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Fringe has concluded its season (but not series!) finale, and we’re still reeling from the episode. Share your thoughts and theories with other fans in the comments!

The season finale episode “Brave New World” concluded the intense fourth season of the show. We saw the return of William Bell and the battle for the worlds we love.

Rave or rant about what happened in the episode’s final moments in the comments, and tell us what you’re looking forward to in Fringe‘s fifth and final season!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1292851533 Bebhinn Priest

    By far one of the BEST episodes of the series.

  • cam

    I found it a little bit underwhelming as with the entire season.

  • grapes9h5

    I thought it was absolutely jaw droopingly brilliant and intense, but the final few minutes felt like an anti climactic let down honestly. We already knew that if Olivia survived that she would be pregnant with Etta. Then the final scen with September in the lab with Walter simply rehashed the fact that The Observers are coming, again, something we already knew. There was no big giant shocking twist end reveal like there was in the finales for seasons 1,2, and 3. It was very un-Fringe like. I wanted to have something that sprung us back into season 5 with like a time jump to either 2016 or 2036. I wanted to see evil Observers or maybe learn just where the heck William Bell disappeared to. Something, anything, that could qualify as a shock or twist.

    Also I was hoping for some word on the popular theory that Bell and RDJ’s true motivation involved trying to either combat or serve the Observers and their planed future. This episode did make very clear that William Bell and his underlings were well aware of The Observers. And not just aware, but they clearly also understood what they do, who they are, and how they work. They also specifically knew of September’s connection to Olivia. The episode ended though with no further comment on this but yet Bell disappears in very Observer-esque fashion.

    I want answer dang it, or at least cool teasers!!!! Letters Of Transit should have been the finale.

    • gcw07

      I think the biggest reason for no shocking ending was that they didn’t know if it was coming back or not. I kind of felt like the hospital scene could have been the last scene if they had cancelled the series and then the last bit with Walter was the alternative in case it came back.

      I figured Bell just disappeared into the other universe, but maybe he went to the future. September was shocked that they had the knowledge to lock him down. Maybe Bell got help from the Observers that are invading.

    • akacj7

      the teaser you’re looking for is in September’s final warning: “they are coming” which all but confirms that episode 19 is going to happen and wasn’t just a fun one-off episode. episode 19 is basically a 45 minute teaser of what’s to come in season 5, which is more than i could ever dream of getting!

  • Jordan

    Brilliant episode.

  • jozefd14

    THAT WAS THE BEST SEASON FINALE OF FRINGE EVER!!!! So glad that there will be a 5th season but sad that it will be the series finale season :( I really really thought that Olivia was going to die. I’m so glad that this season finale wasn’t as much of a cliffhanger as last seasons. It’s reassuring that we will see what season 5 will offer. I still believe that it will be about what we saw in episode 19 Letters of Transit. 

    • akacj7

      oh yeah, for sure. september’s final words all but confirm episode 19 wasn’t just a fun one-off episode.

      • jozefd14

        I’m pretty sure Hypable has a article talking about one of the main cast and they were being interviewed and they said that episode 19 might be a sneak peek of ever season 5 comes around.

  • fringey

    if they intended the hospital scene to be the series finale…wouldnt peter have got back to his own timeline?…i mean the events of s1-s3 dont exist! cmon!

  • Melgreenwood1

    It was awesome. I am so pumped for next season!! I got to the end and was so excited about what we know is coming. It is just sooo sad that it is the final season. I thought watching ep 19 that that could be its own series anyway but now we get to see it anyway. Cant wait till it comes back :-) 

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