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TV Guide published a list of the 13 most promising pilots.  The studios will release their fall line ups sometime in May, but will The Selection and The Carrie Diaries make the cut?

Both pilots are based on books.  The Carrie Diaries is essentially the prequel to Sex and the City, while The Selection hopes to capitalize on the popularity of dystopian stories generated by The Hunger Games.

From TV Guide:

The Carrie Diaries (CW)
Starring: AnnaSophia RobbAustin Butler
Summary: Based on the novel by Candace Bushnell, a teenaged Carrie Bradshaw (Robb) comes of age in the ’80s, when she first wondered aloud about love, sex —Butler plays a proto-Mr. Big — friendship and family.
Pedigree: Bushnell will executive-produce alongside Gossip Girl superstars Josh Schwartz andStephanie SavageLen Goldstein and Sex and the City writer Amy Harris.
Why we like it: Have you seen Sex and the City? Wouldn’t you love to go back 20 years and find out how Carrie Bradshaw fell for the love of her life: New York City?
Why it has a shot: The brand already has a built-in audience, and its high school setting will indoctrinate a new generation into the world of Manolos and Cosmos.

The Selection (CW)
Starring: Aimee TeegardenEthan Peck
Summary: Based on the book series by Kiera Cass, this epic romance is set 300 years in the future. A poor young woman named America (Teegarden) is chosen by lottery to participate in a ruthless competition to become Peck’s future queen.
Pedigree: The Vampire Diaries Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain wrote the pilot and will executive-produce.
Why we like it: It’s The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor! Yeah, it’s definitely weird, but trust us, the catty backstabbing among the potential wives is just as compelling as The Bachelor‘s ridiculousness and less bloody than Games‘ serial child murders.
Why it has a shot: In a post-Hunger Games world, this show’s wacky premise is suddenly completely viable — both creatively and financially. (And remember, this is the network that capitalized on Twilight mania with The Vampire Diaries.)

Both shows are set to air on The CW, which has had huge success with adapting books to the small screen. Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle are some of the most recent successes.

To see all 13 promising pilots, check out TV Guide.

Will you be tuning into these shows in the Fall?

  • Jd

    I am looking forward to The Selection. 

  • TheFirst

    I am really hoping The Selection gets picked up. I love the idea and I’ve already ordered the book.

    Also, I hope it fills the holes between waiting for THG movies.

    Ow, and I love the cast. Really like William Moseley’s acting and to see him in a tv show would be really awesome.

  • Theaterboy1

    These shows are the ones I am most looking forward to should the CW pick them up. That being said I know they obviously have to cancel some of the existing shows to make room or if they aren’t performing well and I will be extrememly happy as long as The Secret Circle doesn’t end up being one that gets cancelled.

  • Caroline Taylor078

    I’ll definitely watch The Selection, can’t wait to read the book. As for Carrie Diaries  I have never watched SATC but I still have interest with this as its set in the 80s!

  • Bikkun

    Hm. Curious for the selection. Well placed arguments why it has a shot – so I will! The carrie diaries can be okay – especially for the SatC fans! The other new shows didn’t really piqued my interests

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RJXDECZXE5EC7UNY6XYF6IL33Y Jayne

    I just read The Selection and I loved it.  I have my fingers crossed that this will be picked up by the CW!

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