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Will David and Mary Margaret’s love last? Will Emma find love in Once Upon a Time‘s second season? Find out what Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison have to say! Beware of spoilers.

Speaking to E! Online at the ABC Upfronts, the trio discuss what’s coming up for their characters in season 2 of Once Upon a Time. Morrison previews the romance she believes Emma will have in season 2:

They’re promising me these romantic things in season two, but I don’t know who or what or why or when! I mean, look at all the men who have been on our show; they’re all pretty hot. I’m not too worried about Adam and Eddie finding some hot men. It’s like Jamie Dornan, Sebastian Stan and Josh Dallas… we have very attractive men on our show!

As long as she doesn’t go for Josh Dallas, we’re guessing all the fans agree that Emma needs to find love, right? Morrison further adds:

Season one, for Emma, it was about Henry, and season two is going to be about the idea of romantic love in her life—she’s never allowed that before. And also exploring the relationship with her mother now that she knows who her mother is.

Speaking of Mary Margaret, Josh Dallas cautions that Snowing shippers shouldn’t be too relieved that the fairytale pair have found each other yet again, because, “Now we have magic coming to Storybrooke, so now anything can happen!”

Ginnifer Goodwin, meanwhile, commented on her off-screen romance with Dallas, saying, “I have a very blessed life, I have to say!”

And finally, we’re happy to report that “We pick up from where we left off,” as Morrison also reveals. So no time jump, it looks like!

  • Jacob

    So. Excited.

  • stjff03

    I really hope they find some way to bring August/Pinocchio back and he’s one of Emma’s love interests. He’s pretty good-looking, too. ;-)

    Also, I was wondering about those two in real life…I follow them both on Twitter and they were always tweeting about the same things, haha. So cute that Snow and Charming are together for real! I just hope it works out or at least ends on a friendly note.

    • VioletTreeman

      I’m actually looking forward to August/Pinocchio’s father’s reaction to him no longer being a “real boy” (well, man)

  • Lorena

    Please bring August/Pinocchio back, show creators. Please? 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Mangum/1820064015 Joey Mangum

      I’m thinking he’ll be back… I kind of feel like the show would lack something without him… Especially since I kind of ship him and Emma…

  • Alex

    wait, wait wait…

    So Ginnifer Goodwin IS dating Josh Dallas- os is she just being in character/teasing?

    • http://twitter.com/taylie27 Taylore Thompson

      She is actually dating him in real life

      • Alex



        that’s ironically cute.

        *guess it doesn’t take much for them to ACT like they’re in love- when they Are*

        • Amanda

          I could tell Josh Dallas was really into Ginnifer in some of their first love scenes.  His smile and his eyes when he looked at her had “the look of love” in them. I thought, “oooo, I don’t think he’s acting!” hee So romantic.

          • Alex

            and what i like most is- it’s off their own accord, meaning they decided by themselves, for their own reasons- to date off-screen. 

            as opposed to the typical “they look good together so fans want them together/pushes them together”

      • potterjay

        If they split in real life, that could be REALLY awkward :S They seem like a cute couple though! :’) 

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