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Lady Gaga kicked off her Born This Way Ball in front of an adult-only crowd in South Korea Friday, after protests from religious groups.

Christian groups in South Korea had protested the singer’s concert for weeks, calling her “obscene” and claiming she could “taint” youths, the BBC reports. These protests resulted in authorities raising the age restriction to 18.

Check out the setlist, thanks to Rolling Stone.

  • “Highway Unicorn”
  • “Government Hooker”
  • “Born This Way”
  • “Bloody Mary”
  • “Bad Romance”
  • “Fashion of His Love”
  • “The Queen”
  • “Just Dance”
  • “Love Game”
  • “Telephone”
  • “Judas”
  • “Heavy Metal Lover”
  • “Bad Kids”
  • “Hair”
  • “Black Jesus † Amen Fashion”
  • “Yoü and I”
  • “Electric Chapel”
  • “Americano”
  • “Poker Face”
  • “Alejandro”
  • “Paparazzi”
  • “Scheiße”


  • “The Edge of Glory”
  • “Marry the Night”

For tour dates and ticket information, visit LadyGaga.com.

UPDATE: We originally reported that Gaga had not performed “Paparazzi,” “Judas” and “Black Jesus + Amen.” She did, in fact, perform them, and we’ve since updated the setlist above.

  • Lmf212

    u should get ur facts straight before posting… she sang judas anyway… lol 

    • Andrea Salazar

      Thanks. As of last check before posting, Rolling Stone and MTV were both reporting that those songs had been cut. I’ve since updated with what should be the correct setlist.

      • Hehedied

        All good Andrea thanks for posting this!

  • Eris Servant

    This is not the complete setlist.

    She sang Paparazzi, as well as Alejandro

  • http://twitter.com/LadyLisl Lady Lisl

    No no no no…. she sang Judas!

  • http://twitter.com/LadyLisl Lady Lisl

    Black Jesus Amen Fashion was also performed!

  • pauline ovenden

    Not surprising, from someone who lived in SK for a couple years, they are still incredible uptight and conservative. I’d even go so far to say that among the “main” eastern asian countries its the most conservative though I do believe it also has the highest Christian population so that might be a factor.

    You gotta kind of laugh and these groups though, whats stopping the youth from just I dont know, looking up the videos themselves. 

  • Erikd16

    What?? how could they call Lady Gaga Obscene???? Oh wait a minute…. because she is!!! haha

  • Ambarfaziz

    edge of glory too

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