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A very vigilant eye at PaidContent found a banner and owl on Amazon’s Kindle page with the wording, “Wizardry is on the way.”

UPDATE: Hypable reader Jed noticed something that reveals what this is all about!

It seems that it is teasing an upcoming announcement related to Kindle, which could suggest something Pottermore-related. It is very mysterious and vague, but what could it mean?

Here’s analysis from the PaidContent article that found the banner:

When I asked Amazon about this, a spokeswoman told me, “We’ll have to ask you to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement.” The company declined to comment on timing.

The banner, on the Kindle home page, is in the Harry Potter font and isn’t clickable.

The announcement surely makes us wonder, but hopefully we will learn very soon what the banner is all about.

Editor’s note: We suspect this means that Harry Potter e-books will be available on Amazon.com. Presently, Kindle owners who want to purchase the books are sent from Amazon’s site to the Pottermore Shop. After this announcement, you may be able to purchase the books directly on Amazon’s site or your Kindle.

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  • Jed Anderson

    This is probably the “interactive e-books” we were being teased about with the Pottermore CEO interview

  • Potterhead360

    If it is, I’ll be mad. I hit spent $60 on these when I would have waited for an enhanced edition

  • Jed Anderson

    if you right click to save the image on amazon’s main page after hovering over books where it says “wizardry is on the way” it default saves it as “HP-KOLL-flyout._V148420599_” HP-KOLL

    KOLL stands for kindle owners lending library, this means that harry potter books will be apart of Amazon primes free library borrowing service :D

    • Meg G

      Good old HP fan sleuthing. JK Rowling taught us well. :)

  • belac889

    Maybe Pottermore dropped Sony and got Amazon as the sponser.

  • Guest

    That’s it??? Why make an ‘announcement’ for this? I agree with @belac889:disqus Sony has got its own (ebook) Reader. So, why would Potter ebooks be available through Amazon directly for the Kindle (a product of Amazon)? Maybe Pottermore did decide to drop Sony as its sponsor and replace it with Amazon.

  • Guest

    I’m still annoyed that even though I’m a Prime member, I can’t borrow books because I use a Kindle app on my Android tablet instead of buying a separate e-reader. 

    But maybe they’ll release a new Kindle with an HP design that’s pre-loaded with all seven books or something…

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