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Doctor Who is beginning to wrap up its filming of Amy and Rory’s final episodes, and it seems that the more time goes on, the bigger the spoilers get! Cardiff today posed as London, and Rory got on a bus clutching something VERY important… This post contains spoilers.

Arthur Darvill was seen in character as Rory getting onto a London bus, clutching divorce papers!

We don’t know whether or not the divorce will go through, or even if this is part of some twisted nightmare or alternative reality. Earlier this week, we showed you a leaked set video of the couple arguing, with Rory storming from their house.

Twitter user Ryan Farrell was at the shoot, and took a video!

He also tweeted the following information:

“Rory gets on the bus with an envelope with a stamp on in a bag. I think this might be the “divorce papers”

I can confirm, they are divorce papers for “Amelia Williams and Rory Williams”

Mini Dalek eyestalk with a blue light is on the bus.”

What do you think about the news of the possible divorce? Will it add an interesting dynamic to Amy and Rory’s departure, or has Moffat gone too far?

  • http://twitter.com/TLtheTS3N00B Lovisa A

    Moffat might be taking it to far, depends on what it is that happens in the episode. I hope they won’t actually get divorced.

  • Erika

    If Rory and Amy got divorced, my soul would never agin be intact. They are so perfect for each other and love each other so much. I can’t even entertain the thought without getting extremely sad. 

  • Matthewhpg


  • Gary65

    As one of the few people out there who loved Amy but never really liked Rory, I can’t say I’m all that bothered.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

      if you love Amy, you can’t possibly not care!

  • MJW

    Holy crap on a cheese-flavored cracker…WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO, POND?
    I’m guessing she still loves the Doctor…
    I’m actually seriously shocked right now. I thought they would die, but not this. Wow.

  • Mooncat

    Rory was never my favourite… but holy shit. I can’t say I never considered the possibility, but this is… wow. 

  • Nitzan

    He waits for 2000 years for her and THIS is how it ends??? MY soul just died a little.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maria-Wang/542480760 Maria Wang

    The Doctor can save the universe, but can he save Amy and Rory’s marriage when he could be the cause of all the trouble.

  • Madge.

    My money is on a either a Ganger Rory or something else.  But this CANNOT be the real Rory in whatever episode this is.  I mean, Rory waited two-freaking-THOUSAND years for Amy.

    • MJW

      but if you think about it, wouldn’t you do that for a loved one too? Even just a friend? I know I would, and I ‘m sure the people I love would, too. I think the whole “he waited for 2000 years” thing is a teeny bit over-romanticized. Just my thinking…

    • Silverfirelizard16

      Maybe Amy is the one wanting a divorce?

  • Jael

    That has to be some sort of parallel universe/nightmare sort of scene.  After getting married, Rory is referred to as “Rory Pond” since it implies that Amy wears the pants in their relationship.  

    • MJW

      but I’m pretty sure that his name is still Williams legally, as is Amy’s. The Doctor called Amy Williams in “The God Complex” to bring her back to reality, so to speak, because Amy Pond is the Doctor’s companion and best friend, and Amy Williams is a housewife.

  • http://twitter.com/LianaMed Liana Medeiros

    I think that they might be having marital problems after everything that happened. It is not unusual for a couple to have problems after losing a child. In fact, I recall reading that a great percentage of parents who lost a baby get divorced after a while.

    I mean, let’s face it, Rory and Amy lost a child. Regardless of them knowing she is alive and the fact that she is a part of their lives, they didn’t get to hold her in his arms from more than a little time. In fact, Rory never hold her at all. They didn’t get to raise her, or love her, or cuddle her when she cried. She was taken away from them, and then she was an adult with a whole new life and identity and they had no part on her growing up. And Mels growing up with them doesn’t count!It is not surprising that, sooner or later, all of this bizarre situation would take their toll on them, especially when you consider that they were never shown dealing with their loss.

    They never had time to grieve. They lost Melody, learned that River was their daughter, realized that they grew up with her, and end of the story. They appeared to have moved on, and never looked back. Well, what if they hadn’t moved on? What if they didn’t accept it as well as they appear to? What if, at some point, not talking about it and not dealing with it became too much, and they started argueing because of all their pain inside that was repressed and ignored?

    What if they started blaming each other for what happened? Without adventures and life and death situations to focus on and distract them from the pain, the only thing left to deal with was themselves. So, what if Rory, deep down, believed that if Amy didn’t want so much to travel with the Doctor, Melody would have never been kidnapped, because she would be just an ordinary girl? What if Amy, deep down, was disappointed because she had so much faith Rory would save little Melody (as we saw her stating in “A good man goes to war”, and she felt he failed them? What if Rory felt he failed them? What if Amy blamed herself for travelling with the Doctor in the first place? And, what is worse, what if they were never brave enough to talk about all this, and just let it rotten inside? Wouldn’t it get bigger and bigger, until they started fighting for no reason?

    Divorce papers don’t mean hating each other, or even not loving each other any more. Two people completely crazy about each other can attempt to get a divorce due to miscomunication, misunderstandings and not really talking about what bothers them. Honestly, I think this is just the writers doing what so many fans complained about: they are just showing us that losing Melody wasn’t as easy on the characters as everyone thought it was. It left marks on them, and now this might be what is coming to haunt them.

    Besides, if there is Daleks in this episode, this means we are talking about the first episode of season 7. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is just the beginning of the episode, and that the Doctor will return to their lives on that precise moment. My opinion is that they will reconcile, and finally discuss what has been the source of their problems and realize that they are in love with each other. We already know that they are travelling with the Doctor in the other 4 episodes. I doubt that they would be travelling together as a divorced couple. In fact, I would bet that, if they are travelling together is because they have either reconciled, or they are attempting to reconcile.

  • VioletTreeman

    I’m praying that this is an alternative universe thing or some alien device has been planted in their brains so that they do something ‘stupid’ (and I’m not saying that divorce is stupid) so that the Doctor becomes all concerned and is lured back to them for someone else’s revenge?  Weirder things have happened on this show…

  • http://twitter.com/HUGO7321 anthony


  • Zoé

    The most important thing about that divorce thing, is that it happens in the FIRST episode. And we clearly see in the filming in NYC, where takes place the FIFTH and genuine last episode for the Ponds, that Amy and Rory kiss themselves, and seem in love. That divorce will probably never occur, and Amy and Rory will be in love until their departure. 

  • Mia

    Looks like the Doctor is going to have to take up a new calling – marital counseling…

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