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By Josh Hamel (@thatjoshhamel) at 2:15 pm, April 26, 2012

Nintendo reported its first ever annual loss today at $530 million for the 2011 fiscal year that ended March 31.

The company says the deficit is due to the once struggling 3DS handheld which they are currently selling at a loss. However, Nintendo says they expect the 3DS to be selling for a profit later this year.

“While [Nintendo] did post a loss for the recently completed fiscal year, the continuing momentum of the Nintendo 3DS and the global introduction of the highly-anticipated Wii U home console will drive the company back into profitability in the current year,” Nintendo said in a statement.

The company projected a net profit of $245 million for the coming year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Micah-李-文-Jung/100000482007095 Micah 李 文 Jung

    they should also stop making it linear gaming we need to go into the future not backwards so when you make another nintendo Super Mario game dont make it linear 

    • http://twitter.com/NyanRyuzaki Daniel Stinson

       Like, Mario 64 and Sunshine? That’d be pretty cool. I welcome an open-map mario game again.

  • Gary65

    Hardly a surprise. I’d say Sony’s losses are even higher. Microsft would prob be OK cos they have the computer thing to prop themselves up. But, from what I’ve heard, Sony are practically selling everything at a loss, even their TVs.

    • http://twitter.com/Jack_Rudrum jack rudrum

      sony’s losses are massive but the gaming section was infact profitable (just) they bore the brunt of several natural disasters that affected their products and they have a greater range of products and are a bigger company overall and most of their losses were down to the tv section; as for microsoft they have in recent years been struggling to make the gaming sector and mobile phones sectors profitable however windows etc covers these losses well enough usually :p 

      • Gary65

        Given what happened in Japan last March, natural disasters isn’t really an excuse for losses, given that the main chunk of Nintendo’s operation is in Japan and they haven’t suffered as extensive losses as Sony.

  • http://www.hypable.com/ Andrew Sims

    Time to put Nintendo games on iOS/Android.. no?  Not that that will automatically save them, but it’ll help a ton.

    • Joshua Harris


    • JCman7

       Although I would love this as well I just dont see it happening and its not practical for them. I would still rather play good quality games on my 3DS then settle for some cheap low quality games with popular Nintendo characters

    • Guest02

       I see that as a last ditch effort or if the company is liquidated.

    • Gary65

      Hell no. Don’t get me wrong, I’d want them to, but the iPhone is Ninty’s biggest competitor in the handheld market. One of Ninty’s main advantages is the wealth of games like pokémon and Mario that are unique to their consoles. They’re not gonna hand over one of their main advantages to such a strong competitor, especially when their own new handheld has just started selling well after it’s dire launch.

      • http://twitter.com/NyanRyuzaki Daniel Stinson

        Thank you. It’s nearly impossible to play games like Mario, Metroid or Zelda on a phone anyway. -______- People keep assuming they’ll “Sega themselves”, but Sega only ended up like that because they failed for YEARS beforehand. Nintendo is safe.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VCJSDSEDKYOBEKWGIXCDB2QPYA Henry

    all systems go through this when theyre getting ready for new platforms. Sony and Microstoft are both close to 1billion in loss. 

  • http://twitter.com/NyanRyuzaki Daniel Stinson

    It’s been proved that Nintendo can take a loss like this every year until the year 2050. Nintendo are sitting on mountains on money. Calm down, folks. In August, the 3DS will be sold for a profit again, and the WiiU will release in the winter. I’m not sure why everyone targets Nintendo as “DOOOMED” because Sony has been losing money for YEARS now. Hell, tons of companies are losing money nowadays. It’s nothing to freak out about yet.

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