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In a huge double-whammy, Team StarKid has released a video containing information fans have long been awaiting – the Youtube release date of their new show, Holy Musical, B@man! and the schedule for their next live tour. Guess what – it’s really soon!

Holy Musical B@man!, which ran in Chicago this March, will premiere online April 13 at 9 p.m. EST. As we reported, fans who attended the performances signed non-disclosure agreements to avoid spoilers leaking online so the production will be a surprise for everyone who wasn’t able to make it to the live show. Team StarKid will be releasing some of the HMB music for free on the day of the première, and appearing at the C2E2 convention in Chicago on April 14.

In addition to the première of the new musical, StarKid has announced dates, venues and ticket packages for another national tour, beginning May 9 in Chicago.

The APOCALYPTOUR dates are as follows:


9 – Chicago (House of Blues, or HOB)
10 – Chicago (HOB)
11 – Indianapolis (Egyptian Room)
13 – Nashville (Rocketown)
14 – New Orleans (HOB)
15 – Houston (HOB)
16 – Austin (LZR)
19 – Anaheim (HOB)
20 – San Diego (HOB)
22 – Los Angeles (HOB)
23 – Los Angeles (HOB)
24 – Los Angeles (HOB)
25 – San Francisco (Nobb Hill Masonic)
27 – Portland (Roseland Theatre)
28 – Seattle (Neptune Theatre)
29 – Vancouver (Vogue Theatre)
31 – Denver (Summit Music Hall)


1 – Kansas City (Uptown Music Hall)
2 – St Louis, Mo. (The Pagent)
4 – Ann Arbor, Mich. (Michigan Theatre)
5 – Philadelphia, Pa. (Philly Theatre of the Living Arts)
7 – Silver Spring, Md. (Fillmore)
9 – Boston (HOB)
10 – NYC (Roseland Ballroom)

The tour will feature all seven cast members who performed on 2011′s SPACE tour – Joey Richter, Joe Walker, Brian Holden, Dylan Saunders, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Lauren Lopez and Meredith Stepien – as well as two other veteran StarKids, Jim Povolo and Brian Rosenthal.

We have only one question for you: Are. You. Excited?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1128995453 Lauren Spellman

    Can’t wait! Space Tour was awesome, totally going to see them again!

    • katie

      “…was awesome, totally going….”
      I believe you have accidentally switched around two of those words.

  • Morgan May

    Can’t wait!!! I’ll be sure to be constantly refreshing YouTube until they release it!! It’s gonna be totally awesome!

  • Emmalou

    Well I know what I’ll be doing this Friday night… :D

  • http://twitter.com/Tarah94 Tarah

    It upsets me that there are a lot of the same cities from the space tour, while they’re yet again not coming to my city. 

    • noisyhearts

       I understand your annoyance but those are cities with big markets where they’re guaranteed well-attended events. Sometimes you have to travel if you want to see a certain tour.

      • Prestiege101

        agreed!! i can understand if you live in a different country and it is short notice, too expensive or whatever but for people living in America…..

  • Danielle


  • N_HarryPotter7

    YES, YES, YES! :D And what a coincidence that I wear my “Keep Calm It’s Gonna Be Totally Awesome” shirt today! :)

  • Silverfirelizard16

    My brother graduates from High School on the day they come to my town…but you know, it just might work.

    • Kellyann

      Same with me! My sister graduates the same day they come to Boston. Hmmm maybe I’ll be an awesome big sister and get her a Totally Awesome graduation gift :)

  • I_Want_Cake

    excited for holy musical b@man!!

  • http://twitter.com/purplehrdwonder Caitlin Kelly

    I’m glad I got to go to the Space Tour since this tour won’t be coming near me, but super excited for HMB!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

    Theory: they have to have this tour in the spring (at what I think is a really awkward time, with proms and graduations) so they can be together and prepare for the Threeauel :]….kinda like what happened with HMB coming out soon after the Space Tour.

    • Anon8

      Also, I was shocked when HMB was free. Space Tour = funding. Apocalyptour= funding for AVPSY

      • http://www.facebook.com/amber.carney3 Amber Carney

        Exactly my thought as well! :)

      • oblyviate

        keep in mind, HMB HAD to be free (so would AVPT/SY) – they don’t want to make WB or DC comics mad! but it looks like they have another itunes album coming out (aside from the free HMB ones) so that can only help!

  • LotusCalm

    I wish they’d come hereeee. :’(

  • oblyviate

    getting that urge – i could totally just drop everything (in Australia) and go to the US for a holiday and see the Apocalyptour….right???

  • http://twitter.com/StarkidSims Simone

    Brian does the best announcements. Starkid is such a breath of fresh air :) I’m in little ol’ NZ so I can’t see the tour but I’ll be watching HMB and have fun everyone that is going

  • Parthenonlover2757

    I’m so glad I didn’t miss HBM during Lent! It’s just too bad that none of the concerts are near me, again.

  • asrhfuiahwj


  • Anon8

       You have no idea how excited I’ve been since I saw this on twitter! The Space Tour was hands down one of my favorite experiences, at least top 10, and I can’t wait to re-live it, except, you know, differently. When I was scrolling down the tour dates, I was really afraid they weren’t gonna stop by my city because it seemed like they were going more west, then I felt bad because they still haven’t gone over seas and stuff, and then I was relieved when I saw they were coming near me again. Already planning my HMB viewing party for my friends! Ok, I need to go calm down. 

  • Rtmcwilliams321

    NO FLORIDA?!?!?!?!

  • notenoughpuff

    I seriously screamed when I found out they were coming to Tennessee. Bless.

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