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The Legend of Korra has proven to be a worthy successor of the amazing series Avatar: The Last Airbender. As a huge fan, naturally, I love to speculate because there is so much information in the few episodes released.

So, I have a few theories and questions based on what other fans have said and what I think, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Amon’s Robot Plans?

In the photos above (from the end of episode 1), Amon is standing with a map of Republic City in front of him, but just to his left appears to be some sort of robot blueprint. Do you think Amon has some more tricks up his sleeves that he has yet to unveil?

Is Aang trying to communicate to Korra?

As we know, Korra is not very spiritual. So far, she has had two ‘flashbacks’ which seem like the Yukon trial. It seems to me, since Korra is unable to go to the spirit world and communicate with Aang, he might be trying to communicate to her.

Who is Amon?

This question has garnered much speculation, and I am inclined to think he has something to do with the Yukon trial (maybe Yukon’s son?), but we simply do not have enough information to assume that he is anyone yet. He’s just Amon, for now (I do not think he is Aang’s son Bumi because from a picture of Bumi he is very tan, and Amon clearly has much lighter skin).

I think the more important question is: who is Amon affiliated with? Who bankrolls the Equalists?

The Equalists seem to be quite well-off with their awesome outfits and modes of transportation. They also have innovative technology with their electric glove things and the Lieutenant’s electric sticks. The real question is: who pays for and develops all of this?

Is Future Industries worthy of suspicion? Hiroshi Sato is a super-rich nonbender, so we cannot rule him out completely. It is also possible that Amon had lied about his upbringing, being poor and what not, and that he is the one paying for everything.

If Amon can energybend, then he’s a bender, right?

Can Amon really energybend? (Side note: In the show they have not explicitly said energybending)

From what I’ve seen, I doubt it. I think that it is an advanced form of chi-blocking, or something similar. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang put his hands on Ozai’s head and chest, and he was nearly corrupted by the tedious act.

But in The Legend of Korra, Amon easily takes the bending away from many benders, by putting his hands on their head and neck. Plus, there was no big light show. Another noteworthy observation is that Zolt was able to use his bending while Amon was taking it away. Which is suspicious because why didn’t Ozai? Sure his arms and feet were bound, but he could still breathe fire, right? I could be completely wrong, but these are some observations.

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This article was written by a Hypable user! Learn more and write your own right here.

  • Gary65

    I know this isn’t really related but, are you sure “tedious” is the right word to use?

    On topic though: How do we know Amon is taking bending away forever? For all we know, he could just be taking away their bending for a long time(a couple of months maybe?) and it’ll come back eventually. They haven’t really observed someone whose bending was taken away years ago and it still hasn’t returned. Whatever he does could be temporary and just take a really long time to wear off.

    • paroe829

      Good point, but now that Tahno’s bending was taken away, we might be able to see what actually happens – whether or not he will get it back.

      • Gary65

        Doubt it. From a writing standpoint, it’ll be better if Korra’s the one who figures out how to restore her bending when Amon eventually takes her’s(we all know it’s gonna happen and it would be cheapened if there were already a way to undo it when it does happen).

        I have 3 questions though:

        A: We have no idea where the different bending elements stem from and any some people can do 1 element, and that element alone, and some people can’t bend at all. To that point, does Amon have to do whatever he does to Korra 4 times to take away all her bending?

        B: If she is still unable to airbend when Amon strikes, can he take it away or does she have to awaken her airbending first?

        C: If he does remove all her bending, can she still bend in the Avatar State?

  • Laura

    Thank god you don’t subscribe to the “Amon is Bumi” theory. If he was, that would be terrible, sloppy writing on Bryan and Michael’s part. Also, judging from his collar, Bumi is chilling in the Fire Nation. So far, the only thing I can say about Amon, is that I’m pretty sure his backstory is fake. Just a story to garner sympathy.

    I agree that Amon is probably using an advanced form of chi-blocking rather than energybending. Energybending is exclusive to the Avatar.

