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Coinciding with his television debut on The Disney Channel’s Jessie, Team StarKid performer Joey Richter has given an extensive interview regarding his career so far, his potential future with Jessie, and the role he almost played opposite real-life roommate Darren Criss on Glee.

Joey spoke to NewNowNext, thoroughly discussing the StarKid story so far and his decision to pursue auditioning in Hollywood instead of joining the StarKid collective in Chicago. He’s landed a role in an animated children’s film, Khumba, and of course the recent appearance on Jessie, but what really stood out to Gleeks and StarKids alike was this:

Richter and Criss almost shared screen time again, and in a way that would have almost certainly set social media fandom aflame — last Fall Richter read for a Glee role, the new villain on the block Sebastian, who had his eyes romantically set on Criss’s Blaine character and has recently transformed into a menace for the whole of McKinley. It wasn’t meant to be, but the roommates had a laugh when Criss found Richter’s audition materials at home.

“For a day or two, I was like ‘I want this so bad,’” Richter laughed. “I wanted to be the bad guy. Darren saw the sides and he goes, ‘Dude, that would be so cool. And that would be so weird!’”

Obviously, we know the role eventually went to Grant Gustin, but isn’t it crazy to imagine Joey playing Sebastian opposite Darren’s Blaine?

As for Jessie, the producers liked Joey’s comic portrayal of young cop Officer Petey so much that there are plans to bring him back later in the season with a bigger storyline, and talk of the character recurring in season 2!

What do you think about Joey Richter’s new-found Disney stardom? Did you catch him on Jessie? And how about the idea of him playing Sebastian on Glee? Can you imagine him calling Darren Criss ‘sex on a stick’ with a straight face?

  • http://twitter.com/beccithenerd Rebecca Hurst

    No words but this. unf.

  • TwiGleeStarGames34

    I am sooo excited to see him on tv but…Disney will ruin his life. Sad but true. I will still watch along and support him but I dont like the idea of him being the next Disney star. Just look at Demi, Miley, or Selena. Demi and Miley obviously went insane with trying to stay Disney appropriate, and Selena can’t do anything bad to mess up her image, once you’re in you can’t get out!
    He is so much better then Disney, even though I am happy he’s gotten a role, I am sad too:(
    But then again it makes me laugh thinking of kids googling him and having Me and My Dick pop up:)

    • jozefd14

      If he’s lucky enough, he will end up like how Raven, Hilary Duff, and the Mowry twins… all good people…

      • CliveRogan

        All incredibly famous too outside of their original shows.  I know fame isn’t everything but if all you can hope for is getting out of Disney without a going off the rails and/or attempting suicide it’s clearly a messed up industry.

    • Madge

      Just because he was a guest star on one Disney show or may come back as a recurring character will not turn him into one of their starlets.  Joey has other projects beyond Disney going on right now (he’s going to appear as a voice actor in an upcoming feature film, the Apocolyptour).  One small stint on Disney (as a secondary character) will not ruin his life. He’s an adult, not a teenager, and his experience with StarKid has definitely prepared him for fame.

      • Paige

        dude..the Apocolyptour is not a feature film..it’s a starkid tour jokingly based on the 2012 end of the world…and he’s not going to be a voice actor in it, he’ll be a performer since it’s a concert tour with a bunch of starkid people 

        • Victoria

          I think they meant that as two separate things, not that the Apocolyptour was a feature film in which Joey would be a voice actor.  He will be a voice actor in a feature film soon, and he will be part of the Apocolyptor.  Separate things :).

    • sarahd15

       He is so much better than Disney! But I don’t think he’ll get stuck with Disney roles, for him appearing that show was just like getting a foot in the door in a more public way. Now more people have seen him and just how talented he is!! I’m sure he’ll go for other stuff, I mean after all the stuff he’s done on StarKid….I don’t see Joey sticking to “family friendly roles” if you know what I mean. It’s just not who he is!

      • guest

        He did star in a musical called “Me and My Dick”

        • sarahd15

          Exactly. Which is why I don’t think anyone should worry about “Disney ruining him.” It won’t happen. He has already established who he is, what he likes, etc. He’s just trying to get himself out there right now.

    • Emma

      TwiGleeStarGames34, this is Joey Richter we’re talking about. He is a billion times more awesome than Disney will ever be. Nothing can ever corrupt him! :)

    • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

       He’s too old to be the next “Disney Star”

  • xoxoKellyLee

    The Starkid fangirl in me would have DIED inside to see Joey Richter as Sebastian opposite Darren.  While I love Grant Gustin as Sebastian, I kinda wish it had been Joey who had gotten the role.  I mean, he’d see Blaine on screen and be like, “You’re  Harry Freakin’ Potter!”

  • gleeky-potterhead

    Haha, everyone on tumblr was talking about this. Most of them were all like, “just think! Watch him make the Mickey mouse shape in the corner with a RedVine!” LOL!

  • Aart223

    I despise the show Jessie, but i nvr even knew he was on it. I will need to look up his scenes online

  • Vantage

    That would be so cool, especially if there’s Lauren Lopez (Draco).
    Pigfarts! Pigfarts! Here I come! PIgfarts! Pigfarts! Yum! Yum! Yum!  lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1683360003 Paige Barton

    lmao that would have been hilarious!! but, i’m not sure if i could see him playing sebastian. grant gustin does a pretty good job. i’m so proud of him for landing a role on Jessie! I don’t watch the show, but i’ll make sure to tune in whenever he appears in another episode! good luck, joey!

  • frezb

    anyone knows where one can watch the episode online? Frankly, I think if he had gotten the role as Sebastian, he would have gotten a lot more exposure but I’m really happy that he’s getting the opportunity to showcase his talent. Looking forward to seeing more great stuff from him :D 

  • http://twitter.com/ThoughtsofaNerd Sarah Hay

    God, that would have been amazing!! I love Grant, but with Joey, God. I can’t even fathom how brilliant it would have been.

  • sammylovegood

    I loved him on Jessie!! im soooo happy that he might come back for season 2!!!!

  • Emma


  • http://twitter.com/greeneggsplusam Sam

    Disney would be nuts not to bring him back with the viewership they got from just a few minutes of Joey screentime!

  • Luna


  • http://about.me/dshana Shana Debusschere

    Oh my god, he would have made a great Sebastian! I want him on Glee! ;-)

  • max

    I think the whole Starkid cast should audition for Glee. There’s no way they could say no to ALL that talent. Plus all the extra viewers they’d get from a few more Starkids. They’ll need it next season with half the cast gone (or at least out of high school).

  • Andrew

    NO! Joey should have totally gotten the part!! It would’ve been so funny! Oh well guess I’ll have to keep punting Starkid for Glee Project season 3

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