

    “Crazy or not, that kind of love never dies.” STELENA <3 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1566583077 Maja Pavličević

     I will like that Katerina come back…..how i see katarina and Elena both coose stephan because of that i feal sorry for damon i would like that Elena remember that Damon and she met first and by the time she realizes Damon will be out of town…that would be interesting where was i o yes and thaht then Elena goes to find Damon to see if that is true and she gets to see that she can be without Damon and then that they hook up and get married and for stefan iz would be cool that he falls in love with Rebeka he was in love with her before why not again why doesn’t history repeat lol for me that would be soo cool but in the way that Elena goes to fin Damon she finds a lot of interesting vampire friedns and gets in trouble for what Damon after hears and goes to rescue her that would be so interesting
    if you don’t understand i’m sorry i’m from croatia and my english is very good for my years i’m 14 by the way but i have vivid imagination i hope you say like that lol see ya <3333 by the way i love TVD <3333333333

  • Akite

    I would like to see Damon get a new love interest! Stefan is Elanas true love, even though she has feelings for him, her feelings for Stefan will always be stronger. I think that the chemistry between Elana and Damon is there but at the end of the day, she has said it multiple times in the show, Its always gonna be Stefan! He is the one who loves her purely and not for his own good. He always lets Elana make her own decisions, while Damon tries to turn her, kills her brother, and does not care. I think that Elana and Stefan make sense more than her and Damon, it would be like Bella choosing Jacob, if Elana chose Damon, it just shouldnt happen. Her heart will always lie with Stefan and I think it would be good to get a new love interst for Dmon because yes they feel something between one another but Stefan and Elana are meant to be

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