  • GeekGirl101

    From what I understand there is two parts to taking someones bending away, one is severing the mental connection to the bending, the other is separating the body to the bending. Amon seems to only separating the mind from the bending. He is telling the brain it cannot bend….or something like that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    We all know (or hope) that Amon is someone we know, already been introduced to or someone that is related to a well known character.  He’s not just some stranger, because that’d be way too anti climatic.  That’s all we know about Amon for now.  Hopefully, hints and clues will pop up now and then so we can start making reasonable guesses.

  • Disqus

    This is the only User article that I’ve liked. Korra is just as great if not better than Avatar. It’s a lot more mature and I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of shocks coming our way. Saturday’s episode was fantastic.

    Thrse are some great points in this article. I don’t think it’s actual energy bending and I don’t think it’s Bumi either.

  • Shelby_W

    I think there is something off about Asami and Hiroshi. I think they are somehow involved with the equalists. Asami just “happens” to run over Mako? I think it was all a set up to get Amon closer to Korra. That being said I think the blue prints on the wall my have something to do with Hiroshi Sato because I think Amon may be using Future Industries as a hideout of sorts.

    I have to agree about Amon not being Bumi. I think it will end up being someone we know, but not Bumi.

    Great theories and loved the article! :)

    • Paroe829

      Yeah, during the pro-bending match when the equalists
      start revealing themselves, Hiroshi and Asami were not shown even once and we
      know they were at the match. That raises some suspicions because we don’t
      know for sure whether they were attacked or joined in with the equalists.

      Also, I just noticed something! This could be a
      coincidence but in the photo from the end of episode one, there is a red wire
      running through the roof, and then in the future industries building, there is
      a red wire as well.

      • ilovebeingpurple14

        Uuuu, great catch paroe829!  All these theories are making me super duper excited to see where this show takes us!!

    • Guest02

       Yeh I agree. I noticed one scene when amon is standin on the bending stage with his henchmen. The camera pans to show all the henchmen and one of them is clearly a woman. The fact that they took the time to draw ONE off them as a woman makes me believe it was asami. Also asami, met them a little to conveniently. And I think her green eyes/green goggles are meant to hint at her alliances.

      I would say amon possibly has someone to do with tarlock’s family. Not to say that it is tarlock, but I feel they are making him a red herring (ie. theres a lot of suspicious looks but I think he is allied with amon, and is not amon).

  • gcw07

    I absolutely am loving this show. It definitely lives up to Avatar:TLA. I’m with you, I do think Future Industries is building all these things. You just need money and facilities to build it all and so far, they are really the only company we have seen. Now the question remains if Asami knows about it all or not. I’m going to guess no.

    I still think Amon is the son of someone who was killed by Yukon. Aang only stopped him after Amon’s parents were killed so he blames him for it. And yes, I think Aang is trying to communicate with Korra. She just doesn’t realize it yet.

    As for Amon taking away bending. I’m not sure he really is. I mean it took all of Aang’s might and energy to take away someone’s bending and this guy does it with a simple touch or 2. To me it just seems like he is doing a Chi-block which may last several years, but I don’t think it is permanent. Either it can be reversed or it will wear off. It is just too much power for him to truly be taking it away.

  • Trumpeter_72395

    I think he does an advanced form of chi blocking and the benders stress out so much that they can’t bend. I mean they still have the ability to, they just can’t because they’re so stressed out over it.

    • paroe829

      Maybe it’s like a psychological chi-blocking move – like GeekGirl101 said: Amon could be “telling the brain it cannot bend”. So maybe that’s why it seems like it is permanent, because no one knows how to undo that sort of thing.

  • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

    Amon isn’t energy bending, he isn’t actually taking away their bending for good – its just a trick to scare people into hiding or to follow him. Asami and her father are no good, its too obvious they are working for the wrong side and its eventually going to come to head. 

    Is it just me or is bending a whole lot less intense as it was last series? everything seems so slow and blah, especially earth bending … was Toph really that awesome or is there something wrong with the animation?anybody?

    • Josh

      I doubt it’s a trick, otherwise the benders he took their bending from will hunt him down when it comes back. I think it has something to do with a corrupt spirit in the spirit world trying to cause chaos in the RL by giving him this ability. I could see it tying in with Korra’s lack of spirituality.

