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It happened. The photo Harry Potter, StarKid and Glee fans have been waiting for. At tonight’s Met Gala in New York City, Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss posed for a photo along with Nick Jonas in a long-awaited union.

Joe Jonas posted the picture to his official Instagram account (adamjosephj) last night! Here it is! Feast your eyes on this:

This photo has long been a hope for so many fans in the Harry Potter, StarKid and Glee fandoms! It’s too bad the lighting wasn’t better!

Are you printing out this photo and hanging 50 copies on your wall like we are?

All three stars took the role of J. Pierrepont Finch in How to Succeed on Broadway (Jonas is still in the role).

  • Ark

    love all three of the Finchs. i especially love that they are all wearing bow ties. totally Fetch… i mean Finch

  • http://www.facebook.com/iDomi Domi Ed

    Not on my wall. Its on my Tumblr…where it will be admired forever.
    …I don’t feel like explaining to anyone that sees it on my actually wall “what that pink crap is”.

    ….It’s awesome. I wish it had better lighting :(

  • http://twitter.com/ApDiggles ApDiggles

    Awww! How nice!

  • Luna

    I like 2/3 of them :D both of their names start with D and they acted Harry Potter before 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZLABO2EKD6WYPJPYPQ647GBYEY Amber Benson

    Umm… Totally miss the whole point of the photo- all three have recently played the same character in How To Succeed In Business

    • Jo

       yet again John forgot to do his homework. but i’m thankful for the photo anyway!! thanks John :)

      • derp

        john did his homework, but fans have been wanting a picture of them together for because they played harry, not because they played the same part in a musical. potter has more fans than that broadway production my friend

        • Guest

          Theater (Broadway, to be more specific), has been existing way longer than Potter has, and people went to see “that broadway production” because they are genuine theater fans (& fans of the original musical), and NOT because of a guy who has played the same character for ten years…

          Btw, “that Broadway production” has a name, for god’s sake! Honestly, you HP fans are so intellectually juvenile. You people believe that the world begins and ends with HP, and that is your biggest delusion.

          • keep your shirt on

            Not true at all, but THIS PARTICULAR PICTURE has been waited for for a long time because of HP. The world doesn’t begin and end with HP, but this picture reigns in with many more fans for it’s HP ties than it’s theater ties. How many other theater stars in a picture make it onto this site? 

          • Prestiege

            considering the fact that John got the picture from Joe Jonas’ intergram with the caption ‘Finch, Finch, Finch he should have at least recognised the connection

          • derp

            He did though. He does mention it.

          • Prestiege

            no actually, he didn’t make the connection that all three boys played Finch on Broadway on this post (which BTW was the whole point of the photo). in fact, he went as far as cropping Nick out of the first picture to make the HP connection.
            its a little annoying, but i can look past it and enjoy the picture

          • Emma

            I’m sorry, but while many people who have seen How to Succeed because they are genuine theater fans, many people also saw it because of Dan. I know that if I had been in New York at a time when Dan was still playing the role, I would have been sure to go to that show, mostly because of him. Also, have you seen the numbers that Darren Criss brought in when he did his two week stint? You can’t tell me that he brought those in because of genuine theater fans. Darren fans are crazy.

          • Melissa

            The point of this post is not the fact that all three actors who played J.P. Finch were in a photo together, its that Darren and Daniel were in a photo together! 
            Starkid and Potter fans have wanted a picture of Daniel and Darren together for ages. They wanted this photo because they both played Harry. We all know that all three boys were in “How to Succeed,” okay? But the only reason this post is here is because of Daniel and Darren, not Nick Jonas. Apologies to Nick, but him being in this photo is irrelevant to the majority of this site’s visitors. 

    • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

      John knows, he’s seen the show, but that isn’t the focus of this particular peice

      • Honeybee89

        i just think it is so rude to completely disregard Nick in the post. especially since John got the picture from his brother’s instagram in the first place. Joe specifically wrote Finch, Finch, Finch’ on the caption of this picture and still John chose not to mention this in his post. so offensive.
        it would not have hurt the story (or whatever this is) if he had acknowledged that the three men played the same character. in fact, it would have enhanced it, showing that he knows what he is talking about.
        cropping Nick out to appeal to the starkid and HP fans is just wrong and i love both fandoms.

        this really shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does but it does.
        i know, build a bridge and get over it.

        • Melissa

          But he does acknowledge that three of them play Finch? Very last sentence.

  • frezb

    mind blownnnnnn. that is all

  • Amber Carney

    i love this so much. i’m sitting in school almost crying at this picture…haha

  • http://twitter.com/lonemana Allie

    Aww.. Harry Freaking Potter got a picture with Harry Potter ;) 

  • Meghan Carlisle

    This picture makes me sooo happy:):):) We finally have a pic od Dan and Darren, two of my favorite guys in the world. And its really, really cool that we have a pic of all three  J Pierpont Finch’s together! #tear

  • Meghan Carlisle

    Oh, and…supermegafoxyawesomehot. That is all.

  • http://twitter.com/eiVega eiVega

    LOVE IT!  This is totally awesome!  Now I want to know how the conversation went.  Has Daniel seen Darren in AVPM?  What did he think? I know they met when Darren was taking over for Daniel on broadway but I don’t think we got any details of that encounter.

  • http://twitter.com/eiVega eiVega

    LOVE IT!  This is totally awesome!  Now I want to know how the conversation went.  Has Daniel seen Darren in AVPM?  What did he think? I know they met when Darren was taking over for Daniel on broadway but I don’t think we got any details of that encounter.

  • Laurajamieson

    darren and dan are sooo small !! <3

    • Azeem

      Forced perspective. But yeah, they are pretty small.

  • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

    Finally! :-) Too bad it’s bad quality, but hey, atleast we have one! :-)

  • Trixie99

    lol, I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t really care that much about them being pictured together.  I’m surprised it didn’t happen months ago when they met for the first time TBH.  

  • Erikasmolina

    I love this, so much <3 My favourite boys, together!

  • http://twitter.com/RachKeneally Rachael Potterdeen.

    FINALLY! IT’S HARRY FREAKING POTTER AND HARRY POTTER :D Do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this!? ♥

  • Janine

    and now i’m crying! aaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • Tom

    If they took the silly Instagram filter off it would probably be an ok photo.

  • http://twitter.com/Eliziticamd Elizabeth Espana

    these 3 guys are my all time favorite artists ! pure awesomeness for only one picture!!

  • Rain

    AHHHHHH I think my fangirl heart just exploded.
    I wonder if they talked? Does Dan know who Darren is outside of How to Succeed? I know Tom and Evanna know about StarKid, and I believe Darren’s met Rupert… (But, of course, the biggest question is: does Zac Efron know about it?)(Also, the Jonas Brothers! I haven’t heard talk about them for a while… Am I the only one who still kinda likes them?)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeffrey-Bryson/1583586542 Jeffrey Bryson

      Supposedly, when Darren attended the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie, he timidly approached Dan, who looked up and exclaimed “Hey! You’re Harry Potter!”

  • Lauren

    Our school did H2$ for our musical with a huge set and an elevator and everything! It was so cool cos i knew dan and darren did it too :D

  • Cjstein

    They’re closing the production down on 5/20 according to one of the producers on Twitter. Too bad Darren couldn’t have gone back because he would have probably sold out the rest of the run into July when Nick was supposed to be finished.

  • guest

    Picture in better quality

    • guest

      how can three of my fav artist capture in the one frame. this must be a dream.

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