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The Grey’s season finale is upon us, and that means a great teaser trailer for the final episode is here!

Check out this promo for 8×24 “Flight.” The episode airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Who’s it “truly the end” for?!

  • http://twitter.com/Neela149 Tova Rich

    I think they’re gonna kill Arizona and then I’m gonna have to curl up in a bal and cry forever :’(

    • sarahd15

       I hope not :( She is my favorite new addition to the original cast!!

  • Alaska

    This is ridiculous.  The odds that this one group of people would endure not only a plane crash but a hospital shooting, a ferry wreck, a bomb explosion, a number of car crashes, and countless other tragedies is so slim that GA obviously wants its viewers to suspend any and all disbelief just so they can watch season after season of implausible circumstances.  Why does every finale need to depict some mind-numbing trauma?  I miss the seasons of great character development and fascinating surgeries.

    • Rita

      Totally agree. I mean, where do they even come up with this stuff? Isn’t all the relationship drama enough?

      When it began, GA was one of my favourite shows, but I basically stopped watching after they butchered Izzie and Alex’s storyline so Katherine Heigl could get out of the show, when there were so many other ways to do it.

      The original concept was so good, why does it need all this stuff? It’s like they do their season, it’s all going well, and when they get into a rutt and it becomes boring, the writers come up with like the most dramatic and farfetched thing just to pump up the drama and so viewers keep watching the show. Why can’t they just stick with the original formula? Great relationships and development, good life stories, the day to day life of surgeons, with the ocasional patient drama here and there

      Let me just add: if I was a doctor in that hospital, by now I would have gotten the HELL out of there, friends be damned :p

      • sarahd15

         Lol yes it is ridiculous that all of this outrageous bad stuff would happen to them, but don’t forget this is a Drama show that is quite fictional. Therefore, no I don’t think they should just follow them on the everyday things that they do as surgeons. This isn’t a documentary series! So of course the writers are going to come up with crazy, heart pounding, tear jerking episodes. It’s about the drama and the ratings! Don’t get me wrong, I do love the character stories and development, I just feel at this point, we are ending season 8, so we should just expect this kind of stuff.
        Plus the aftermath of this crap usually plays out realistically. After the shooting, nobody in that hospital was ok. It took Cristina almost half the season to go back into an OR without freaking out. As annoyed at times that I was with some of season 7, they played out the effects of the shooting very well, which still impresses me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

      It’s good television.  I’m over the non-realistic parts.  

  • Kate

    Well, we know Derrek will probably die, since Patrick Dempsey is leaving Grey’s right?

    But this is completely ridiculous. As mentioned, the odds of all this awful stuff happening to this one group of people…When they finally end Grey’s are they going to have another tragedy (a meteor hitting Seattle Grace?) that kills them all?

    • JCman7


      Actually he has signed on for two more years just announced last night

  • Bikkun

    Like I said earlier somewhere. I think it’s Lexie who’s going to die. Especially after watching this teaser. Very dramatic because she is a beloved character, everyone loves Lexie – fans and all the characters in GA. Would be a bittersweet reunion with Mark. Though – I read an interesting theory about Arizona. When she dies – Alex will be feeling guilty because she took his place in the plane and this way he stays in Seatle…

  • MAB

    Isn’t Arizona pregnant in real life? Think that another baby won’t fit the serie right now… Hope it’s not Lexie!!! However, it wouldn’t be likely Arizone dies because every person who marries Callie dies…

  • http://twitter.com/CurlyLili26 Lili Sa

    I’ll seriously stop watching this show if Lexie dies…..her story-line is the one I mostly followed anyways…poor mark :(

    Meredith looks like a crazy bum in that picture!!Lol

  • Kwistoh

    its arizona that dies 

  • Kwistoh


    one: shes preggerz in real life, and when she goes on maternity leave whats her story this time? she already went to africa.  two: shonda rhimes had “no comment” to say about the callie and arizona storythree: there was nothing stating that she was going to return to greys after this season

  • http://twitter.com/Willy_Tays Wil ϟ

    That is one hot picture of Meredith : )

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