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In the same week that Doctor Who stars Karen Gilan and Arthur Darvill filmed their final scenes for the show, new details have emerged about the stars’ penultimate episode. This post contains spoilers.

Many little tidbits (all arising from Twitter) have surfaced online in the last few days, all concerning the fourth episode of the seventh series which is reportedly titled “Cubed.” While none of the new information could be considered hugely spoiler-ific, these interesting teases allude to what we can expect from the return of UNIT.

  • When The Doctor first arrives (following a brief phone call with Amy), the Ponds are celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Mark Williams will once again return as Rory’s father, seen wearing a Hawaiian shirt while lighting a celebratory barbecue in the couples garden. – Will
  • Matt Smith as The Doctor was seen on top of a ladder, clearing more black cubes from a gutter. He also dismantled a car and was caught in a “cube storm.” – Will
  • The Case actress Ruthie Henshall hinted that she would be appearing in the show as “a baddie.”
  • Acclaimed writer/director Steven Berkoff has been shooting for the episode, though there is no confirmation on what type of role he will be playing. – Andrée

What do you think of this new information? Does “Cubed” look like a great story for the return of UNIT?

  • Oscar

    Firstly: Picture of Noel Clarke and Freema Agyeman on twitter recently. I’ve heard it’s for a convention thing, but… *cross fingers* UNIT? The Smith-Jones return? Hopefully?

    Just an idea: can you state the level of spoilers in the article title (major plot point spoilers, minor character spoilers etc). These aren’t major, because they don’t actually tell you anything about the plot and they allow for speculation, so I don’t mind them, but stuff like about Rory and Amy’s futures or major points like that I’d want to avoid. I (and other fans, I presume) don’t mind some spoilers, but not the big ones. Just a thought. 

    • https://twitter.com/#!/HarriFSargeant Harri Sargeant

      What we try and do make sure spoiler warnings are in both the title and “lead” of the article so those trying to avoid them outright can do so, then specify within the article itself how big they are so you can make your own judgement before reading.

      • Eden

        I agrree, perhaps a traffic light system?!
        I don’t normally mind spoilers but was gutted when I read major Amy/Rory ones after other recent ones being so minor eg ‘Doctor wears glasses’.
        It would really help :)

        • https://twitter.com/#!/HarriFSargeant Harri Sargeant

          It’s something we can definitely consider. Thank you very much for the feedback! 

  • Jael

    Are there any pictures of Mark Williams on set?  For some reason I just can’t envision Mr. Weasley in a Hawaiian shirt.

  • Oscar

    Hold on… you sure it’s their first wedding anniversary? Cos in the Doctor, Widow and Wardrobe, he’d been gone for 2 years… this would have to be at least their 3rd anniversary.

  • Bev Brown

    it looks cool

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