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The Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list was revealed today and E.L. James found herself on it. The author, who has been the talk of the town since releasing her steamy novel a month ago, is in good company as the list also includes activists, justices and moguls.

Each year Time magazine looks for the people who had the greatest impact, which is why it chooses those people whose influence is both lasting and, with a few notable exceptions, laudable. There are five categories into which influencers can be placed: breakouts, moguls, icons, leaders, and pioneers.

From Time:

 “Six months ago she was Erika Leonard, a mother of two who dabbled in saucy stories for the Web. Now she’s E.L. James, publishing phenomenon, whose Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has deeply stirred booksellers, Hollywood and, apparently, many, many mothers. Reading may never be the same.”

Also making the list were Kristen Wiig and Rihanna. Kristen Wiig is listed for being an actor, but most importantly for her comedy writing and performance in Bridesmaids. Rihanna is listed as a superstar who is ready to take over the world.

Check out Time to see who the rest of the 100 Most Influential People are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.smith07 Heather Smith

    AH, forget the people you guys mentioned, JESSICA CHASTAIN is on the list! And Viola Davis!

  • http://twitter.com/NatashaPeartree Natasha Pereira

    Rihanna? seriously? I get that she is influential in that a lot of young girls look up to her, so doing things like being friendly with the man who BEAT her makes her a terrible example to young girls everywhere, but then that should’ve been the explanation. Not because she “is ready to take over the world.” Ridiculous.

  • Ycul_okpoh
  • Lucia

    It’s a shame she’s famous for something so outright wrong. I might have been willing to read her stuff and support her as an emerging writer if she didn’t use a popular and well-established fandom through which to write, gain an audience and then exploit that for her own monetary gain…yep, copyright issues all up the wazoo here, not to mention the moral issues. I have ZERO respect for Erika and what she is doing with her so-called ‘career’, it absolutely disgusts me that people are allowing her to get away with this sort of thing and I sincerely hope she is brought back to reality in the near future – stealing is stealing, no matter what form it comes in!

    • Maddi S.

            EL James may not have been as influential as Adele or Hillary Clinton, however … God, I’m so tired of people disrespecting Fanfiction and fan bases. EL James didn’t steal anything and she didn’t scheme & plot about how to best exploit her audience, she simply wrote an amazing story that people discovered and published. If you were to ever take the time to read some of the stories on fanfic sites, you would find some honestly amazing writers who deserve to be published just as much as JK Rowling and the like. Fanfic writers don’t just take other people’s characters as they are and put them in new situations, they create entirely new characters, relationships, societies, governments, and realities which are sometimes the complete opposite of what the original story intended them to be. Fanfic writers just need a base to work off of, and famous books and movies give them that. 
            At least you didn’t criticize the BDSM component of the story and how “wrong” and “anti-feminist” that is, otherwise I would have written you an entire essay in rebuttal! Even though EL James isn’t the best of authors, she deserves your respect and I won’t stand for you calling her a conniving, disgusting thief!!! She earned her spot in the Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World list fair and square.

      • Berning pages

        Did you even read Lucia’s comment? It wasn’t that she had done a fanfiction. It’s the fact that 50 Shades of Grey is a long, drawn out, watered down (and worse inaccurate portrayal of BDSM) version of Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill. It’s like she watched Secretary or read the book and ran with it.

        • Berning pages

          Part of it didn’t send sorry my computer has been nuts lately. Also there’s the point that she made money on a fan fiction. I don’t care for Twilight or Meyer’s work but James did a fanfiction of Twilight. Her characters ARE Edward, Bella, and everyone else, she took Meyer’s characters and wrote a story drawing in other Twilight fans. But when she decided to pull and publish telling “her fans” what was going on she just changed the names and the location a little and published. Thus she made money using Meyer’s work. Isn’t that basically plagerism?  

          Meyer has every right to sue since she admitted to it being a fanfic. But the problem comes with fans of 50. They’ll say that she’s jealous or greedy as many have said of anyone who said anything in the negative about James’ work. 

  • Melissa Hinton

    Therapists, Grey, BDSM…oh the irony (pffftttt–yeah right). Some of you need to watch the movie Secretary and/or read Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill. EL James is a damn thief no matter which way you want to twist it. Gaitskill did it first, she did it better, she will always be better. As I’ve said to friends, she must’ve sat down with her computer and thesaurus and copied straight from Gaitskill. It’s pathetic and I’m sorry I even spent money on buying 50 Shades of Grey. Had I KNOWN this was a watered down copy of an amazing story I’d boycotted it from the beginning. She’s only on the best-sellers list, because (imo) not many people have heard of Gaitskill outside of regular readers of BDSM erotica. From what I’ve seen the majority of people reading the book are bored housewives and mothers because they see this book that they believe will help them and give them ideas in the bedroom, thanks to other people that have passed it off to them. The books suck. period. (And that’s after I FORCED myself to finish reading them. So, yes I can have an honest opinion about them.)

  • martyboy


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