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The highly anticipated Fringe episode “Letters of Transit” is only a few hours away, but you can read some last-minute spoilers now!

TV Guide has some great info on tonight’s episode, including this tease:

The true identity of [Georgina] Haig’s character Etta has already sparked speculation, ranging from her being a disguised version of Olivia’s (Anna Torv) niece Ella (whom we met when Fringe went to the future in season 3) to possibly another family member. We’ll just leave it that she has a connection to the Fringe team and let you chew on that.

They also reveal that there’ll be a “surprise reappearance” we won’t see coming, and also that as far as the Observers go, “we’ll learn who they really are and what they can do.”

EW offers some Mad Libs for us to play while we wait:

1. In this episode, it’s the year 2036, and the world is under the control of the Observers. But when we meet guest star Georgina Haig, we learn she can [spoiler - verb], which is going to immediately raise some eyebrows.
2. In the future, [spoiler - noun] is now in pill form. Killjoy!
3. [Regular cast member] does not appear in the episode.
4. Actual exchange: “What is that? Monkey feces?” “No, that’s your [spoiler].”
5. Guest star [spoiler] makes a large sacrifice in order to [spoiler] [can't] [elaborate].

The episode airs at 9/8c on Fox! Watch it live and boost those ratings.

  • http://twitter.com/CatKoski Cat Koski

    LOL! at # 5.  I just watched the episode and still can’t fill out #2, I guess I didn’t catch it.

    • Cam

      Coffee lol

  • Tom Cunningham

    Since when did the Observers become such douchebags?  They were so detached before.  Now they’re smarmy sadists.  WTH?

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