      • Incwildryder

        Or Korra’s lack of any sort of natural affinity to airbending. Severed spiritual avatar aang element? Corrupted Aang?

    • Gary65

      Seeing as the only bending we’ve seen has been in the pro-bending arena, under heavily regulated conditions, that’s hardly surprising. We haven’t seen any all out fights, with the exception of the most recent ep where Korra was fire-bending against the Equalists.

      When Toph fought, she went in with the intention to kick some ass, not just throw a few disks around an arena. It also didn’t hurt that Toph was 1000x more awesome than Bolin(aka Sokka 2.0) in every way.

      • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

        You make a good point I suppose but everything just seems slower paced up until the fire bending at the end of the latest episode.  Between that and the metal bending I was super pumped – thats where I like Avatar (LoK) most …

        I agree, Toph is still my all time favorite character. 

        • Laura

          There was that one fight between the brothers and the Lieutenant, in which the brothers lost pretty badly. Keep in mind that Mako and Bolin have only ever been trained in the pro-bending style, which is inadequate outside of the arena (note how during the Lieutenant fight, Bolin was fighting like a pro-bender, which made him slow and far too light on his feet).

          Korra is a much better fire and earthbender than they are because she’s been traditionally trained. Hopefully we’ll see her show them some traditional moves. 

          • http://twitter.com/vonchambers Devon Chambers

            I guess I always forget your skill set is based on how you were trained, so that makes sense they aren’t as fluid and fierce as somebody traditionally trained. I’m waiting until Korra goes into avatar mode – hopefully she’ll be able to get into her spiritual side this season. 

          • Laura

            You and me both :). I can’t wait to see Avatar State!Korra. Considering how non-spiritual she is, the first time she goes into the Avatar State will probably be by accident and very uncontrollable.

  • guest

    I’m still not sold on the asami/sato being equalist. (i mean i seen that way too much comming from makorra shippers- and while i do like makorra- i actually do like asami as well- so i dont want her to be evil just so the rabid fans can gloat. ;p

    if anything, if they are involved, i would see it more as blackmail and not happy compliance.

    also there IS cabbage corp- that’s another industry- and we know the cabbage man probably had a serious grudge against benders, because they kept destroying his cabbages.

    also i dont think amon is anyone we know/offspring of anyone we know. i mean so far we haven’t seen too many people related to the old gen…

    • paroe829

      I agree, I’m not saying they are equalists. I just think that there are many red flags that we cannot ignore that point to Future Industries being involved with them.

    • Gary65

      I’d say it’s more likely her father is involved as a way to try and improve his business. I doubt Asami herself is involved.

      I’d say it’s a given that Amon is related to someone from the first series. It doesn’t even have to be someone major. But there will be some connection there. If there wasn’t, the writers wouldn’t make his identity a secret. It doesn’t make much of a pay-off, from a writing standpoint, to remove the mask and have it be some randomer. Unless he’s horribly disfigured or something.

  • Hehedied

    Amazing show… Nuff said.

  • Gary65

    Is anyone else bothered by how alike Asami and Azula look? Summat going on there.

    • Laura

      If you’re implying that Azula is Asami’s mother… Azula would have been in her 60s when Asami was born, lol. Grandchild, perhaps, but I doubt it.

      I never really thought that they looked alike. Maybe their faces a little bit, though Asami’s character design is based off of Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. 

      • Gary65

        THAT’S who she looks like :D Thank you. I’ve been staring at her every time she’s on screen and trying to figure out who she reminds me of.

        Well that certainly doesn’t bode well for her being good if her design is based on Lust lol

        Asami is descended from the Fire Nation colonies so it’s not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that there is some tie-in back to Zuko’s family. It would be an excellent cover story for someone who was related to Azula and fled to Republic City. They wouldn’t be able to hide their Fire Nation heritage so they could just say they’re from the colonies. I dunno. Apart from her imprisonment, I don’t think we’ve heard much about what happened to Azula. I can’t see her staying imprisoned for 50 years until she died(if she is indeed dead).

  • rdh014

    EXCELLENT. A good culmination of all of my thoughts and questions. Good good good.

  • Mforrester18

    What are the chances of Amon being Jet?

