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Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he is aware of saucy Sherlock fanfiction which focuses on his character’s relationship with Martin Freeman’s John Watson. Not only has the actor seen the slash, he also finds it flattering!

Tumbly – panic!

Speaking to MTV ahead of the second series broadcast in America, the British Thespian was quizzed about fan-made fiction which often depicts Sherlock and John in a variety of compromising sexual positions. Cumberbatch revealed that he has seen several pieces of Sherlock fan fiction after being introduced to it by co-star Freeman.

“I am startlingly aware of it,” Cumberbatch said with a smile. “I don’t go seeking it, but Martin Freeman, who was an absolute luddite on the first series, suddenly came back from New Zealand having done a little radio short drama called “The Hobbit,” he came back and he had this beautiful Mac [computer] with him and said ‘Hey, look at this Tumblr.’ And I said, ‘What? Tumblr? What?’ He knows more about it than I do and he was showing me some of them. Some of it is really racy, un-viewable even on MTV. It’s cool.”

“I suppose my bodily proportions are quite flattering. I’m ripped, doing something I wouldn’t normally do with my body, or having done to it, involving Watson,” he said cheekily. “So that’s as far as I’ll hit about that one, but it’s all there on the Web if you want to find it. I was amazed at the level of artistry; people have spent hours doing it. And there’s some really weird cross breeding stuff that goes on. The news got out that I was playing Smaug in ‘Hobbit’ and suddenly there were lots of dragons with purple scarves flying around so it’s crazy, it’s crazy.”

We think it’s great that Cumberbatch has taken the material in his stride and even compliments it, as it would be perfectly understandable if he was offended or upset by the art and fiction.

What do you think of the Sherlock stars being aware of slash fan art and fan fiction?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    oh dear.  I think its fine.  They should have Cumberbatch read a bit of slashy fanfic. Like Daniel Radcliffe and Ralph Finnes did for Harry Potter. Have you seen that clip of Dan reading?  It’s spectacular, he used a sexy voice and all.  Wouldn’t you just die if Cumberbatch read a piece of that stuff.

    • Kate

      Oh. My. God. This needs to happen. His voice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001465808681 Liliya Yagami

    omfg ily ily ily ily

  • http://frankifoni.tumblr.com/ Franki94

    These guys are so cool. This is why I love this fandom so much. haha

  • MJW

    wow, I’m very surprised that he’s so cool about it! I wouldn’t be if I were him, but then again, the Sherlock fandom is probably one of the nicest and most sane out there. I really respect him and I really love his work!

    • Melissa

      I agree that everyone’s super nice, but I wouldn’t call it the most sane lol 

      • Marly

        Nice? Sane? What Sherlock fandom are you talking about? 

  • Andrea

    OMG! Okay not only are Benedict and Martin aware of it, but they’re obviously impressed with the amount of heart and soul we all put into the Sherlock fandom. And its amazing that they’re both so cool about it.

  • Melissa

    He almost said “vile” to describe it though? But perhaps he just meant graphic… But whether he did or not, I think its great he has such a great sense of humor about it and goes out of his way to compliment his fans. What a sweetie. His Tumblr tag has been amusing to watch today for sure. :)

  • mai


  • http://www.facebook.com/alysia.dugan Alysia Dugan

    Now I’m curious to know if RDJ and Jude Law are aware of the rather shocking photo manipulations that have been done of them…haha.

    And is it really any surprise that he’s flattered? The fanfiction authors and all of the artists are very complimentary about both he and Martin – they are more handsome, intelligent, and wonderful in every way. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3W4DVWP6DTEP3THQMNTGTR3TKE Sierra

    Tumblr was hilarious after they found out.
    They were all running around, screaming, “Hide the porn!!!” “He KNOWS!” and the occasional “Hello, Martin!”

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