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Last week, the BBC voiced their concern over a Virgin Media advert starring Who star David Tennant, feeling that the commercial alluded to the show too much. In a joint statement, Virgin Media and BBC Worldwide have announced that the advert will be removed from the airwaves.

The advert for Virgin Media’s TiVo service upset the BBC, featuring Richard Branson using a prototype Virgin time machine, and Tennant paying particular attention to the Doctor Who related sections of the service. As the BBC is a public broadcaster and not able to air adverts or make commercial endorsements, they entered talks with Virgin to have the ad pulled.

Initially, the Doctor Who logo was removed from the advert, but the BBC pushed harder and the video was eventually pulled all together as “a gesture of good will.” In a joint press release, the companies addressed the issues.

“Virgin Media has listened to concerns raised by BBC Worldwide about perceived commercial endorsement by a BBC brand relating to the recent Virgin Media ad… As a gesture of goodwill, Virgin Media has agreed to withdraw the ad and BBC Worldwide is satisfied that the issue has been addressed.”

The advert will no longer air on British television, and has been removed from the Virgin youtube channel. David Tennant will continue to star in the advertisements, but alternative themes will be chosen instead. In case you missed the original video, there are still a couple floating around the internet. Check it out below!

Do you think the BBC were right to have the advert pulled, or were they overreacting?

  • http://twitter.com/walshcaitlin Caitlin Walsh

    I can see the BBC’s point but those DW refs weren’t that blatant. I think you’d have to be a huge Whovian to get all of them (because the Lazarus Experiment wasn’t that great!)
    I’m amused because I don’t think this would ever happen stateside. Alls fair in Love, War and advertising, to borrow a phrase.

  • guest

    I love his accent ahhh. I think BBC overreacted a bit, it’s not that big of a deal. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    Ok, first question.  Why is David Tennant in a Virgin Media commercial?

    Now to the point; “As a gesture of goodwill…. Virgin Media has agreed to withdraw the ad…” I don’t know about that. More likely, this whole thing could have blown up, made way more complicated than it is and Virgin Media can’t afford to go against the colossal BBC.

  • stargazer

    Is the problem that the other ads on the commercial are from commercial enterprises? Like someone else said, the Doctor Who logos weren’t very obvious (it’s not like the logo was any bigger than the other logos), and after the logos were taken off it doesn’t scream “This commercial is stealing from BBC!” (It’s not like the time machine was a TARDIS or anything)

    • Hermitcrabmcgee

      But the time machine was actually pretty much a replica of an age removal machine that made an appearance in season three.

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    I still don’t see what the problem was… overreaction indeed

  • Just Sayin

    One word, “Overreaction.” Honestly I don’t understand the problem.

  • CarmelCorn24

    Definitely an overreaction, yes that machine was like the one in Lazarus Experiment, but still, and of course they’re going to have Doctor Who listed for shows: 1. It’s the UK 2. It’s David Tennant.

  • http://twitter.com/MaybeDavey David Weckesser

    Overreaction to say the least. Jesus

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