  • Chicken

    Clearly Amon is the cabbage guy’s grandson, and he’s getting all his resources from Cabbage Corp.

    • Guest


  • avatarish

    Is it possible for there to be two avatars at once? I know that in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy momentarily died and came back to life, which activated a new “chosen” slayer in the process. Could this have happened to either Aang or Korra?

    • Gary65

      That’s true but there aren’t potential Avatars, with one being activated when the preceding one dies. The next Avatar has to be born and isn’t even conceived until the previous Avatar is dead. Therefore, I would say it is highly improbable.

    • Laura

      It’s impossible for there to be two Avatars at once. The new one is born the moment the old one dies.

      You could argue that Aang died for a few minutes when Azula struck him with her lightning, but he was in the Avatar State when that happened. If an Avatar dies while in the Avatar State, it kills the Avatar spirit. If Katara hadn’t been able to bring Aang back, there would have been no more Avatars.

      • Gary65

        I think you mean conceived, not born.

        • paroe829

          Actually, according to this article the avatar is “born within a week of death” of the previous avatar. 

          • Gary65

            I’m pretty sure that is in reference to the Tulku Lama discussed earlier in the piece, and not the actual Avatar in the show.

            But if it’s not, and the next Avatar is born within a week of the previous Avatar, then it is possible for there to be two Avatars at once. Babies are perfectly capable of being alive outside the womb a week before coming to term and are considered alive. As technology progresses, babies could be delivered by C section and thus there would be 2 Avatars. Or something could happen to the mother and she could have to deliever early. I am also confused by the Earth’s ability to predict the future, as is implied by such an idea.

            I would also question the “signs of continuity” referenced in the article, given the stark lack of continuity between Aang and Korra.

          • eclipse

            actually i like to point out the the two avatar theory is impossible when aang was struck down by azula, for 2 major reason. avatar roku said if he was to be killed while in the avatar state the line of the avatar would die. that is y the whole scenario happened where the avatar line disappeared and what not. two since the avatar line was destroyed aang could not have being reincarnated or go into the avatar state. the avatar was restored when fire lord ozai smashed aang into the rock that hit the scar where he was shot with lighting which restored his avatar state. 

          • Gary65

            I never said there could be 2 Avatars.

            Also, you are incorrect about the line being destroyed. If Aang has died again afetr Azula struck him and Katara brought him back, the Avatar would still have been reincarnated. His problem was that his wound blocked his 7th Chakra, which made it impossible for him to enter the Avatar state. When Ozai hit him with the rock, the wound unblocked his 7th Chakra and he could enter the Avatar State once more.

        • Laura

          Nah, I did mean born, but I can buy the “being born within a week” possibility.

          And no, that still doesn’t allow for 2 Avatars to exist at once. That baby is not the Avatar, even while in the womb, until the old one dies. If Aang had not died when he did, Korra would have just been a normal girl. And I doubt the article means continuity as in personality (if that’s what you’re referring to when you say there is a lack of continuity between Korra and Aang) since all the Avatars were still human; they were bound to be different.

          • Gary65

            But then what is meant by “signs of continuity”? Korra and Aang are nothing alike. They’re not the same sex, they don’t have the same personality, Korra’s a lot more proficient with bending than Aang was at a similar age. Apart from the fact that they’re both the Avatar, there doesn’t seem to be any similarities between them.

            So the Spirit of the Earth just decides to inhabit some random baby? By that logic, if Sozin had been born a little sooner, he could have been the Avatar. How does the Spirit of the Earth ensure that it doesn’t inhabit someone who will grow up to be an evil Avatar? That is really weird.

          • Chad

             No the spirit choose the next Avatar that is worthy, if Sozin was worthy to be the next Avatar then he would be.  This is about the Spirit obviously, its called the Avatar! For that reason why would the spirit inhabit someone evil?? Sign of continuity, not in personality or strength. Its about keeping balance in the world. Sozin sought to disrupt balance and probably wont be the Avatar even if he was born before Roku.

          • Gary65

            But what sign of continuity is there between Korra and Aang that would observable to a regular human?

          • Laura

            No, it’s not just “some random baby”. The creators have a more complicated system when it comes to bending and who’s born as what. Most of it has to do with spirituality.

