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Once Upon a Time is poised to bring back a character from the past – can you guess who it is? Plus, find out what Regina’s doing next…

E! Online reports, “You will find out that someone you thought was dead is totally not” at the end of next Sunday’s episode, “The Return.” We don’t know if this is supposed to be shocking, but if anyone’s got any other guesses than Kathryn, we’re all ears (or, well, eyes). Especially considering that Anastasia Griffith is listed as a guest star in the official press release.

A small side scoop actually has us a little more puzzled:

Regina is tooootaaallly gonna sleep with someone, being the evil ho-bag she is. You know who it is, right?

If it’s David, we’re calling foul. But it could of course also be August… or (dare we say it?) Mr. Gold.

  • Jamie

    Without the “evil ho-bag” comment, I would have gone with Dr. Whale…could still be him (I saw David Anders listed in the guest stars for this episode), but that doesn’t seem particularly evil since he is, if not evil, at least in her pocket. If it’s David, well, mark it up to one more lame thing from the guy formerly known as Charming.  I hope there is something to (like, say, related to the coma) why he seems to be the most different from his pre-curse self.  I love Charming, but David drives me crazy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregory.allen.porter Greg Porter

    Why is it that a woman who wants to have sex is a ho-bag?

    • Lauren

      I would say she is sleeping with them because she is manipulating them into doing something for her. Which, I would say, is evil

    • GuestA

      i admit I find it a very loaded word/sentence. 

      I personally, would Only call a woman a ho/skank/slut if she has sex to manipulate physically or emotionally have control over someone through sex. not the “sleep with others many times” situation. that’s their choice and they shouldn’t be villified about it, if both parts are willing and open to do it. 

      • Dana Alley

         Oh nooo, “sleep with others many times” type of women are definitely ho-bags.

    • guestA

      i also have to applaud you for being a Guy and Not being okay with women being called that. 


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_F5KAUWIIJO5WYFFHSOZGHRRAYQ Shirli

    Maybe it’s Sydney.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Panhead1922 Ande Anderson

      That’s what I was thinking. It makes sense.

  • rdh014


    *she thought wistfully to herself*

  • notenoughpuff

    Yeah, there’s no way in hell Gold would sleep with her.

    I really don’t want them to bring back Graham. He died and that’s okay but I think once someone is dead they should stay dead.

  • TheHamburglar

    She is obviously going to bang Henry

  • http://twitter.com/Cortexi_Fan Hala


  • rob v

    they said graham will be back later in the series… and seeing that katherine’s heart was found, and that she is STILL alive would indicate that Graham is still alive… has to be!

    • Sarah Faust

      I also considered that Graham would come back, but then I realized that Regina crushed his heart into dust and you can’t come back to life after that, right? The difference with Kathryn, though, is that her heart is still intact (albeit not in it’s proper place).

  • Solobyviolet

    What about a new fairytale character?  Someone new that we haven’t seen yet that they could bring in for Regina to sleep with?  And there’s always King George.  Isn’t he the state DA in the ‘real world’?  I could see that happening…

    • potterjay

      I’ve just realised that they were the ‘same’ person! :O I recognised him from Ugly Betty as the State DA, but couldn’t think who he was as King George… if that makes sense :P Thanks for this comment, it just clicked as I read it ;) 

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