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Can you imagine reading with Matt Smith to play the next Doctor Who companion? How would that dialogue go exactly? Now we know!

Bleeding Cool News has an excerpt from the latest Doctor Who Magazine that reveals the audition script:

The Doctor and Jasmine are investigating a haunted house.

DOCTOR: So you saw it coming in here? What did it look like?

JASMINE: Grey. Sort of dusty. Like it was made of spider webs.

D: And it came through the wall.

J: Yeah, that wall there.

D: But you don’t think it was a ghost. Why not?

J: Because there’s no such thing as ghosts.

D: You know, a lot of people who saw what you saw wouldn’t still think that.

J: Obviously. Otherwise there wouldn’t be idiots who believe in ghosts.

See more of the transcription on Bleeding Cool News.

It should be noted that an audition script is not necessarily used in an actual episode, but it certainly could be, so both the character name and the material might never appear in an actual episode.

What did you think of the dialogue? Is it classic Steven Moffat? What about Jasmine as a character name, would that suit?

  • http://twitter.com/PikakeFlor Jasmine Alvarado

    She sounds smart and witty. Love her already. And I like her name. :D

  • Matthewhpg

    Not loving the name, but the character sounds great!

  • http://profiles.google.com/traveltheworld99 Nymphadora Macias

    I don’t like her name, and she sounds a bit like Rose. Still not sure about Jenna being the companion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646371872 Elizabeth Lee Hammons

    I don’t think Jasmine is the actual character name. That is Jenna’s character’s name in Emmerdale.

  • MJW

    Pft. Mary-Sue name.

  • rdh014

    My dog’s name is Jasmine….

  • Disraeli

    Jasmine isn’t the name. Coleman has said in NUMEROUS PLACES that she doesn’t know the name of her character yet.

    Sigh, reportingfail. 

    • TheOneAndOnlyCliche

      They made the point that it most likely wouldn’t be used RIGHT BEFORE they asked what we thought of Jasmine as a name and if it would suit…so no, not a reporting fail, just a question based on curiosity, so no need for judgement.

      • Disraeli

        Headline: “… and character name revealed?”

        Nope. Not in the slightest. And other fan news sites have been reporting the fact that Coleman has asked the Moff not to tell her the name of her character and she still doesn’t know. Article: “It should be noted that an audition script is not necessarily used in an actual episode, but it certainly could be, so both the character name and the material might never appear in an actual episode.”Really? That was “most likely wouldn’t be used”. The words “but it certainly could be” were used. Well, nope. Not in the slightest. And then, why even bother asking our opinion on the name if we already know that it’s definitely not the name. At all. In the slightest.So yes, it’s a reporting fail. And why I always read Den of Geeks and other sites before I even come to Hypable. It’s been a year now and they’re still making mistakes. 

        • Disraeli

          And apparently trying to get spaces in your comments is akin to pulling teeth. 

        • http://www.facebook.com/laurabyrnecristiano Laura Byrne Cristiano

          They haven’t shot the Christmas episode. They are months away from doing that. For all we know they change between now and then, that’s the basis of the statement.  There’s a question mark in the title indicating uncertainty. How audition scripts are historically used in the industry is also clearly stated. If you don’t like the reporting style certainly your prerogative, but the item is clear.

          • Disraeli

            … you really don’t get it. 

            I’m not saying the article isn’t clear in you pointing out that it’s uncertain the name and script will be used.

            I’m saying that it’s wrong. There’s no uncertainty. It is completely certain that Jasmine will not be the name. 

  • Mvb278

    hm, dialogue sounds a lot like the episode “Blink”, one written by Moffat. pretty sure this was just an audition piece.

    • Katelyn

      I thought that too, but if you read the whole transcript, the Doctor responds with something along the lines  of “you remind me of someone I used to know…”  So Moffat MIGHT be giving a nod to the niche in the fandom that is still SALLY SPARROW FOR NEXT COMPANION! :D

  • Meg

    Yeah, that’s obviously a substitute name. But I still like the sound of the character!

  • Jen

    That was her name in Emmerdale. I don’t think so.

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