            As for signs of continuity, it simply cannot be personality because although all the Avatars share the same spirit, they are not the same person. They are separate from one another with different values, thought processes, preferences, etc. The signs of continuity would be exactly what it sounds like; just signs. Being born a week after the old Avatar’s death would be a sign. Choosing the same objects as the old Avatar would be a sign.

          • Gary65

            I dunno. I just can’t get my head around the idea that you’re not always meant to be the Avatar. In a sense, each Avatar host is being possessed by the Avatar spirit, rather than actually being the Avatar themselves. it’s just the same being downloading themselves into an new body every time the old one dies.

            In a way, each Avatar is not their own person, as they would have chosen different toys had the Avatar not possessed them. This indicates a shift in personality should the Avatar spirit choose you. Thus you are not your own person. At least that’s how I see it anyway.

          • Laura

            They don’t choose the objects based on what they like/prefer (which would indicate similar/same personality). They choose those objects because they subconsciously recognize them from their past lives. Like, they’d put the past Avatar’s necklace beside a 100 other necklaces and the baby would choose that specific one because he/she subconsciously recognizes it as his/hers.

            I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree about the Avatars being their own person. To me, Korra may be Aang’s reincarnation, but that doesn’t mean she IS Aang. The spirit part of them is the same (the part that gives them their Avatar powers) but the human part is entirely different and their own.  

          • Gary65

            I don’t think she is Aang either(she couldn’t be less like Aang if she tried).I guess my problem is that, when I picture the Avatar, I picture a unique person granted unique powers based on the type of soul they are. They came into existence as the Avatar and were always meant to be the Avatar. I don’t picture a body-hopping spirit.

            One thing’s for sure though. Unless the airbenders do some serious population growth in the next two generations, the Spirit of the Earth is gonna have some very limited options as to who to select next. It may even be possible that there are no women pregnant with airbenders when the next Fire Avatar dies. But that’s a moot point for now.

          • Gary65

            I don’t think she is Aang either(she couldn’t be less like Aang if she tried).I guess my problem is that, when I picture the Avatar, I picture a unique person granted unique powers based on the type of soul they are. They came into existence as the Avatar and were always meant to be the Avatar. I don’t picture a body-hopping spirit.

            One thing’s for sure though. Unless the airbenders do some serious population growth in the next two generations, the Spirit of the Earth is gonna have some very limited options as to who to select next. It may even be possible that there are no women pregnant with airbenders when the next Fire Avatar dies. But that’s a moot point for now.

          • Gary65

            I don’t think she is Aang either(she couldn’t be less like Aang if she tried).I guess my problem is that, when I picture the Avatar, I picture a unique person granted unique powers based on the type of soul they are. They came into existence as the Avatar and were always meant to be the Avatar. I don’t picture a body-hopping spirit.

            One thing’s for sure though. Unless the airbenders do some serious population growth in the next two generations, the Spirit of the Earth is gonna have some very limited options as to who to select next. It may even be possible that there are no women pregnant with airbenders when the next Fire Avatar dies. But that’s a moot point for now.

  • guest

    on the energy bending thing, i seriously doubt amon can do anything of the sort. The triple threats were in on the deal and bolin popped in unexpectedly. It was all a magic trick. In episode 6 he never took wolf bats dude power he just knocked him off the edge. just sayin..

    • paroe829

      No, I think he did take it from Tahno. On Nick.com, there is a new clip where Tahno says he went to all of the healers, and whatever Amon did to him is permanent.

  • Matthew Gilligan

    Given how much time has passed and how partial Korra is to fire bending, does anybody else see another battle involving that infamous comet taking place? It passed every hundred years, right? Aang was 10 when it passed before and 80 when he died. It’s been 17 years since then. I don’t know if the series would allow 13 more years to pass, though.

    Aside from that, Amon is clearly related to Hiroshi in some way (if not by blood then by affiliation). The money, the technology, and a similar back story of growing up with nothing are all consistent. Amon seems to be of a smaller build than Hiroshi though, unless I am mistaken.

    Something is definitely off with Osami too. Way too much coincidence. 

