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Reports today indicate that the highly controversial Sherlock Holmes pilot Elementary has been green-lit for a full season, despite claims of plagiarism from the makers of BBC’s Sherlock.

The consistently reliable Variety announced the rumour, indicating that the broadcaster picked up the show alongside three other dramas and two new comedies. Vegas Rising, Golden Boy, Baby Big Shot, Friend Me, and Partners will join the American take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s super sleuth.

Elementary (starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu as Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson, respectively) is a modern-day retelling of the classic stories set in New York City – the premise of which upset both BBC chiefs and Sherlock creators when it was announced back in January for its resemblance to the British show.

There is currently no word on the length of said season, and this report has not yet been confirmed by CBS – but we’ll let you know when it’s official!

Are you happy to hear that Elementary could potentially be hitting screens this September?

  • ElainaCG


  • Grace

    deep sigh

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Forget girl Watson, I just can’t even see Sherlock as an American.  I think this show is more likely to flop than to succeed.  There’s no way it will be better or more popular than BBC’s Sherlock

    • Kate

      I’m not too happy about this either, but I’d like to point out that Sherlock will still be British…not American.

  • antonia31

    I love Jonny Lee Miller! 

    And yeah, they’re copying the success of the other Sherlock, but who really cares? If it turns out good, we’ll all be excited, and if it’s bad, then we won’t watch it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

      fans of the BBC Sherlock really cares, although they may or may not be in the majority

  • Glaciusx

    No, I am not happy to hear that “Elementary” could potentially be hitting screens this September. In fact, I’m actually rather furious about this whole thing.

  • TheHamburglar

    Wow. If all those shows are getting picked up, it looks like both CSI:Miami and NY are getting the boot. Rumor was just one of them. Guess we will find out for certain on Wednesday.

    • gcw07

      CSI: Miami was cancelled. So looking like NY will probably get picked up for at least one more season.

  • TheHamburglar

    Wow. If all those shows are getting picked up, it looks like both CSI:Miami and NY are getting the boot. Rumor was just one of them. Guess we will find out for certain on Wednesday.

  • Theamazingstorynote

    The way I see it is that it won’t be better than BBC’s Sherlock. But I am curious to see if they can actually pull off a popular show about Sherlckl Holmes in America with all the controversy that’s surrounding it.

    • gcw07

      There is no controversy outside of fan sites like this. I love BBC’s Sherlock, but the viewers that are going to watch Elementary have never heard of Sherlock and will never see it. This fake controversy isn’t going to effect the show at all.

      • Jason

        That’s the point. Most American viewers don’t have the capacity don’t have the patience to deal with foreign fare, even though the differences in American settings aren’t so different. If most Americans would open their eyes, they would see that Britain generally has better television, movies, books and music. I’m American and I’m saying that. 

        • Chelsea

           I am coming from a biased background as I am a grad student who spends a lot of time around pretentious, over-educated city folk–but I’d just like to point out that almost everyone I know watches and loves British television and film.  Just defending smart Americans, here.
          There is no need for this new series.  BBC’s Sherlock is already doing a masterful job with the modern adaptation. It’s accessible to Americans and is breaking into the mainstream.  I suspect “Elementary” will not do well because it is attempting to fill an imaginary gap that is already being filled by Moffat and Gatiss.

          • gcw07

            The problem with Sherlock is it isn’t really a series in my mind. It is a mini-series. 3 weeks of episodes just isn’t enough for most audiences to catch on to it. It is a great mini-series but as long as it is so short it can never be as large over here. I’m not sure Elementary will be successful, but I won’t be surprised if the first episode gets 3 times the audience that Sherlock is getting over here (10 million viewers vs the 3.2 million Sherlock is getting). Whether is can maintain numbers like that is the question and at the moment I’m not sure.

  • starryeyes1103

    It’s not just that they’re blatantly trying to copy BBC’s Sherlock that’s the problem. but everything else they’re doing with it. Why the hell would Sherlock ever be in rehab? It doesn’t fit with his character in any way? And having a female Watson just isn’t right, especially as I don’t believe they won’t try and make it a romantic relationship at some point.

    • Jason

      Sherlock Holmes was a drug addict in Doyle’s books and the BBC series, so I wouldn’t say that’s the issue here.

  • Guest

    I don’t think it’s fair to state that British entertainment is better. Taking TV as an example, I would agree that there are a number of American TV shows that are worse than any British TV shows with which I am familiar, but there are also some that are exceptionally well-crafted, clever, and entertaining, with spectacular acting and plotting. There simply is just a great deal more American entertainment that Americans are familiar with; bad British TV usually doesn’t make it across the pond for Americans to criticise. British entertainment is really just different. It has hallmarks that identify it as British, and some people like one better than the other. But neither are necessarily superior.
    As gcw07 pointed out, many American audiences know nothing about Sherlock and will never watch it, and moreover, Elementary is not going to take away from Sherlock’s audience. If anything, more people will watch it because it will spread the contagious obsession with Sherlock Holmes across a mainstream American network.

  • http://www.jossarden.com/ Joss Arden

    I’ll probably watch an episode or two of Elementary, but I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty awful. 

  • Chris

    This needs to arrive DOA. Sherlock is excellent television as is. Nothing new will be added by setting it in america. Also nothing will be added because it is CBS. Lowest common denominator and so forth. 

  • Chocowocky

    I’m on skeptical for one reason: Irene Adler. She is the Woman to Sherlock Holmes, the only one who matters. If Watson is made female, how will this effect that entire story?

  • Pinukkel

    The sad part is that most likely the largest audience Elementary will have, will be us Sherlock fans, just in order to see how bad it turned out. CBS just tries to make quick money on something  which is immensely popular right now with both Sherlock and the Hollywood films around… Casting a female John is somewhat problematic in my eyes, as on the one hand it might be understood as a modernisation of a classic male role, but on the other hand it resorts to a hetero-normative reading of their relationship and destroys the very obvious queer (sub?)text of both the original Doyle and the latest adaptations.

  • Sherlock4ever

    No thank you.

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