    There’s still just way too much that we don’t know.

    • Laura

      You have your timelines wrong. Aang was 12, almost 13, when Sozin’s Comet last passed and he was 66 when he died (53 years after the end of A:TLA). Then Korra was born and the new series starts when she’s 17, making the gap between the end of A:TLA and the beginning of LOK 70 years. If Aang were alive in Korra’s time, he would be 83.

      Proof of Aang’s age when he died is in the Republic City interactive game on Nickelodeon’s website.

      So no, Sozin’s Comet isn’t set to pass again for another 30 years.

    • Tbreezy

      I got a strange feeling, that Asami might become a member of the equalist or even a future antagonist since she heard that Korra and Mako kissed,plus she has a very secretive demeanor about herself,and its stated that she took many self defense classes as a kid…..

  • StayTuned

    I believe Amon is actually taking away bending.  As I’ve read from other articles the one I like the most is its an advanced form of chi blocking and/or a chakra being severed.  Amon has a hidden agenda that we’re unaware of.  A possible Robot being built…idk?  To me all of this is a distraction, Amon over the Radio says people don’t go to the Tournament, what did the benders do? Screw you Amon, were going anyways cause we’re way cool benders!  Amon had every Metal Bender and all other benders at the Pro Bending tournament.  That is what he wanted so he could do whatever under the radar.  Then when he was done doing whatever, dude shows up at the tournament to prove he really is a BA, takes the WolfBat (Tahno) dudes bending away.  Amon is using the Bender’s abilities against them. Pretty smart dude!

    Korra Call’s Amon out alone and the dude shows up with Chi-Blockers.  He is unable to protect himself from the Avatar. He told Korra he’s leaving her last? (Reminds me of Bart Simpson, I could take your bending away but I don’t wanna!) Why? For what purpose? If she’s in the way just take her bending away and call it a day! Well that’s because its not permanent, he tells her shes last to get her scared and have her keep her distance so Amon doesn’t have to deal with her.  Another possibility is he simply can not take Korra’s abilities away cause shes…well…The Avatar baby!

    All of what Amon is doing is a distraction for something bigger.  What that is I have no idea.  Just stay tuned.

  • Sunbutterfly2012

    I have read somewhere and i agree that it’s possible that Amon is just blocking people chakras. Your third eye chakra in the middle of your forehead controls spirituality. I think Amon is blocking that energy therefore making it LOOK like its taken away. Remember what the guru said something about water flowing in a creek, if one pool is blocked the creek cant flow. Aang couldn’t go into the avatar state when he blocked his chakra but maybe for normal benders, it cause them the appearance of losing their bending. they just need to unblock their chakra…the thing is that not many people know about chakras.

  • guest

    any time i see chakra i start talking in the gurus voice..

  • Guestie

    I’m not sure if anyone has said this, but I kind of think that Mr.Sato might be Amon.
    Their voices sound similar to me and he could just be speaking with a deeper/rougher voice when in the Amon outfit. The chubbiness of Mr.Sato could just be a “fat suit” in a sense.
    Also, maybe Amon actually IS a bender. Maybe he just wants to get rid of everyone’s bending so he can be the last and only bender so there’s no one to ever stand in his way.

  • Guest

    I have a theory that is pretty far fetched but I’m throwing it out there anyway. What if Amon is Aang? There are definitely some similarities there. Loved ones killed by firebenders when young. Both can take away people’s bending abilities. This all relies on the other theory that Aang isn’t actually dead and that he just died for a few minutes before coming back to life which triggered the birth of a new avatar. If he is still alive, his near death experience could have changed the way he thinks. And he could be wearing the mask so that nobody can see his tattoos which would give him away. He wouldn’t use his bending either because that would give him away too. I know that this is pretty far fetched, but think about it.

    • WESA716

      Amon can’t be Aang. Aang is dead. There can only be one Avatar at a time and the current Avatar is Korra. dying for a few minutes doesn’t count. He died for more than a few minutes when Azula went Buffy on him and ran him through with lightning. If that counted then there would be a 70-something year old avatar running around one of the poles somewhere and Korra would have been born in the Earth Kingdom. Plus, Aang is a good guy and LoK is (THANK GOD) not being written by M. Night Shamalan so a twist like that simply ain’t gonna happen

  • nix

    I had thought that cabbage corp had something to do with the equalists and Amon- how could they not? being descended from the cabbage merchant whose business was always destroyed by benders?I had also had the belief that Mr. Sato was involved with Amon- since we were first introduced to the Satos, I thought “hmmm, money, technology, non benders” and I had wondered about what happened to Mrs. Sato- and then we find out she was killed by fire benders- reason for Mr. Sato to hold a grudge- and we learn this is his reason for joining Amon.I knew Asami had nothing to do with Amon, or she would never date Mako- a fire bender. MR. Sato on the other hand, I was suspicious of his immediate funding of the Fire ferrets- which he did only to blow off suspicion of his involvement with the equalists.- I had thought that someone powerful and rich must have paid of the refs in the match- it couldn’t have been Tahno- he obviously wouldn’t be able to afford it- it had to be Sato or Cabbage corp- which it was Sato, because he knew who ever won would get their bending taken away, and even though he hated Mako, he didn’t want to hurt Asami- he loves his daughter and wants her to be happy, but you can see it in certain scenes that he is rude toward MakoMy new theories:Tarlock is involved with the equalist movement- he drops Korra, Lin beifong, and the task force like a hot potato after the pro bending match and Amon’s attack. Tarlock seems like the type to join so as not to have his bending taken away- he seems pompous and haughty. He is obviously egotistical and why wouldn’t he be afraid to have his bending taken away? He started up the task force so quickly and seemed much to eager to recruit Korra, he seems against the avatar, like he wants to see her failTahno will join the avatar team as a non bender- he seems pretty adament about bringing the equalists down- I feel that some how his bending will come back, maybe somehow Korra can reverse the affects.- we definately have not seen the last of TahnoAmon may be a bender- not an element bender, but an energy bender- in the avatar universe these were the first benders, maybe this is how Amon can take bending away- as far as we know, only the avatar has the power to take someone’s bending which doesn’t make unless Amon is an energy bender.Lin beifong’s father?- she sort of resembles the earth bender Haru from the original series, and people think it is Sokka, but he definately married Suki, so it couldn’t be Sokka. That or maybe her father could be Teoh, the son of the mechanic who made fire nation weaponry- he was the kid who rode in the wheel chair- these are the best possible candidates- Toph knew them and they were around her ageAmon is not taking bending away but is blocking chakras- in the original series, when Aang took the firelord’s bending away the energies of the two were visible and the experience almost corrupted Aang, this does not happen when Amon takes bending away, so I think it may just be chakra blocking, as Aang could not go into the avatar state if his chakras were blocked, so what would happen if it was just a normal bender?

  • Manno794

    Dont u guys think it is kinda odd that Aang the avatar died then he was in his 66 while Katara is still alive. I mean 66 is sort of young compared to Katara wh is prorbably in her 80s by now. Well that makes me think that maybe Aang’s death wasnt from natural causes. We are not told anything about how he died, so it could have been anything. maybe someone who turned on him, who hated the avatar, wanted revenge for something, or any other reason. And maybe this person, or his desendant, still holds a grudge aang or the Avatar. Maybe this person is Amon ans now wants to get back at the avatar by turning the people of the world against the avatar(korra) who embodies all 4 types of bending. Korra’s flashbacks can be related to this as well. Aang is probably trying to get through to korra  to tell her about this person, about who Amon is and his motive. It could be Yukon or someone related to him. I dont have any proof or anythink its just a theory but I just think Aang dieing at 66 seemed too young especially considering that katara and Zuku are still alive n they were both older than Aang. Tell me what u guys think ? Could this be possible.

    • Sunbutterfly2012

      When Tarrlok said that when Yukon treatened the peace, Avatar Aang wasn’t scared to retaliate and Tenzin got really defensive. That might be the battle Aang died in because Tarrlok said a few years back. A few years back could mean any sort of time but I think it means a shorter time period so it could have been right before Korra was born. I don’t think Amon is Yukon though.

    • WESA716

      Aang died so early because he spent 100 years trapped in the Avatar state in the iceburg and it drained a lot of his life energy. It says so in the interactive republic city game on Nick.com. As for Amon being related to Yakone in some way, I think thats definitely possible. Yakone has been mentioned by name and in both of Korra’s flashbacks so he must have something to do with the current war. I doubt its Yakone himself cuz in the flashbacks Aang looks super pissed and in the Avatar State without Katara anywhere nearby, and that usually translates to dead bad guy if the last series is any indication.

  • Mikyjoer

    My theory is when aang died in book 2 amon was born as a non bending avatar because the cycle was broken and since he was revived and died again korra was born … so that would make since aang dieing twice brought 2 different avatars to be born , that would explain why he has that power because he is just as much apart of aang as korra would be just he is only like i said since aangs first death broke the cycle he was a non bender but still spiritual and second death made her a bender but not spiritual …or something along those lines

    • Mike

      Aang was in Avatar state when hit by lightning, therefore the cycle would have ended

  • Armriv0990

    Amon may be zukkos younger half brother. Just hear me out… zukkos mother was taken away when he was still a kid . She was sent far away were she found love had a kid(amon) zukko found his mother years later but finds she has made a new family and life enraged he kills her and then attemps to do away with amon. Zukko is the fire bender

    • Tbreezy

      That’s a really good theory,but what if Amon is just an out of the blue person who has a loathe for benders.

  • Coramorin1

    mikyjoer i agree with u it all makes sence… but i think in order to make the cycle come back to normal they have to die at the same time

  • Coramorin1

    uh the people that have to die is amon and korra

  • TBSpeed

    Amon is ozai, remember in book one TLA the fish ying and yang chose to live in the real world. Ozai’s spirt must have chosen to do the same. When the turtle taught Aang to take people’s bending he touched Aang in the same places Aang touched ozai, ozai leaned how to take away bending from Aang doing it to him.

    Also when Korra connects with Aang and he is blood bent he is help less until the avatar state kicks in and he is no longer Aang but now the livening embodiment of all avatars past and blood bending no longer works on him because he is a spirt. The same thing happens to Amon when tarrlok  try’s to blood bend him. 

  • TBSpeed

    In addition if amon’s story is true about having no face it is because whale in the spirit world The spirit Koh The Face Steeler took ozai’s face

  • trackkidemc

    Amon could be koh the face steeler or his identity could be related to wan shi tong or the library in the sand. remember the library could have had books or scroll that teach how to take a persons bending. or one of those spirits could be hosting Amons body because both spirits have something against the avatar. and Amon said that bending has started every war since the beggining of time and only the spirits would know about that especially Wan Shi Tong. also there arent 2 avatars because it was seen in Korra’s flashback that aang went into the avatar state to take Yakones bending which means his spirit side didnt leave when azula so called killed him.

  • Terrenceserres

    Amon????My theory for Amon is that he could be half of the avatar and is from the water tribe or sokka’s and sukki’s son because remember how in ATLAB the episode where katara overpowered the water bender who had blood bending abilities and since katara is from the water tribe its most likey she can do it too , and because if that there hasn’t been anyone else who can over power it with the elements earth,fire,or air. So I’m guessing Amon is from the water tribe since he overpowered tarrlocks blood bending, and the reason why I say amons a half avatar or half human and half spirit is because when aang died (in that weird sense) in the last series they always say when the avatar dies the cycle of tha avatar gets broken and the avatar gets reborn but katara brung him back so what if the cycle was really broken and the cycle went to the next element which is water, so I’m guessing since bringing aang back to life it created amon but having only half of his powers because he says he talks to spirits but isn’t a bender but he’s most likely an energy bender since that was common before the era of the avatar and korra is a bender but isn’t able to go into the spiritual side because of amon. So what I’m trying to say is that Amon and korra are half of the same being which is the avatar. Oh and the way that Amon can chi block is that since either he is sokka’s and sukki’s son or is just from the water tribe because the kyushu warriors must’ve learned chi blocking from ty lee they all must’ve wanted to teach other people and since the sokka is the husband of there leader yue they must’ve taught it to some of the people in the water tribe and that’s how he gets the ability to chi block.

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